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  1. Thought about this myself. The Neo uses the two mounts on the gearbox where the forward upper wishbone mounts go on for the TT-02 so can't be used. You could probably velcro the Neo to the tub as it looks like a close fit. Hadn't realised the TB-01 had a dust cover. That would make a better rally chassis I'm sure.
  2. Definitely this! Fully covered and protected...
  3. I have a TT-02R that I set up for off road. It's not the suspension or clearence that's an issue but the way the low tub just fills with debris and dirt. The desperately need dust covers or some such. Gave up in the end and reverted back to on road.
  4. Put a Cat XLS wing on the back of my Dual Ridge as I think the kit one is hideous! Going to have to decant some paint to get into the end plates however. Used the original mount merely extended away from the shock tower by longer screws and washers.
  5. This please, would be a great source of info. Never seen a proper direct comparison 😁
  6. Going to go against the grain and say nope not for me. Whilst they're kinda quirky I just don't get them even though there have been some great restorations on here.
  7. https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=43&lang=eng It's like it's a sign! Deal of the week..
  8. Any chance of a link or hint? Not on Facebook so can't search on there. I'm assuming UK based as it £.. 😁
  9. Just a new mechanism box for my Super Hotshot and a Hobbywing 1060 to go in it. The old 20 year old Nosram doesn't seem to be able to power the servo sufficiently anymore sadly. I'd also tried to convert it to a M-06 steering link set up.. unsuccessfully obviously!
  10. @Jason1145 looks nice that... 😁
  11. @Motorworldmedia That's amazing, love the mini mag on the dash!
  12. That looks great, hope the body is released separately.
  13. If this comes on an XV-01 I'm all over it! Been stalling over an Astute or Top Cat as I've a fair few buggies so a proper off road Audi Quattro would be awesome... Fingers crossed..
  14. The old just spend another £60 to save £3.50 on postage... We'll it would be rude not to! 😁
  15. I have a few times, they cover and last well but I find I have to do more coats than the equivalent PS spray to ensure the depth of colour. They are larger and better value however, but I think its best to go in with Tamiya PS first then back with the Core if a more custom mettalic colour. Solids seem to be on par with PS.
  16. Great write up, having never seen either in the wild, makes me want to hunt one of them out... Looking forward to the end results 👍
  17. Added lights and some 1/10 gun metal touring wheels to finish up the Pumpkin. Just need to move the posts back a few mm to center the arch over the fronts.
  18. Nice! Underrated chassis the FF-01 plus I always like my kits to mimic the correct drive tain of the originals.
  19. My FF-01 Cavalier, wished I known all about the wet placement of stickers when I did this! Still turned out pretty well plus being a runner it's going to get bashed, much like that era's full scale racers!
  20. Great restoration job, looks awesome.
  21. If we're doing dusty old touring chassis here's my Corally C4 with the optional carbon staggered chassis. Still works perfectly even if the Hpi 911 body is a little dirty! I'll dig out my FF-01 Cavalier for a pic..
  22. DB-01 v DB-02 voter here.. Always good to see the evolution in design of a class, do the solutions to one design create other unseen o es in the next generation? Also interested in seeing the XV-01 set up as a drifter. Great choice.
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