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  1. Thank you for looking and reply’s. Got two leftover trees from original MB from a fellow TC member.
  2. Does any one have an old 6v 4000mah battery pack that they wouldn’t mind measuring for me. Also take a few pictures as well. I would would be greatly appreciated it. Thank you.
  3. This is my 2008 thunder shot that I got back when it was first re-released. Finally built it complete with original stickers and found an original new MSC for it. Paint by @jonboy1
  4. Hello all, I am looking for detail pictures of the 6v 4000mah battery pack all six sides. As well as the measurements of the pack. Thank you
  5. It’s for the shelf. I don’t run any of my cars.
  6. I bought and built this back in 2002 . Since then it’s just sat waiting for the body to be painted. I got this body painted buy @jonboy1 this winter As well as a few other bodies and now just fitted to the car. I got to say @jonboy1 did a great job. Now to fit more painted bodies to cars.
  7. Your dreams have come true. The fox was re-re back in 2013 under the name Novafox.
  8. Did some motor shopping. One lemans for each of my Kyosho legendary series re-re’s. Dynatech 02 one for my original nib super astute and one for my nib original Egress. Finally a Acto pink motor for my nib Dynablaster.
  9. Just about everything for a TFE clone. Including original stickers, wheels and tires. All this just to sit on a shelf.
  10. The dirt thrasher has the same body but different wing.
  11. I am just looking for the hop up dampers for the Juggernaut. I have everything else. Feel free to sent me a msg.
  12. Still looking for the Juggernaut dampers #53369. let me know.
  13. Update. I got the front wheels(49022) still looking for the rear # 49025 let me know.
  14. Got myself a original nib Scorcher body for a pretty good price because it was missing the stickers. Good thing I bought a bunch of original stickers this summer including original Sand Scorcher/ Rough Rider.
  15. Hello all I am looking for Yellow day glow wheels # 49022 and # 49025 I am located in Canada, Let me know. Thank you. ( pictures from google images)
  16. Been on the hunt for awhile for this. Dealing with people you refuse to ship to Canada, People changing their minds last minute. Some people asking for $2000.00cad. Well I got this $500.00usd with shipping. (sorry for the rant but it felt good)
  17. Just as the title says. I am in the need of the body mounts for the Ranger XLT. Let me know. (not my pic. I got it from google image)
  18. Got a set of Evo wheels and some more original stickers.
  19. I own a tool and die shop. Tooling is much cheaper now and easier to recreate or reverse engineer any part were tooling may have been recycled or modified to suite something else.
  20. Got my hands on a Ranger xlt body. now I got to track down the correct body mounts.
  21. My first car was the grasshopper. I bought it on layaway at an old hobby store called Leisure world back in the day in Brampton Ontario. I was ten years old and remember going in day after day making payments and looking at the box just waiting till it was paid in full to take it home.
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