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  1. This improved the wheelbase a lot but it turned out that I had to shorten the drive shaft a little to compensate, otherwise the suspension couldn't be fully compressed. I improved the look of the links with some aluminum tube painted black over 4mm copper tubes I liked the look so much that I also filled in the ugly gaps in the steering links as well.
  2. Another small update: The exterior of the truck is mostly finished now, but when trying to refit the body to the chassis, I noticed that the battery tray was in the way of the front of the body. I removed it and also removed the ESC and receiver, as I wasn't happy with their placement either. I constructed a more permanent front body holder with the original posts, some neodym magnets and styrene card. I also noticed that while the back of the body lined up very well with the rear wheels, the front axle was too far forward. You can see what I mean here I decided to shorten the links at the front by about 5mm by using m3 rod cut to the right length
  3. Since my last post, I got the lights installed (sorry no fotos yet). At the moment only head- and taillights until I can find a controller for running/brake/reverse lights (any suggestions gladly accepted!) In the meantime, Peter Quill has arrived from China and we both have had a lot of fun getting the nice clean paint job on the truck dirty. I really like the Ford emblem!
  4. Received a motor and ESC from a HPI Venture, next to new for a very reasonable price and perfect for upcoming crawler builds. 35t motor and 2s/3s compatible ESC. Also, some polishing compound and masking tape (you can never have enough masking tape) and a nice little Ford pin that is going to look great on the front of my King Blackfoot crawler
  5. Today I got to work on the soldering work for the lights on my King Blackfoot crawler. Doing headlights for the front, tail lights for the rear, no indicators planned. I also have space for brake lights and reverse lights, I just have no idea if there is a decent and preferably cheap way of controlling these. Any suggestions for a running light/brake light/reverse light controller guys?
  6. OK, today I got some paint on the body. View from the back Still needs a clear coat, but I like how the colour combo turned out . Next to come: details and weathering!
  7. Received loads of LEDs today, some of which will be used In my current King Blackfoot build, also the paint for the build arrived amongst other tidbits from Modellbau Seidel. Additionally, Tamico sent me this little lot: Some nice hop ups to make my TRX-4 sport look a bit more scale and a Thunder Tiger Toyota Hilux that they had on offer last week for a very reasonable 100€. Anyone who watches Pintopower's inspiring videos might have an idea of what my next project will be.
  8. Put some decent cord in the servo winch on my High Lift and added a weird looking anchor thingy. Works very smoothly now and can pull some decent weight I can hook it over the back when not in use
  9. Thanks! But if I can do it, it can't be that hard! There are loads of "how to" videos out there with great tips, some absolutely amazing scratch build videos and of course some very inspiring work on this forum.
  10. I know it's not Tamiyaclub but I 'm glad I could get these! If you like scalers and crawlers I can seriously recommend the SBG YouTube channel. Come to think of it - can I get Tamiyaclub stickers anywhere?
  11. This evening, I put a first coat of primer on the body. I ran out of paint before I could get more coats on but the more uniform colour helps me to see if there are any small cracks left to fill in and also allows me to better imagine what it will look like when painted. At the moment, I am thinking of TS10 french blue, with or without TS7 racing white side panels. I also want to do some weathering,, simply because I 've never done it before Something a little like this. What do you think?
  12. The original back bumper was missing from my body so today I worked on building a new one. L-shaped plasticard came in very handy for this. I made a mockup with double sided tape to get the size right, then glued everything, filled the gaps, sanded an added some detail. This is what it might look like on the truck
  13. These light buckets for my King Blackfoot build from Ampro Will fit nicely here
  14. I think the Blackfoot stepside has more than enough room under the bonnet to fit in the motor, at least I have seen it done on a German crawler forum. You should be able to find some more examples with a bit of a search.
  15. The bed turned out to be too low. It sat on the shock towers and caused the body to sit much too high up. I built a slightly less deep bed and cut holes for the towers. The body hight is much better now and I can cover the tower tips with accessories later on. Here you can see the body height And this is what the bed looks like at the moment I'm planning to include wooden planks to the bed after painting.
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