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  1. Hot Racing seems to make them, but finding someone who stocks them is the problem. I finally did find a seller on Ebay, but they don't mention the brand, so we'll see...
  2. That seems to be my problem. Finding a 20T pinion, with a 5mm bore...
  3. So my kit arrived, and I'm looking through the parts. One problem... The pinion won't fit the 5mm shaft of the Hobbywing motor. Does anyone know how makes pinions with 5mm hole, that match the pitch of the gears? My search for "Tamiya pinions" or "mod 6 poinion" seem to mostly only have the smaller holes...
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep that in mind, with the shock mounts!
  5. That's what I'm talking about! I see you removed the front bumper also. Looks more realistic!
  6. Hi guys, I've always loved the Wild Willy, and knew there was a 4x4 version somewhere. A little research led me to the GF-01. Long story short, I have one on order, and also a WR-02, lol!. Anyway, I'd like recommendations on what motor/ speed controllers are good, and won't blow the gearbox apart. I have a Hobbywing EZrun 10 esc, with a 3220kv motor, I'm thinking of using, with a 2s battery. What pinion would you recommend? Also, the GF-01 I ordered, is the yellow dump truck version, and was wondering if the chassis parts will take Rit dye. I've seen the the wheels probably won't... Is the chassis the same? Thanks.
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