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  1. Set up the course in the back garden and it just fits in! With concrete borders, flower pots and a drain pipe in very close vicinity, there it is only very little margin for error though. Good thing I finally seem to have found a decent tyre setup for my DT-02 for dry grass, but if I take the turn at the end of the straight too late it's clang! against the drain!
  2. Darn, I missed the deadline! I was sure it was the end of March! Bad month for rc for me, too much work and too little good weather, so I didn't manage to get much driving time in on round nine. Off the record, I would have ended up just behind ministrone's M-01. Congrats to everyone, especially to @Carmine A! That is an amazing lap count! Looking forward to round ten, this time I'll set an alarm for the deadline!
  3. OK, seeing as I'm going through my Striker/Sonic Fighter bits at the moment and this thread popped up: here are my two restored Strikers I also have 2 FX10s, one is more or less new in box but missing the lexan body, the other is built butneeds a new body and decals as well. And then there's this 😜
  4. This arrived today A vintage Grasshopper in good condition with full electronics, two DT-03s (one with a Savöx servo) and a new unbuilt Kyosho Sand Master ez all for a very very very reasonable price! I'm especially interested in the Kyosho Eleck Peanuts This guy isn't in the best of shape, but as far as I've found out so far it was produced in 1978! I'm sure it will be fun finding out more about this buggy and maybe even getting it back to running condition! Btw, if anyone knows more about it, please feel free to educate me 😁
  5. Many thanks for the tips guys - mini spike green it is then! Will these fit on the standard 2.2 Desert Gator wheels with no problems?
  6. Had a go with the touring cars this afternoon. The track takes some getting used to but is definitely fun. I like the way my son steadily glides round the corners while I'm all jerks of acceleration and braking. I'm still a couple of laps ahead at the moment but I'm pretty sure this time he'll catch up quickly. I had a go with the Desert Gator on grass yesterday and gave up pretty quickly due to complete lack of steering capability. The ribbed stock tyres are fine on tarmac or concrete but just don't grip on grass. I know #Mud4fun is an expert on Schumacher tyres, but as he isn't in the forum at the moment, can one of you guys point me in the right direction? Would mini spikes, green compound be usable?
  7. The wife was out this afternoon, so the first thing I did was to get together all the grimy bits of Strikers and Sonic fighters that had accumulated while finding parts for my two Striker builds and wash them all IN THE DISHWASHER. Everything came out nicely clean and it looks as if I could build about 2 Sonic fighters and one Striker and still have parts left! Also Cut out the repro Nissan Skyline GT-R body for my Loctite Zexel TA04 restoration but it was too cold for any painting, so I tried out the new postal racing track in the garden - tough course for a DT-02 on uncut grass, I'm going to have to get a lot more practice in.
  8. Coming along with my Super Sabre restoration. All I really need now is the plastic pin that holds the battery compartment closed (using a thick nail for that at the moment). Also need to detail the front tyres and I seem to have run out of driver figures 😫
  9. Great to see our names in the ranking and SonOfMaelstrom2 (who is seven) was really chuffed that he was 24th! Also good to see that our lap counts were not completely rubbish, so we are all motivated to get more practice in and hopefully improve in the next round. Also want to get more cars drivable so we can try them out - TA04 and TA05, FF01, maybe M05, even the TL01 after I've installed all the new hop ups from Plaza Japan and I would also love to have a go with my DF03 MS, which has never been run yet! I have installed a lap counter on my mobile that we want to try out - I just hope we can find the time between work, homeschooling and the rest of life in general!
  10. Just tried the Google forms method - very easy and fast to use.
  11. That is, for lack of a more technical term, green poo.
  12. Isn't it great when two pagages arrive on the same day? First from RCKleinkram. PS paints, lexan scissors, two very nice SRT servos,... And second my first ever order from Plaza Japan! Loads of great stuff! TRF dampers for my TA05, 6 spoke black wheels for the TA04 Loctite Zexel restoration, Aluminium dampers for the TT02 and lots of hop ups for my TL01. Plus lots of little things... and for some reason THIS It's actually an eraser! Nice weird free gift 😜
  13. Just looked on German eBay and there's an almost NIB one currently at 120€ with 5 days to go. I have one NIB with a set of repro Taisan decals on the shelf waiting to be built sometime. Don't really want to sell it, but depending on what the one on eBay sells for I might just...
  14. Had another go at the track this afternoon. Lovely sunny weather and at least 15 degrees warmer than last weekend! Younger son wanted to upgrade from the Thunder Blitz a little and decided he liked the TB-01 Focus, so we changed the rally block tires for slicks. The TB-01 has a brushless 2300 kv system, so I was a bit worried if he could handle the power, but he did really well and improved his lap count by quite a margin! My older son and I also managed to improve our lap counts with our TT-02s, me being very happy that I managed to stay exactly one lap ahead! If I haven't said it before: thanks for this great thread, I haven't had this much fun actually driving my rc models in a long time!
  15. That‘s right, #J2 is the one you need
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