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  1. ORV looks so much better in black, as does the Monster Beetle. Way less toy like in my opinion.
  2. Due to the higher current you'll want to solder on a new connecter. Remember to only cut and solder one wire at a time so as to not accidently short the battery. Deans or Xt60 are best for Lipo's... Oh I see you mean the speedo! Same advice but you'll not have to worry about a short.
  3. I use this in mine, plenty powerful enough plus a long run time.. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/peak-power-plant-lipo-2s-7-4v-5000mah-45c-deans/rc-car-products/405504 Use with a Hobbywing 1060 and a 19t double on standard gearing.
  4. Just for comparison I recently popped a 15t double running off a Lipo into a TT-02B. It had the 68t speed gear spur and a 19t pinion... It properly cooked the motor running on cut grass! Have since put a 17t pinion and the original 70t spur with a twenty odd year old 19t double with a heatsink and had no more issues. So I would definitely follow the advise above and go down a tooth or so or use a slightly higher turn motor. I realise the buggy's bigger wheels alter things somewhat but thought it might be helpful. The speedo is a Hobbywing 1060 for reference.
  5. I recently purchased the following set - LASER 7036 JIS Screwdriver Set 4pc Japanese Industrial Standard Screw Was £13 on eBay from a UK supplier. Four screwdrivers, excellent quality and fit like a glove into the Tamiya screws. Wish I'd got them ages ago.
  6. Thundershot please Mr Tamiya, and you can pull your thumb out Mr Kyosho... Optima Mid.. please!
  7. A set of JIS Screwdrivers... Sooo much better than being uber careful with a Phillips. As most have said wish I'd done it ages ago!
  8. I've no idea but the dimensions of it will definitely fit the Lunchbox.
  9. Grotty Otty


    Nib?! Nope, never gonna happen. Gotta get straight in there, big deep inhale of all the rubbery, plastic goodness then the deep dive to the bottom of the box to release the manuscript of assembly.. Appreciate the desire for a collection however but I just couldn't do it. It'll be fun to build after the anticipation though. Is it the Agrios?
  10. I use this (I'm UK based) - https://www.modelsport.co.uk/overlander-rc6-vsr-80watt-7a-output-ac-dc-lipo-balance-charger/rc-car-products/408440 With the balance board I popped up in the Electrics section of these forums. The charger is excellent, does all batteries and is easy to use.
  11. @Badcrumble that's exactly what I was after when I got my Dancing Rider. I ended up buying the absurdly expensive LiFe battery and spent a day searching for a balance board to charge the thing! That'd be spot on with a Hobbywing 1060.
  12. This is so true, especially the Hornet deciding to eject it's cover as it gets airborne.. Or catches a rock.. Of if I sneeze near it... Mines now held shut with a small screw with a Nimh that has permanent residence in it. I really like the simplicity of the DT-03 and TT-02, every battery I own fits in them from Shorty's to large Square Lipo's and everything in between. Probably why they get used so much.
  13. A Hornet, must have spent a good few months gawping at it in the local model shop on my weekly visit for a 1/72 Air raft to build. Finally got my grubby little paws on it for my 10th birthday I think, had to go back and grab a radio and battery as there were no packages back then.. Must've been 1985! Speed of it for the 4/5 minutes it would run for blew my little mind.. Hooked ever since. 😁
  14. My DT-03.. First kit I bought after 20 plus years away. Was only £70 with all the hop ups from Tamico when the £ was worth something. Hasn't missed a beat in 3 years of use even with a strong brushless set up in it. Just wish Tamiya would release the black chassis for it as a spare part.
  15. Not so much regretted as disappointed. Built the Monster Beetle (and even went as far to as use a Thorpe diff) but due to spending far to much time on getting the body spot on its no fun to drive! First time I've ever really been conscious of scraping and scratching up a vehicle, although what I should do is purchase another body and not paint it and worry about it I guess!
  16. Interested in how you get on with this. I normally use Speed Passion brushless motors but some turns are getting harder to get hold off, the 13.5 you have here for instance. I've them hooked up to a Hobbywing 120bl or 60bl speedo normally.
  17. Mine did this. Sorted by removing nearly all the toe in at the front and lengthening the servo to steering connection. I have about 3mm showing between the two ball cups. It even tracks straight in reverse now. Yours looks ace with those wheel and tires and funnily enough I was looking at mine thinking should I spray the chassis black.
  18. Finished the Mini Lunchbox. Cool little build, fun to run around the house but will definitely get the rods to join the front and rear for steerable wheelies. Its proper dinky, here it is next to my Dancing Rider which isn't exactly large. Would have preferred to have had a clear body and the option to have painted the silver areas just because the stickers were so fiddly and I never get complex curves totally smooth!
  19. Got my Lunchbox Mini plus the bearings and a servo for it. Should have got the bearings from RC bearings.co.uk as they would have been half the price! Oh well.
  20. Black gear covers for the win I reckon, will contrast nicely with the chassis and match the arms and mounts.. Looking good so far.
  21. Be interested in what there reply is 👍
  22. It's an odd choice the springs they use. They just about work with a featherweight Hobbywing 1060 and a light Core lipo battery and the spring spacers in, but as soon as you pop in a heavier Nimh and the Tble-02s (or a heavy square pack) it just drags it backside along the ground. Lighter oil isn't much help as then there's no control of the rebound and then means it slaps the ground repeatedly! I wonder if its best with the Tamiya Life batteries as they're meant to be pretty light weight. It's very rear weight biased but as @ThunderDragonCy says the DF-03 springs sort it out completely. I actually used the black ones in the back with one spacer and 550 weight Core oil for reference. This is running a square Lipo and an Etronix brushless (a little heavier than the Tble-02) set up. Other than that mines been bullet proof, I think it's a great buggy.
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