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  1. Been on the hunt for awhile for this. Dealing with people you refuse to ship to Canada, People changing their minds last minute. Some people asking for $2000.00cad. Well I got this $500.00usd with shipping. (sorry for the rant but it felt good)
  2. Just as the title says. I am in the need of the body mounts for the Ranger XLT. Let me know. (not my pic. I got it from google image)
  3. Got a set of Evo wheels and some more original stickers.
  4. I own a tool and die shop. Tooling is much cheaper now and easier to recreate or reverse engineer any part were tooling may have been recycled or modified to suite something else.
  5. Got my hands on a Ranger xlt body. now I got to track down the correct body mounts.
  6. My first car was the grasshopper. I bought it on layaway at an old hobby store called Leisure world back in the day in Brampton Ontario. I was ten years old and remember going in day after day making payments and looking at the box just waiting till it was paid in full to take it home.
  7. Hello my name is Richard I am looking for these front tires.

    How about 40 euros 

    Let me know

    thank you.

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    2. Richardrpm


      That’s great thank you.

      ill let you know when it arrives. 

    3. Richardrpm


      Got them. 
      thank you.

    4. t3garett



      Great. Glad to hear they arrived safe and sound. 

      Have fun 


  8. Well I wanted to get my next body painted (Sand Scorcher) so I ordered some repo stickers. But when they came I was really disappointed. So I got my hands on some originals. Then that led to many more original stickers.Oh boy.
  9. Once did a drive for 8 hrs one way 16 hrs total to pick up my nib Falcon because the owner refused to ship. Also did the drive in my pickup truck.
  10. Thank you all for looking. Got a mint nib terra scorcher on it’s way.
  11. Looking for a nib terra scorcher let me know. I am located in Canada and will pay for all shipping that is needed. Let me know how much $ you want. Thank for looking.
  12. MIP makes great tools. I believe you can even see them in the background of the Punky Brewster show in that Rc episode from 1986. So MIP has been around a long time. The one problem with them is there is no JIS or Phillips offered.
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