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  1. Yup same here, awful lot of kit for your hard earned. Complicated enough to really slow the build without to much repetition and keep it really interesting. Finished article is pretty big (with loads of scope for modifications) and with the cantilever suspension always cool to tinker with. Think the Rocksocker is still around €200 at Tamico.
  2. That the original ThunderDragon and Firedragon bodies fit perfectly on the Hornet chassis.
  3. I kinda like it... But the pink doesn't do it any favours agreed!
  4. Zahhak DN-01 is showing as a 24th Feb 2020 re-release on Fusion Hobbies. £125 seems pretty good value to.
  5. @stew_mac excellent work, following with interest. One question, how do you cut your carbon? I've experience of carbon handle bars which I've always cut down under water or with a mask and goggles with a hoover fixed to take away particulates. Looking forward to seeing just how quick it goes.
  6. You should be able to simply add a 5mm spacer to the piston rod before you pop it back in the shock body. This will mean disassembling the shocks and re filling with oil but it will be much easier than trying to cut four springs to the same length. No problem with the springs being under a little more pre load with the chassis now lowered, they'll be a touch stiffer to keep the car at its ride height.
  7. That looks great. The body looks spot on, especially where you kept extra depth at the front. Like 😁
  8. CAT XLS front belt tension. Only way to get it right is to remove the entire front suspension, then try to pull on the front outdrives evenly whilst attempting to tighten one of four bolts with a screwdriver and socket! Aaargh! Second shout out to the Hotshot series that require splitting chassis in two to re-arrange or adjust the electrics. Made more painful if it is a Super Hotshot that needs its' underguard removing first...
  9. Fitted the hard titanium piston rods (54042) as recommended by @ThunderDragonCy to my DT-03 front shocks I'd put on my Super Hotshot. Length now perfect for full travel and bottom out beyond the chassis tapping the ground first. Used the longer eyelets and longer spacer above the lower spring retainer to get the correct travel. Only thing to be aware of is the shims required a couple of washers to keep it snug between the e clips on the piston rod. I went with the three holed ones as the washer partially covered the holes.
  10. Fair enough, had only seen it at £350.
  11. I agree plus that's the retail business for you but if you're going to do a "Black Friday" special it's probably best to be aware that people are pretty savvy to prices before hand. I'm sure most of us track a particular model that we're after and wait for the best price we can afford, or maybe that's just me!
  12. Sadly the Modelsport "deals" appear to be no different to their current sale price. I've been eyeing an Egress and got excited when I saw it in their Black Friday section. It's exactly the same price as it has been on their site. Weirdly the Couger KC went from £189 to £199?! Not knocking them as I've used them lots, but does seem a bit disingenuous..
  13. Longer piston rods to lengthen the DT-03 front shocks I fitted to the Super Hotshot as recommended by @ThunderDragonCy. Got some rears in case I want adjust those as well.
  14. I've used Tamiya TS black and Halfords. I got the best finish with the Halfords metallic black (think it was a BMW COLOUR) with gloss over the top. All primed with Halfords grey plastic primer. From a purely monetary point of view the Halfords are way better value and a massive selection of colours. I've no pics sadly as I trashed that body! I do have a pic of my Pumpkin I did with Halford Metalic grey and gloss overcoat.
  15. Excellent, saves trawling through the sea of parts to figure which one! Aiming for a ride height the same as a regular Hotshot or Boomerang to avoid the big change in toe angle from the suspension compressing. I'll order those now. Ta muchly.
  16. Got the DT-03 shocks mounted onto the Super Hotshot. Rears are bang on but the fronts could do with being a touch longer. I've ordered the correct piston rods so that I can use the holed shims and extend them slightly. Looks way better than the yellow CVA's in my opinion.
  17. Ferrari's house colour is actually yellow like their badge, they are historically associated with red because the Italian national racing colour is red. That's why factory Ferrari and Masarati race cars were red not yellow... Agree they look better in red however 😁
  18. Yup same here, just looks so right. The drop test you mention is spot on. Drop car from a foot or so, suspension should absorb the compression then almost fully extend then settle... And this is why it's all so addictive 😁
  19. Some DT-03 CVA Dampers for my Super shot re re. I know it's sacrilegious but I've never liked the yellow CVA's plus the Supershot sits too high at the front which exaggerates the awful bump steer. Plan is to get the front the same height as a normal Hotshot and allow the chassis to tap the ground before the shocks bottom out. Same idea for the rear obviously... Should look pretty mean when done, also thinking of putting a Hotshot body on it sprayed black with a flat over coat for a full stealth effect to make the gold wheels pop.
  20. Until a manufacturer comes out with 1/10 scale dampers with seperate low and high speed compression shims plus low and hi speed rebound circuits with appropriate oil weights you'll never get that amazingly stable body floating appearance. I think it was actually Curnutt who figured out the importance of separating the low speed compression to give the shocks a "platform" to allow the high speed to work independently. This technology is big in the mountain bike world (cancels out peddle "bob") with Fox, Rock Shox, Manitou, Cane Creek etc all having a variation on it. I tend to use the lightest oil I can get away with so that the shocks rebound fast enough for the next hit so that they don't pack down. This dependant on the spring weight required to support the vehicle's mass - heavy car, stronger springs so harder oil and vice versa. The car should sag under its on own weight by 10/20% when loaded so that the wheel can dip into small holes whilst the body is level and give that "floaty" effect.
  21. Couldn't agree more 😁... But absolutely understand those that collect NIB. I've just gotta build 'em!
  22. Another one! Nice, do like a 911. So you're up to 5 now.. Reckon you should go for the twelve days of Christmas and aim for another 7! 😁
  23. That would be cool but surely the drivetrain is way to exposed to stop the ingress of debris? The thought of scratching all that carbon makes me sad.. 😉
  24. ORV looks so much better in black, as does the Monster Beetle. Way less toy like in my opinion.
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