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  1. I had a go at using hydrogen peroxide + sunlight to remove the yellowing on some formerly white wheels. I did two to start with (small container) but as soon as I put them outside the glorious sunshine disappeared of course - so this is the result of 2 mostly overcast days. They're actually quite a bit whiter than the camera on my mobile shows, but the before / after effect is still pretty good! Now for the next two...
  2. This arrived today Mounted on a TA03F Pro chassis that will need a little love. I'm in heaven 😇 Also some team bluegroove bodies arrived along with MCI decals using their combined posting service. I can now potentially finish a Thunder Dragon, Grasshopper, Nissan King Cab, Futaba FX10 and a Kyosho Outrage!
  3. Let's go with the 5m total length then and get this round started!
  4. @Re-Bugged really like your track! I just had a go on the lawn and the slalom part is very tight, so how about a slight modification? 1,5 m between the markers instead of 1m - 2m - 1m, something like this: What do you think?
  5. Sorry people, I don't seem to be very good at coming up with ideas for a track design we haven't had yet. I'm all for a slalom course as well if anyone comes up with something. On the other hand, maybe for the round after next, I personally missed the first seven racing by post tracks, so I wouldn't mind repeating one of those (Round 3 looks good, for instance).
  6. Wow! I've just spent the last ten minutes checking the track layout to see if I did anything wrong and then asking my wife if she believes that I could have repeatedly miscounted my laps! I did get a lot more practice in this month due to being on holiday. I also used the TA05 which has a vastly more powerful motor and is a much smoother drive than my stock class TT-02, so I'm sure that helped. I didn't hurt that I remembered the deadline this month, too! I am extremely chuffed and will celebrate the moment, knowing that it will likely never come again. Many thanks again @TurnipJF for all the trouble you go to so that we can have so much fun!
  7. Finally managed to try out the new course. I think simple fits me - very enjoyable! This was the first time I used my TA05, with 17,5 brushless and the running body I've just finished so as not to damage the shelf Esso Ultraflo Supra body. Next time same car but with a lipo battery, I'm interested to see if there will be a difference in the lap count.
  8. I attempted to sort out my Striker and Sonic Fighter parts today and ended up creating Frankenstein's Striker. I think I'll put this on eBay as it is and just see what happens.
  9. Indoor training at the local club (temporary track in the community hall) for the first time in ages. Only a few other drivers there, so my lads and I could get quite a lot of run time in. The other guys were driving extremely fast 1:12 pan cars, making our stock class TT-02s look as if they were moving in slow motion, so we stayed off the track when they were on so as not to provoke any crashes. My younger son has never driven on an indoor track before and the side panels of the club's track can really cause damage if you hit them badly, so he used his trusty indestructible Thunder Blitz. He did well, and now wants an upgrade to a 540 motor for next time (I know I've got the upgrade kit somewhere!) My older son is getting better than me. I am more aggressive but he has a good eye for cutting the corners with millimetres to spare while I am more likely to hit the border. Great afternoon despite the heat. Looking forward to next time.
  10. Got a bit of running time in during my lunch break. The concrete behind the hospital where I work was a bit slippery and dusty leading to some spectacular slides if I accelerated too hard. I also got some amused looks and comments from a few of the nurses coming out for a cigarette break. Nice to get out on my lunch break through, that doesn't happen very often - come to think of it, lunch breaks don't happen that often either 😜. After one and a half rounds the TBLE02 went dead, seemingly due to overheating. It was quite hot in the direct sunshine but I hadn't expected that to happen with a Carson Cup Machine, standard gearing and with a standard NiMh pack. The motor was extremely hot though and I then remembered that the same thing had happened to my son's DT-02 last week on the local track when the motor was in there. I had then swapped it to my TT-02 to replace the Torque Tuned (the Cup Machine is the motor for the Stock class I enter in the German Tamiya Euro Cup), not thinking anything was amiss. So now I'm thinking the motor maybe has had it. I'll give it another go in cooler weather and see what happens.
  11. Stuff from Tamico to repair my son's DT-02, couple of servos, ball bearings and paint for upcoming T3-01 and M-05ra builds and a brushless combo for the DF-03MS. Gotta love Tamico's shipping speed - I ordered this Thursday night !
  12. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... I love my wife so much! Now to scour the net for hop ups!
  13. Did a quick motor swap today. I wanted to change the Carson Cup machine from my sons DT-02 to my TT-02 as that is the motor used for the Stock class in the German Tamiya cup.As it was a bit dirty and gunged up, I decided to clean it by running it underwater for a few minutes. Never done this before, but I had seen a few how-to videos and thought I would give it a go. I found it very satisfying to see the muck transfer to the water 🙂. Changed the water to rinse for a few minutes, spun it dry and oiled the bearings and the first test drive was nice and smooth. Did I do this right? Or will my motor seize up and possibly even explode in a catastrophic manner in the near future?! If I did do this right, should I do it more often? Do you? Thanks for any feedback!
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