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  1. Wow, that's really well finished. Definitely way better with the nose joint filled in, awesome paint job. Hope mine comes out as good as that!
  2. Finished the Monster Beetle chassis... One run, then straight in and all the shocks taken back off. All oil down to 20w and the rear springs swapped to a softer pair off a DT-03. Also removed the washer that sits above the trailing arm supporting the front wishbone as it was clicking with every compression. Replaced with one of the black o rings left over from the unused drive shafts, totally silent now. Also swapped out the laughable servo saver for a much stronger kimborough one I had spare. Much better now. I can believe its a thirty year old design now! Gotta do the body justice now...
  3. I've assembled mine with the MIP diff that was recommended when I asked for inspiration for a new kit. The diff is very expensive (£50) but really well made a massive improvement on the original. I'll update once I've run it 😁
  4. Started the Monster Beetle. Just the chassis and electrics at the moment, hard to believe it's a 30 year old design. Going to get some tyre foams I think as the tyres feel very soft as is on the rims. No pics as I've hit my limit.
  5. My best guess is that could be a Kyosho Land Jump.
  6. Bits for the Monster Beetle. The MIP diff was a bit spendy but seeing as it'll get run lots thought it better to be preventative than end up repairing.. Would have popped up a pic but I seem to have hit my limit! Oops.
  7. Always thought the SRB's were a solid axle and not equipped with a differential? What have I missed? Its what put me off getting one! Home mod or an upgrade?
  8. Being an owner of a Super Hotshot and a modern belt drive racing buggy (Cat K2) I'd actually say the Super Hotshot. Use it within its limitations and its really good fun to rag around. Mine is on a 8.4v Nimh and Nosram Dominator speedo so not far off a mild brushless. It kinda handles OK, but I like how it points skyward when it accelerates, nose dives when you throw on the brakes and understeers forever if you don't dab the brakes first to flick it round. I personally wouldn't jump it to high as its a heavy old thing and would probably land like an anvil as there's not a huge amount of suspension travel. Gratuitous pic follows...
  9. Some good info and pics here.
  10. Monster Beetle arrived. Will build stock, and see how the diff holds. Really looking forward to building this.
  11. Looking to get one too. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/mip-super-ball-diff-for-re-released-tamiya-blackfoot-monster-beetle/rc-car-products/417443
  12. Rebuilt the K2... Also heard that my Monster Beetle is on its way 😁
  13. Great build with all the scale touches. The bent spoke for the antenna mount is genius. This makes me want to get a Frog!
  14. @nellyle figured it was a sacrificial part, at least with the replacements ordered I'll have at least one spare of everything in case I do it again! Funnily enough I'd caught the same post yesterday with the Lunchbox and that just bounced off! Wasn't travelling at warp 8 mind.. Says a lot about my driving "skills"..
  15. Broke the K2. Quick run to check that everything works... It did, very quickly into a post! 🙄.. So I'd previously shorted a speedo and have now broken a front mount, suspension pin, shock ball end, carbon top plate, bumper and popped a head off a screw today.. I'm thinking this may not be the car for me 😋... Will run in a MUCH larger space next time!
  16. Nice work, that looks great 👍
  17. After I asked for help on picking my next kit I've ordered a Monster Beetle from Fusion.
  18. Is the diff a must have with just the silver can and a nimh? What is the issue that it solves? If there is an inherent weakness or a wear and tear thing? I'll build it with one straight away if need be but if its something that can wait that would be handy.
  19. @Wooders28 Really like how much neater the install is with the correct length wire and plugs.. May have to re do mine 👍..
  20. @Wooders28 would have jumped at an L1 but the K2 was/is on offer at Modelsport (£229) which pushed me over the edge to buy one! It has a Shorty, Speed Passion 8.5t brushless motor and a Hobbywing 120a speedo - absolutely flies, way to much car to bash with! Only the Supershot is a 8.4v to keep it period with its electrics, the others are a mix of brushless, lipo, LiFe and nimh.... I'd imagine you could back flip a Hornet on a Brushless Lipo 😁 I actually find the older kits work better with a nimh sometimes because of the extra weight but I suppose you could use wheel weights and a lighter battery.
  21. Thanks one and all for all your suggestions. I've decided to order a Monster Beetle. Looked seriously at a TXT-2 from Tamico - @Rb4276 you were right they're still out there and they do get very spendy quickly! @DK308 I've shown a friend that proline suggestion, looks indestructible and perfect for his kid. @MICHAELs TopForce17 - it's almost a Blackfoot... 😋 Pics when done obviously 👍
  22. @Jonathon Gillham looked at the TB-05 Pro but I run mostly on grass and the TT-02 fills with enough of it as it is! Cool chassis though. Same as an F1, nowhere to really run it sadly. Would like both though!
  23. @ncpantherfan71 ta muchly, added to the list as the TXT2 would appear to be discontinued anyhow.
  24. @Mad Ax thanks for a well thought out reply. Wish I had the skill to do a big rig justice, think they're one step beyond my ability at the moment but I like the idea of a TXT2 - will have a closer look at that and the Monster Beetle too, not done an ORV car yet. @marktbt73 - had an Optima Mid when I was younger, so a Scorpion could be a good shout too. Would love them to re re the Mid. Think I'm leaning towards a big monster truck.... But not the CC01 😋
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