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  1. A Hornet, must have spent a good few months gawping at it in the local model shop on my weekly visit for a 1/72 Air raft to build. Finally got my grubby little paws on it for my 10th birthday I think, had to go back and grab a radio and battery as there were no packages back then.. Must've been 1985! Speed of it for the 4/5 minutes it would run for blew my little mind.. Hooked ever since. 😁

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  2. My DT-03.. First kit I bought after 20 plus years away. Was only £70 with all the hop ups from Tamico when the £ was worth something. Hasn't missed a beat in 3 years of use even with a strong brushless set up in it. Just wish Tamiya would release the black chassis for it as a spare part. 

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  3. Not so much regretted as disappointed. Built the Monster Beetle (and even went as far to as use a Thorpe diff) but due to spending far to much time on getting the body spot on its no fun to drive! First time I've ever really been conscious of scraping and scratching up a vehicle, although what I should do is purchase another body and not paint it and worry about it I guess! 

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  4. 20 hours ago, Re-Bugged said:

    Some Brushless propulsion arrived today. Pretty happy as the sellers pic’s & description was for the earlier red QuicRun   2500kv motor, so receiving the later black 2850kv is a bonus. 


    Interested in how you get on with this. I normally use Speed Passion brushless motors but some turns are getting harder to get hold off, the 13.5 you have here for instance. I've them hooked up to a Hobbywing 120bl or 60bl speedo normally. 

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  5. 8 hours ago, lsear2905 said:

    It steers way more to one side than the other (yes, my servo is centered, I've checked end points, etc etc, I wonder if it's a mechanical limitation)

    Mine did this. Sorted by removing nearly all the toe in at the front and lengthening the servo to steering connection. I have about 3mm showing between the two ball cups. It even tracks straight in reverse now. 

    Yours looks ace with those wheel and tires and funnily enough I was looking at mine thinking should I spray the chassis black. 

  6. Finished the Mini Lunchbox. Cool little build, fun to run around the house but will definitely get the rods to join the front and rear for steerable wheelies.

    Its proper dinky, here it is next to my Dancing Rider which isn't exactly large. Would have preferred to have had a clear body and the option to have painted the silver areas just because the stickers were so fiddly and I never get complex curves totally smooth! 



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  7. It's an odd choice the springs they use. They just about work with a featherweight Hobbywing 1060 and a light Core lipo battery and the spring spacers in, but as soon as you pop in a heavier Nimh and the Tble-02s (or a heavy square pack) it just drags it backside along the ground. Lighter oil isn't much help as then there's no control of the rebound and then means it slaps the ground repeatedly! I wonder if its best with the Tamiya Life batteries as they're meant to be pretty light weight. It's very rear weight biased but as @ThunderDragonCy says the DF-03 springs sort it out completely. I actually used the black ones in the back with one spacer and 550 weight Core oil for reference. This is running a square Lipo and an Etronix brushless (a little heavier than the Tble-02) set up. Other than that mines been bullet proof, I think it's a great buggy. 

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  8. Had a right royal mix about with all my electrics... 

    Radiant Reaktor brushless set up taken out of Couger Kr and put in the Lunchbox where it formally resided to run the Core Lipo which fits. The Tble-02 taken out of said Lunchbox and put into the TT-02B with the Torque tuned motor. Finally the Hobbywing 10bl60 and Speed Passion 13.5 that was in the TT-02B put into the Couger Kr... 

    So the Lunchbox is back to being way over powered and hilarious, the TT-02B has more usable speed and the Couger has a speedo which best suits its quality, especially braking wise. 

    In other news also fitted the Pro Transmission to the Cat XLS, not entirely sure it's worth it but I had burnt out the diff in the spur of the original transmission so we'll see. 

  9. Fantastic write up @GooneyBird. Just shows that the old Le Man's saying of to finish first, first you must finish stand true. Amazed that one of the most simple chassis held up so well to that much constant use. Kinda makes you think if a higher end car would have actually lasted any longer, simplicity may have been key perhaps.. 

    Don't replace anything, buy another one so that that you can show off the old warhorse like a famous Le Man's car with all wounds proudly on display. Retires with distinction 😎

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  10. I wouldn't worry about the driveshafts. Looking at your manual they assemble like mini Schumacher Cat ones only with a plastic four sided joint instead of alloy. The Cat's are surprisingly strong. 

    Looks like a really novel build so far, looking forward to seeing the completion.. As long as the lipo hasn't blown up/caught fire or murdered you in your sleep 😁!. 

    *adds quicrun 1625 to basket. 

  11. @J@mes This is cooler than I thought, think I'll have to get one 😁 at least it could share the absurdly expensive LiFe battery I got for the Dancing Rider! Hope those wheels fit they're great. Just a quick question, did come with a Tble-02 or are putting in a different speedo? 

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