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  1. I've got a TS50 in my Schumacher CAT and Tt-02b. I think they're ace, really easy to program (lots of parameters), small and stay cool without a fan. In fact it was the only one I could fit in the CAT as its all a bit tight for space.
  2. No worries, glad they got there safe. Packaging may have been a little excessive... Still better safe than sorry 😁👍
  3. @TurnipJF Look what I've found... 😁 Pm me again so I can send on...
  4. Those battery mounts are very cool 👍
  5. £370 seems a bit steep still. I'd like a Vanquish to run but much like others think I'll wait and see if Kyosho re release the Mid.
  6. Around £400?! Ouch, that's more than the Egress was for some time. Seems a bit steep, but let's wait and see. That's a lot of cash for extra coloured wheels or wings!
  7. That's looking great for a motley collection of parts. We'll worth the effort 😁
  8. Stunning. The Ninja gives an Avante a run for its money as the best looking buggy ever for me. Shogun is just so cool 😎
  9. That'd be great! Can't see Tamiya re releasing it so I'll keep an eye out and keep following this. 👍
  10. What a great restoration, good to see an FF-01 looking brand new! I did something similar to mine but that was over 20 years ago and I dare not run it hard now, plastics are way to fragile. The shocks are brilliant, they're still smooth as silk and have never had their seals replaced. The only issue with an FF-01 is getting a bumper replacement as it's so low and takes the brunt of the wear.. Maybe one of the talented chaps on here could design one for printing on Shapeways or some such.
  11. Finished my other Lockdown project. Wanted a lighter body than the Pumpkin for my M-06 so chose the Nissan Silvia that Time Tunnel had when I bought my FF-03. Really happy how it came out, kinda "Land of the Rising Sun" with Tamiya blue?! 😁
  12. Great job, race buggies of that era just look so right.
  13. Kit for me, you can choose your own electrics and battery and paint it whatever colour you like. It's a very simple build and the body is easy to spray. I've found mine best with a little more poke than usual (21t double as apposed to the 27t Silver can) a Mtronics speedo which has the correct sized switch and a Nimh battery (3300mah). All cheap and allow at least 20 mins run time. I've a 3500mah Nimh that fits as well.
  14. That's awesome. Inspired. *eyes monster beetle body with hacksaw in hand.. 😉
  15. Second an ff-03. There's a few fans on here and I'm super impressed with mine. Only mods it really needed was the CVD'S.. Just for the better steering angles and to eliminate shudder and Schumacher Sst tyres. Got my Honda Civic from Timetunnelmodels, was around £115 I think.
  16. Try popping an o ring into the drive cup on the diff side. My FF-03 heeded a couple to keep the shaft stabilised.
  17. Easy, the endless tinkering. Takes my mind away from everything and I find it hugely relaxing. The driving after is only to really see what effect any changes have made so I can tinker yet again... 😁
  18. That's a blinding deal! Gutted I missed that! @ThunderDragonCyhow reliable have rcjaz been? Have ordered from RcMart happily in the past, are rcjaz just as good? To the UK obviously. Ta.
  19. @Wooster and @Potato749 heres a pic of my settings. No shimmie or wobble at speed, nor does it wiggle in reverse. Standard motor and the ridiculously expensive LiFe battery with a Tble-02.
  20. Renewed my Tamiyaclub subscription.. Worth every penny 😁👍
  21. Which ever way pushes the wheels a touch more parallel, haven't mine to hand at the moment. Pretty much this.
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