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  1. I wouldn't worry about the driveshafts. Looking at your manual they assemble like mini Schumacher Cat ones only with a plastic four sided joint instead of alloy. The Cat's are surprisingly strong. Looks like a really novel build so far, looking forward to seeing the completion.. As long as the lipo hasn't blown up/caught fire or murdered you in your sleep 😁!. *adds quicrun 1625 to basket.
  2. @junkmunki wow, what a find. They all look as if they've been assembled with some real care too that McLaren Mp4/5 looks mint. Never seen the 1/10 Countach as a body shell before either. Do share the NIB that are dug out of the Aladdins cave!
  3. @J@mes This is cooler than I thought, think I'll have to get one 😁 at least it could share the absurdly expensive LiFe battery I got for the Dancing Rider! Hope those wheels fit they're great. Just a quick question, did come with a Tble-02 or are putting in a different speedo?
  4. Would love to see a Vanquish! Can't see the Ultima being an issue for Tamiya. I'd imagine the Re Re market is mostly those who remember them as being unattainable as kids but are now in a position financially to purchase those that they want. You only have to look at the birthday announcements on the site to see all us 40+ year olds! As for Kyosho anything that brings in revenue is a winner, cash is king after all. I'd pre order an Optima Mid in heartbeat if they'd re release it. I do think long term Tamiya is much more secure however, look at the imaginative Dancing Rider or the Mini Lunchbox both cute as, fun to run and not so big that you can't whip them about indoors. These and the "Comical" series I think show a desire to catch the imagination of a future generation much like the Grasshopper, Hornet and Frog got a lot of us hooked!
  5. @Ferruz that Samuri looks awesome, cool as.
  6. Absolutely this, a 3mm cutting tool to thread the ball cup first then lightly grease the turnbuckle before you screwit in. Easy adjustment and no more rounded turnbuckles.
  7. Dark metallic grey without decals or spotlights for reference, it's now on chrome M wheels as the 1/10 didn't help with turning...
  8. Just seen this, awesome job. Actually looks cooler than the original 😎
  9. We can do an Avante... 😉
  10. I have a Dancing Rider, it's great fun. Surprisingly stable and can be drifted on a slippery (dusty) surface. Not especially quick, I'm using a Tble-02 and the ridiculously expensive Tamiya Life battery but it runs forever and is safer than a Lipo. Having said that I'd go in with a Hobbywing 1060 and the small Carson Lipo which fits just to see how quick it'd go...
  11. Drive shafts definitely as the plastic out drives rub on the wishbone on full compression which is magnified by the soft rear springs inability to hold the back end of the car up. You can't really pop in to lighter oil as all that does is allow the rear to slap the deck repeatable. @ThunderDragonCy is right about the DF-03 spring set there bang on for the DT-03, I use those with 60w oil. I've got turnbuckles on mine front and rear and ended up very near the angles if I'd just left the plastic upper arms on so not sure I'd bother with those. The sway bars are so loose in their mounts that any effect they have is pretty minimal so I've left mine in as it's bit of a job to remove them.
  12. Switched the Cat K2 to a new Spektrum 2 Channel receiver so that it is now steer wheel like the Couger and CR-01, think I may prefer it now to sticks... Ran the Couger and DT-03 to compare its rear mounted motor against the mid mounted one of the KC. The Couger is like a lazer, it tracks wherever you point it... The DT-03 is more of a shotgun point it and it'll go somewhere in that general direction, it is way more fun however just because it's imprecise. I know you can't really compare these as it's apples and oranges but it was fun none the less 😁
  13. @87lc2 great colour scheme.. Is it based on the "The Fall Guy" truck? Colt Seavers would look right at home in that 😁
  14. Bought mine when it was on offer at Tamico a while back for around £200. It's fun in a slow kind of way, plus unlocking the diffs means you can run it much like a normal buggy as well. I've set mine up with a Spektrum Dx5c with switchable 4ws - front, front & rear, crab and rear only - which keeps it interesting to run. Only upgraded the drive shafts to Steel JunFac ones and added the extra clearance lower links. I'm not sure either was necessary however. They're a great quality build and definitely worth a serious look.
  15. Nope. Inspired. Looks great in those colours 😎👍
  16. 3450kv Etronix brushless set up on a 19t pinion and 2s lipo on grass and dirt. Plenty quick enough for me.
  17. Interested in this also, especially the optimum set up for a slipper. I understand that for jumping they are desirable to take up any access sudden motion through the drivetrain upon landing and for surfaces where there is too much grip. I assume if they 're not required then an eliminater might be lighter? Less weight for a pinion to spin up?
  18. I don't know that radio I'm afraid but Absima have a good reputation. I originally had a Core Code stick Radio which had a multiple model ability but these got discontinued sadly. I now use a Spektrum Dx5c which is steerwheel and hugely programmable but the recievers aren't the cheapest, but I still think its excellent value for money. There's a few on here that use flysky (which are even cheaper) to good effect who may be able to chip in. Re read you post and now understand you already have the Hornet! If you've friends or kids etc it'd be good to keep the Hornet with the basic Absima (Hornet isn't particularly complicated after all) and then the following bunch with whatever you choose next. Two people can then run the cars at once...
  19. Welcome to the slippery slope of n+1 where n is the current number of models you have and the +1 the ones you need or want! I started exactly the same way, had a Hornet then an Optima Mid in my early teens then returned to this after many years with a DT-03 to see how much its changed... I have a fair few now including a re release Hornet which I'll never get rid of.. My suggestion is to scratch the Manta Ray itch as it'll be far more capable and a build you'd not have done. Then get a Hornet later as you'll be hooked! Be sure as to get a radio set that'll bind to multiple models as buying just a reciever will work out way cheaper. There's an amazing wealth of knowledge on here so ask away!
  20. What @ThunderDragonCy said 😁
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