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  1. El Dougo

    For sale: Tamiya scissors

    Two for £10? Thanks
  2. @Group c I have Mamba X and it's been a while since I used it but I could have sworn that the data logging works. If anyone is ESC shopping Hobbywing over Castle every time! The Go Pro will be the difference but you would be surprised as the 2s pack I was running weighs 330g (8400Mah 120c). In theory my battery can deliver just over a 1000 amps v your 100 to 130 at best. I do realise that there is lots of fake news from battery manufactures and I doubt that the tabs on mine can deliver 1000amps but without sugar coating it your battery is clearly inadequate, get shopping
  3. El Dougo

    The TB Chassis Thread

    @Honza Apologies that I miss understood, I will pay more attention and make sure I use proper Tamiya speak in future. As he was asking for spare diffs and that I call that part a cover I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I'm getting old I'm probably being special again but my TB EVO 4 has fancy bulkheads like the 7 and uses the cases at the top of the page?
  4. El Dougo

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Not true, the Evo 7 is the same.
  5. Sorry for the delay my car still isn't fully back together since the recant rebuild and I didn't have time to pull the bits together and weigh it yesterday. It's about 1440g without wheels, surprisingly heavy. As I'm sure you know there are so many variables that it could be anything, the body will make a big difference though but I doubt that's your current wall. Once my car lost some speed and I couldn't work out what was wrong and it turned out to be that the diff cross shafts had snapped, it lost a good 10mph but otherwise drove fine. Not related to the drop in speed and not knowing your battery specs but my money would be on it not being up to the job. I'm sure someone will come along and say but X uses this for..... and it should be able to supply X amps and that should be enough but from experience the battery discharge rate and MAH make a significant difference. Somewhere back in the thread I posted the results I got with my different 2s packs and I realise it's not the most accurate data but it's a I good indication. I was chatting to Stewart when you posted your last run on the FB page, are you able to get the data log now? I'd like to take a look.... What motor, ESC and Spec battery are you using? Here are my settings: 500k Diff Oil 40W Shock Oil (2mm rebound) Toe +1.5 Front Camber 2 Rear Camber 1.5 On a side not I noticed that the plastic washers on the rear axles have some friction, replaced mine with shims and it's a significant improvement. I hate typing but happy to voice chat on whats app, drop me a PM and ill send you my number.
  6. @Group c I'll reply a little later if not definitely tomorrow.
  7. El Dougo

    XV-01 Help

    My friend was quick, no off road footage yet.
  8. El Dougo

    XV-01 Help

    First test run yesterday, it lived up to expectations When I have driven the other car I will report back on the spool v gear diff but my initial impressions are that the spool is awesome. My friend took some footage so will ask him to upload it for me.
  9. El Dougo

    XV-01 Help

    The chassis is done and I have made a start on the body. I haven't done the math but looking at the aftermath of opened Hop-Up and parts packages I probably wouldn't recommend starting with the TC Pro and converting to Rally. No regrets though as it's super sweet and I can't wait to get it running
  10. El Dougo

    XV-01 Help

    No more turnbuckle pain I had one of those HPI cross wrenches in a box for years and hadn't given it a second look, ordered a second one today . I've been tapping the ballcups with a M3 screw, lightly greasing the turnbuckles and using the cross wrench to hold the ballcup and spinning with the turnbuckle wrench. Not as efficient as two cross wrenches but a world away from the pliers method.
  11. El Dougo

    XV-01 Help

    Many thanks @WillyChang, I think that info could be life changing Today is the day! That's a very sweet looking shiny thing in the background
  12. El Dougo

    XV-01 Help

    I mentioned to a dude at my RC Club that I was building an XV-01 and he happened to have one that he only raced once, well:
  13. El Dougo

    XV-01 Help

    Some progress, I believe all the parts to finish it are waiting at my parents place for me (There retired, great for receiving packages ). Note that I still haven't been brave enough to face the turn buckles
  14. Ideally you want minimal slop and free movement, I always shim mine up as necessary. I think the NN23 is 1.75mm from memory and my OCD says that's too much slop but I'm sure that it will run fine. For info Tamiya do an alloy spacers set that has .5, 1, 2, 2.75, and 3mm. Not sure about Tamiya dust covers/shields but I have some Team Associated ones!
  15. El Dougo

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Not mine sadly. They are dry and wet cars for the the Iconic Cup (GT Class) at Mendip on the weekend. I had a good long dribble over the red one and thought I should share