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  1. Interested in this also, especially the optimum set up for a slipper. I understand that for jumping they are desirable to take up any access sudden motion through the drivetrain upon landing and for surfaces where there is too much grip. I assume if they 're not required then an eliminater might be lighter? Less weight for a pinion to spin up? 

  2. 37 minutes ago, cliffw0970 said:

    Thanks Grotty, 

    Appreciate your reply and recommendations. If it ever stops raining I will get out to have a good play with the Hornet!

    Out of interest, what radio would you recommend as a starter? I got a cheap Absima SR2S 2 Channel bundled with the Hornet, guessing that wont do the job then? 


    I don't know that radio I'm afraid but Absima have a good reputation. I originally had a Core Code stick Radio which had a multiple model ability but these got discontinued sadly. I now use a Spektrum Dx5c which is steerwheel and hugely programmable but the recievers aren't the cheapest, but I still think its excellent value for money. There's a few on here that use flysky (which are even cheaper) to good effect who may be able to chip in. 

    Re read you post and now understand you already have the Hornet! 

    If you've friends or kids etc it'd be good to keep the Hornet with the basic Absima (Hornet isn't particularly complicated after all) and then the following bunch with whatever you choose next. Two people can then run the cars at once... 

  3. Welcome to the slippery slope of n+1 where n is the current number of models you have and the +1 the ones you need or want! 

    I started exactly the same way, had a Hornet then an Optima Mid in my early teens then returned to this after many years with a DT-03 to see how much its changed... I have a fair few now including a re release Hornet which I'll never get rid of.. My suggestion is to scratch the Manta Ray itch as it'll be far more capable and a build you'd not have done. Then get a Hornet later as you'll be hooked! Be sure as to get a radio set that'll bind to multiple models as buying just a reciever will work out way cheaper. 

    There's an amazing wealth of knowledge on here so ask away! 

  4. The length can be shortened using the little plastic spacers internally on the shock shaft (normally on the v parts tree) before you pop it through the shock body. Failing that a couple of o rings will work as well. 

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  5. 10 hours ago, nellyle said:

    So tempted to order one of these, the Laydown has dropped the price and they'll soon be gone! 

    Do it, its a great build, there's multiple motor positions in the box, needs no upgrades and is the usual Schumacher quality. I'm looking forward to comparing it to my rear motored DT-03 to see how the mid motor handles. 

  6. Finished the Couger KC. Usual brilliant Schumacher quality, shame I can't say the same for my paint handy work! A few bleeds, but it'll make no difference once it's covered in mud and debris, oh well. Had to order a new Shorty as mine is currently sat in the BBQ with the lid down after I noticed it was swollen and bulging when I took it out of its lipo bag! 



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  7. 1 hour ago, Man1c M0nk3y said:

    Lovely although I am biased based on having its dirt loving brother!

    They go together beautifully. Well, at least the stage I’ve got to before putting it away to work on the house. Must get it back out. 

    You building stock or have any alloy goodies made it into the purchase/build?!

    All stock with a basic Radient Reaktor brushless set up. After much deliberation on whether to get a Top Cat (or an Astute or XV-01) I was intrigued by the multiple motor positions and their effect on handling. Should be somewhat different to my DT-03! The sale price was to good to miss plus you're right we you say they go together beautifully, except the Cat XLS... That's a whole different rewarding challenge! 

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  8. My Re re Hornet. Its what got me into this hobby all those years ago and I wish I'd never got rid of my original. Compared to all my other buggies it's utterly hilarious at just how bad it handles, bounces, skips, turns, rolls and stops. 

    Its brilliant and definitely the most fun one to run. I'll never get rid of it. 

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  9. Cougar arrived in under 24 hours from Had been weighing up a Top Cat just for the inboard shocks but these are now only £20 more expensive.. Interested to see how the motor positions effect the handling plus being the genius I am I'll be using it on grass and dirt and not what it was designed for. 😏



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  10. Think this is a really interesting concept but it's definitely going to be the stopping that's going to be the hard part. My M-06 just wants to swap ends if not set up just so on the brakes. I'm sure someone here had a 4wd chassis with a one way bearing flipped in the front so that it was rwd when running forward but as soon as the brakes were applied the car became 4wd. I may be completely wrong of course! Not sure how that would translate into a rwd chassis though. 

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  11. Can't comment on the TT-01 but I rag a TT-02R around set up at Rally height on asphalt and short grass. The Rally block tyres give you a bit of extra height and clearance which helps with smaller stones and things and have only broken one rear wishbone from hitting a wall at 45 degrees... 

    Spares are pretty cheap and plentiful plus you tend to get the same multiple parts on the same spru. Only issue I've had is that it fills with debris running off road but a quick shake upside down and all is good. 

    Stick to the regular silver can motor and Nimh batteries and you'll not over stress the transmission either. 


  12. 9 hours ago, Uranium said:

    it's nothing much, but i put on some spares for my TT02 after an unfortunate motor mount incident.

    what's this thing for? it's on the sprue but nowhere in the manual.20190517_154319.thumb.jpg.986e57d5faec3ea325c89907775ff781.jpg

    any answer would be appreciated. what have you done today?

    Is that not the piece which secures the drive shaft at the front of the chassis behind the gearbox? 🤔 

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  13. 1 hour ago, Peter_B said:

    Also, seeing as I'm booked in to take part in the Iconic Schumacher Challenge in the middle of June, I thought it time I make a start on refurbishing my old Procat.

    Any chance of a few pics in the "other makes" section. Become bit of a Schumacher fan after building the XLS and K2. Would be interested in seeing how they developed. 

  14. Welcome to the forum! 

    Running a sport tuned on a 7.2v nimh won't stress the drive train as long as the surface your running on allows for a little slip. The tble-02 isn't that punchy with a brushless and is pretty soft with a brushed. Personally I'd run it as is and replace what breaks when it does. Mine has the metal diffs and ring gears plus the alloy drive shaft as it runs on a Hobbywing brushless with a 13.5 motor. Plenty quick enough but my TT-02R which I run off road has plastic diffs and has been absolutely fine. Definitely fully ballrace it though! 

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