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    Tamiya is....

    A crack habit would cost way less! ... And be easier to explain to those that don't understand the addictive brilliance of it all 😁
  2. Grotty Otty

    Ackerman Help - I just can't get my head around it!

    You realise just as you get it sorted and just so the surface will probably change... 😁
  3. Grotty Otty

    Ackerman Help - I just can't get my head around it!

    This is half the fun! My only other suggestion is to lower the grip at the front by using narrow wheels and tires and possibly ribbed or mini spikes. I'm not that familiar with that chassis, any way of getting the weight back a bit by shifting the battery pack back?
  4. Grotty Otty

    Ackerman Help - I just can't get my head around it!

    Would setting the steering up with the front toeing in (front of wheel pointing in towards chassis looking down from above) achieve the effect you need? The inner wheel wouldn't be turned so far round into the corner on the initial turn in, or I would suggest a stiffer spring set up to stop so much weight transfer to the front under braking.
  5. Grotty Otty

    Juls's Jimny to Porsche MF01x repurposing project.

    You've done a great job of that, looks really cool. I'm intrigued by the reversed one way as well, seems to be the perfect solution to having a rear wheel drive car that you can actually brake hard without swapping ends!
  6. Grotty Otty

    Proline chevy 50's on a TT02 chassis

    That's really cool, needs slamming though..
  7. Grotty Otty

    Speedy's RM01 Lancia Stratos Build Thread

    Looking forward to this! If you're using those GPM adapters they are useless for the very reasons explained. They don't stay true as you can't tighten the nut to keep them square as they'll then bind. I've looked at gluing them to the wheels but that would make one bearing inaccessible should it wear but would keep them square to the axle.
  8. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Did the Rock Socker shell. Turned out OK, not perfect but I like the contrast of the black, red and white. The roll bar stickers were hideous so I may remove those and paint it red. Much prefer the pre cut stickers like the Impreza, these were much stiffer and less forgiving!
  9. Grotty Otty

    Invitation to Vote for Some Build Threads

    Stratos, Stratos, Stratos!!... Or the STRATOS!
  10. Grotty Otty

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Awesome service from Tamico as ever, ordered Monday morning arrived Wednesday lunch time. Germany to UK in just over 48 hours! Local post takes longer than that 😏.. Looking forward to this, first "crawler" I've had.
  11. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Try a longer rear spike, I use schumacher full spikes on very similar terrain with a DT-03. Different weight distribution with the motor obviously but the spikes may need to dig in deeper. Cool conversion, like it 👍
  12. Grotty Otty

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I have a 19t double in the back of my M-06 with a 7.2v Nimh battery using the largest pinion. Plenty quick enough, I did try a 13.5 brushless with a Lipo but felt it was way over powered especially as where I bash the surface is a little slippery.
  13. Grotty Otty

    Brat is go!

    The Brat had never appealed but I must say yours has changed my mind, really nicely done. Great colour scheme.
  14. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Hadn't realised I needed that! ... Luckily I have some left over from the Beetle Build.. Probably run out by the third wheel however..
  15. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Ordered a CR-01 Rock Socker from Tamico. It's in their sale section and even with postage to the UK it was under £200! Cheapest I've ever seen them plus it gives a home to a whole set of spare electrics I have. Oh how we justify these things... 😉
  16. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Did a few things tinkering with my M-06. Replaced the tble-02 with a Hobbywing 1060, lengthened the wheelbase to 225mm and shimmed the suspension and other slop. Also popped in a 20 year old 19t double motor that I had hardly used. What a difference! Quick, more stable and drift able, just waiting now for a Hpi BMW 2002 body to arrive now as the Pumpkin no longer fits. Definitely one of my favourite chassis.
  17. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    It's a gutting feeling breaking something like that, but there's no need to impale yourself over it!
  18. Grotty Otty

    58059 Porsche 959 original body building / painting project

    Just out of interest are the sticker's glue still sticky after 25 years or does it go off as such? Is it just they are a stiffer material than more modern sets? I struggle enough with modern ones! Amazing work, looking forward to seeing it on its chassis.
  19. Grotty Otty

    Dt03 shock oil?

    It's weird any info on the chemical composition or viscosity of the AW grease appears to be in a black hole and non existant! That's a really good link, I noticed that the RC Racer also used Green Slime after the diff was filled with oil, maybe this acts as a sort of gasket to keep the oil in? My only other suggestion would be to fill the diff, close it up and then apply a little auto silicone carefully into the gap around the round side plate. Once it's dried cut it flush to the diff with scalpel knife to create a custom seal. For reference my Cat K2 has 12,000 cst oil in them and the AW grease appears to be at least twice as thick as that! In terms of feel though (holding and turning the wheels by hand) my DT-03 feels the same as those with the pea sized amount of AW in it.
  20. Grotty Otty

    Dt03 shock oil?

    Most diffs that require oil (even 500000 cst) normally have a gasket to prevent the contents spuing out into the gearbox. Try using a pea sized dollop of Tamiya AW grease instead. It'll have the same effect and not go anywhere.
  21. Just for balance I like it. Of all the bodies on that chassis I think it's the best. Looks a little "Thunderbirds" to me. May be showing my age however...
  22. Grotty Otty

    DT03 Chassis / bumper

    This is so true, the last thing it needs is to make the front even lighter! What about a wider one like a hotshot with its name cut into the form of it? Some of the air would at least travel through it..stopping it from being an aerofoil. I may be over thinking this however! 😂
  23. Grotty Otty

    DT03 Chassis / bumper

    I'd be interested in this to if anyone knows of anything.
  24. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Put some new shoes on the Dt-03. 2.2" Schumacher full spike rear and mini spikes upfront, both with soft inserts... What a difference! Have had to wind the initial punch down to its lowest but it still raises the front off into the air if I'm not careful with the throttle. The front end now points exactly where you want it, so much so that the car grip rolled a few times on the grass. Have also switched the rear shocks to 60w oil and moved them to the center hole on the top mount. Also fitted the reinforced bulk head which has made the damper mount much more solid.
  25. Grotty Otty

    TA02 RWD FRP Speed Run Build

    Cool idea, like it. Would it be worth popping a little silicone sealent over the diff out drive and prop shaft holes? Stop anything getting into the empty space a rattling about.