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  1. I hope this comes to fruition, not just a tease. I would be happy to buy a couple, and then 6 months to a year later a re-re Blazer.
  2. I hope Tamiya offers the same hop ups as the Super avante but in red for this new astute.
  3. Exciting. “ Racing Master MK.6 and Road Wizard will be released!! “ looks possible.
  4. Thank you for looking and reply’s. Got two leftover trees from original MB from a fellow TC member.
  5. Does any one have an old 6v 4000mah battery pack that they wouldn’t mind measuring for me. Also take a few pictures as well. I would would be greatly appreciated it. Thank you.
  6. This is my 2008 thunder shot that I got back when it was first re-released. Finally built it complete with original stickers and found an original new MSC for it. Paint by @jonboy1
  7. Hello all, I am looking for detail pictures of the 6v 4000mah battery pack all six sides. As well as the measurements of the pack. Thank you
  8. It’s for the shelf. I don’t run any of my cars.
  9. I bought and built this back in 2002 . Since then it’s just sat waiting for the body to be painted. I got this body painted buy @jonboy1 this winter As well as a few other bodies and now just fitted to the car. I got to say @jonboy1 did a great job. Now to fit more painted bodies to cars.
  10. Your dreams have come true. The fox was re-re back in 2013 under the name Novafox.
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