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  1. Bits to give the Cat some claws... And a servo saver as the K2 only has a servo horn which makes me nervous!
  2. Thought I'd pop this here as well as on the "what the postman bought me" thread in case anyone had the same predicament as myself. I bought the Tamiya LiFE battery for my Dancing Rider to then find out that the balance lead that is required to charge it is sold no where in the UK?! (please correct me if this is false) So rather than ditch the horribly expensive battery I got my Google fu on and found on Amazon the HiTec RCD 44178 (£16.86) universal balance board. This has pretty much every Li configuration covered including the LiFE connection plus it only took about 2 1/2 weeks from Japan to the UK. Now to go charge the battery and run the Dancing Rider... 😁
  3. A balance board to charge the Tamiya LiFE battery in my Dancing Rider. Bizarrely no one in the UK could supply a balance lead for the battery from my charger (Overlander RC6). For those that need one search for a HiTec RCD 44178 on Amazon. Only took about 2 1/2 weeks from Japan.
  4. Have to agree with the above. Recently bought a Cat K2 (great price at Modelsport) out of fascination of how far buggies have progressed and have to admit that for bashing (I don't race mine either) it's way to much car! I'm very fortunate that I can compare it to a Cat XLS, Dual Ridge, Supershot and a Neo Fighter and will say that yes it's obviously way beyond the capabilities of the others but not necessarily more fun. Having said that I'm so glad I bought it as it was a pleasure build and run and really cool to tinker with so I understand the dilemma! So I would keep the Top Force, save up for a more advanced buggy then once you have the money pick which ever more advanced one captures your imagination as they will only get more finely tuned in the future.
  5. Looking forward to the end result, the FW14 has to be one of the best looking F1 cars ever.. Red 5 I presume..
  6. That looks awesome, great job of the shock mounts and colour scheme πŸ‘
  7. Finished the Cat K2, as much of a pleasure to build as the XLS was a pain in @%:#! πŸ€ͺ First modern hi spec chassis, really is quite something although heavier than I expected. Quick run shows its rapid and handles brilliantly straight out of the box, easily adjustable on the throttle although no where near as pointy as the XLS. Probably a tyre difference thing to be fair. Undecided whether to paint the wing, but only as I'm unsure if there is a protective layer on it and I can't be bothered to mask it all up!
  8. Great attention to detail, really like the custom shafts. Looking forward to the end result πŸ‘
  9. Funnily enough there is a correction to the manual about that! One sheet with all the link assemblies showing exactly that. Thanks for the heads up though πŸ‘
  10. Cracking on with Cat K2, what an absolute pleasure to build. The quality, fit and finish of the parts is exemplary. Hopefully do some more over the weekend.
  11. Okay so it's a little extravagant for a basher but I've been eyeing one of these for ages. I'm really intrigued to see how much 30 years of development separates this K2 from my Cat XLS Masami. The great price at Modelsport (Β£229) finally tipped me over the edge, fingers crossed its easier to build than the XLS...
  12. Have you tried the springs the other way round? Stiffer at the back and softer at the front. If it understeers you want more weight transfer to the front as you brake which lightens the back. I would also try lighter oil in the front (30w) and heavier in the rear (50) If the back is then stiffer with little or no sag it should break free quicker especially if it is stiff laterally with little chance to roll. I had the opposite problem with my TT-02R in that I couldn't get it to get the power down without snaking or spinning so ended up soft at the rear, stiff in the front with a shorty pack pushed back in the battery slot.
  13. Have popped this up previously, new to this forum malarkey wasn't sure how to direct you to it! I've also managed to source the correct balance board to charge the Tamiya LiFE battery. Once that arrives I'll pop a link up to it as no where that sells the battery can supply the correct lead! πŸ€ͺ
  14. Played with the set up of the T3-01. Extended the forks to show 20mm of stanchion so that they sag ever so slightly under the trikes own weight and have little / no pre load on them. Also placed a shim under the top crown to remove all the vertical movement but still allow full unrestricted movement. Now much more stable over tarmac / driveway ripples and long sweepers. Have to break harder to tighten its line now (probably as its wheelbase is now longer) so may shorten a couple of mm's further. If it becomes to stiff again I'll cut the springs to suit.
  15. Finished my Dancing Rider, really happy with how it turned out (thanks to Blista for his decal tips). Just need to get the correct charge balance lead for the Tamiya LiFe battery so I can charge it and run it again... πŸ™„
  16. @Swarm just wow! My local model shop at the height of RC never had so many Tamiya kits... If you ever want helo to make your way through building that lot let me know, I'll put 12 months by!! πŸ˜‰...
  17. Slowly getting there with my Dancing Rider.. Quick loop of the house proves its ace! Really good fun, unlike anything else to drive
  18. I've tried to get the ones which were totally out of reach when I was a kid, whilst trying to have in my mind the best representative of any given family of cars. Super Hotshot, Avante, CAT XLS, Hornet, Lunchbox.. Etc. Newest one being a Dancing Rider, it's genius - 3 wheels, Willy at the helm and the ability to right itself!.... I'm thinking a Wild One next and then the Egress for its August release (if I'm correct)...
  19. Oh the irony of having received everything from Modelsport (excellent service as all ways)... Oh well! πŸ€ͺ
  20. @Willychang - that's genius, consider that pinched
  21. Went and got a T3-01as it's something so utterly Tamiya and different to anything else I have. Going to do the body first (using Blista's tips for the decals) as I have a set of HPI Lancer stickers spare so am thinking of maybe attempting a Ralliart style trike... Have to admit the battery is ridiculously expensive but it does mean a spare TBLE-02S can slot straight in without any modifications.
  22. That's inspired, the Williams colour scheme really suits the shell. Now you've done the best F1 car (Huge fan of Mansell and the Fw14b) how about a McLaren MP 4/4... Or a 7up 91 Jordan... Or a 79 JPS Lotus.... I can feel a theme coming on!!
  23. Here's a much clearer pic. Kingfisher is also right that the Ampro brace works really well. I have one of those on my Hornet as there is very little room for a shock. Issue with both these set ups is the torque from the motor pulls the front of the gearbox up and lengthens and stiffens the rear shocks, hence why the madbull has a center point location for the gearbox and lay down shocks.
  24. Here you go even! Here you can see the slot for underneath.
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