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  1. SurreyDad

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Some GPM bits for the GF01, front knuckles to replace broken parts and then front C-hubs and rear knuckles I can't remember if I ordered the C-Hubs in titanium as a colour contrast or whether the blue were out of stock but hopefully they'll look good. One observation is that the blue of the rear knuckles is more similar to the lighter Tamiya hop-up blue whereas the front knuckles are a darker blue and are as per other GPM blue parts I've ordered.
  2. SurreyDad

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Had an after school drive with my son with his Madbull and my GF01 and broke the front knuckle, first ever breakage with this one in 2 shiny bits ordered.
  3. SurreyDad

    AlexKyriak’s Formula Neo Scorcher [ TT02B ]

    Wow!...That looks absolutely amazing.
  4. SurreyDad

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Cheers @Man1c M0nk3y, there were quite reasonable from RCMart, especially as I have recycled the old shocks. I followed the advice in ALEXKYRIAK's Racing Fighter Build regarding the o-ring trick to shorten the travel of the pistons (as well as all the other DT-03 builds). The shocks were a real pleasure to make and feel so smooth with absolutely no stiction at all. I just used some green slime, the supplied damper oil and the stock springs which I believe are medium. The lower arm mount did have the plastic bushes in and it all feels pretty solid. This was the first car I built and I went completely box art so the one remaining thing I want to do is to get a new bodyshell and come up with something new to tie in the blue and black. I'm happy with the Racing Fighter body, it's just tricky to find one at a reasonable price.
  5. SurreyDad

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    More bits for the DT-03, ordered in two batches as that definitely feels cheaper.. DF-03 damper set, springs and the battery bar from RCMart delivered in a week and the rest from RCJaz delivered in 2 weeks. Looking forward to fitting it all tomorrow and I'll then put the standard DT-03 CVA shocks onto my son's Mad Bull (so I'm actually saving money).
  6. SurreyDad

    Have you done an error free build?

    I completely agree, hopefully most chassis errors can be rectified but the bodyshell is generally a one chance process.
  7. SurreyDad

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Finally finished painting the original Yeti body after about a year (was using a Pro-Line Baja body before). It's a mix of PS-5 Black, PS-53 Lame Flake, PS-16 Metallic Blue, PS-3 Light Blue, PS-32 Corsa Grey, PS-12 Silver, PS-62 Pure Orange, PS-55 Flat Clear and a net bag from some oranges for the pattern. I'm just thinking about whether to put any stickers on it but I'm tempted to leave it as it is.
  8. SurreyDad

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I've got a blue one turning up soon, so I'll check for inserts.
  9. SurreyDad

    Masking and cleaning lexan advice

    Excellent, thanks both.
  10. Hi, I'm just after some advice in cleaning lexan bodies after masking. I'm currently masking up a lexan body for painting and I gave the body a really good wash before I started. The masking has been quite fiddly and has taken a long time and I have tried my best to avoid getting finger prints all over the inside of the bodyshell however I know full well that there will be marks on the inside of the body. I just wondered how I should clean the body before painting and what others did in similar circumstances. Should I re-wash the inside of the body again and if so, are there risks in getting the masking tape wet? Is there another way to wash the exposed lexan without getting the masking wet? I have some screen/glasses wipes that I could use? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. SurreyDad

    Differential Bevel Gear - Shims.

    I had exactly the same thought when changing my DT-03 gears but I did notice that the diff case (BG3) and diff cover (BG2) both seemed to have a raised molded plastic shim in place which I assume negates the need for the extra shims. The shims were also used in the gf01 (which has splined gears), so I wonder if it was down to the molding in the diff cases?...anyway a good excuse to read through some manuals :-)
  12. SurreyDad

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    What a coincidence, my son and I did exactly the same, him with his Mad Bull but NiMh and me with my brushless DT-03 but only on 2s, I bet it absolutely flies on 3s!
  13. SurreyDad

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    After reading all the DT03 build threads and really appreciating the fact that all the parts are listed, I enjoyed fitting the following to my DT03 today: Turnbuckle set Rear carbon shock tower Dogbones plus new diff gears, wheel axles, output shafts and whilst I was in there, lightweight gear shafts Stainless steel pins to replace the A-arms screw pins and finally a bit of shimage.
  14. SurreyDad

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Various bits for the DT03, some paint and wheel nuts for the Yeti and a nut driver..I really do have to stop looking at the build least until payday.
  15. SurreyDad

    Anyone built an Axial kit and can give some tips?

    I don't have a massive amount of experience (4 kit builds in total) but I did build an Axial Yeti. My first impressions were very positive, everything was packaged really well and all the bags were clearly labelled. The manual was pretty good and prior to the build instructions, there are 7 pages that show all of the parts which I often referred to during the build. I had also watched the (36!) TeamFastEddy Axial Yeti step by step Youtube videos, just checked and there are also 23 step by step Axial Wraith build videos. They are pretty slow going but strangely relaxing!