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  1. For whatever reason I somehow managed to delete the original Video so I had to re-upload it to youtube. Other than that, nothing has changed... So I finally managed to do a quick video overview of this build. Check it out below:
  2. So here are some pics. I struggled getting a clear shot no that steering, can't seem to be able to find the right angle. Basically the complete steering system is from a Kyosho Super Ten, as far as I know. I got it from a friend who had it lying around in his basement for ten years. I don’t know where I got the center plate (the blue part) from but it seems to be a perfect fit width wise. Servo saver is from an XRay T3 2011, afaik. I might add another reinforcement plate underneath where I had placed the steering first. Those holes won’t be serving the durability of the frame in the long run. Next step is to balance the wheels as they are way too wobbly. Video will follow but will take some time, as I'm currently having problems with my internet and cannot upload large files. Edit: Here’s a pic of the steering right after I replaced the plastic bushings with some nice ball bearings.
  3. @jonboy1 Thanks much for the kind words. Feel free to ask me whatever you want to know and discuss. As for the steering, I moved it back to the upper "deck". I'm sticking to the dual bell crank setup, though. I'll post some picks tomorrow. Let me tell you this much, the steering is nothing like it used to be and I'm surprised how well the whole chassis performs. I've got another full set of aluminum chassis parts sitting here. I'm contemplating if I should throw them in to get rid of elasticity but I'm afraid they won't absorb hard hits as good as flexible arms and could break stuff... I'll get back to that later.
  4. Update update update... So I finally got everything together and also found the time to assemble it all into one piece. Bzw, in the process I moved the steering up on top of the frame and away from those pesky obstacles on the ground... There's still some work to be done like balancing the wheels, figuring out proper suspension settings, tidying up the electronics, new bumper, wheely bar and applying some Loctite for good measure here and there - to name a few. And of course there's the body but that's another chapter. For now, I'm pretty impressed with how well the project actually turned out! Watch for yourself in the fresh "mayden drive" video below. At the end I lost the steering but it was easily fixed and nothing was broken, just a slipped bushing, that's all. I'll be back with some pics and explanations. If somebody is interested, that is... I'll definitely do a video overview of what has been done and modified but that could still take a while.
  5. I've been sneakily following this and I just gotta say now that it's turning out awesome! But say, are you really going to run this truck once it's finished or is it going to be a shelf queen, as they say?
  6. Today I gave it a start. First off I had to cut 4mm and 8mm off of the front and rear lower control arm mounts respectively. What I admittedly did not consider, or should I say didn't expect, is that I actually broke into the rear gearbox in the process. On the front a small hole also appeared when I took away enough material. My concern is that cracks might be the consequence, eventually leading to the gearbox and/or front tower mounts ripping apart. So I'm thinking if I maybe should reinforce those weak points. But for now I'm concentrating on making everything fit properly and have the suspension in place before carrying on to re-building and reinforcing the steering. There's a lot of customizing and shimming and such to be done, I need to come up with a nice rear shock attachment and make a few other adjustments before I'll be able to take this bad boy for a spin. Check out how the wheel base grew by a few mm and, what's more interesting, the front track width also increased! I'm going to use hexes with 7mm and 4mm offset on the rear and front axles respectively. We'll see how it goes... On the rear things more or less stayed the same geometry wise, except for the slightly increased toe in. And last but not at all least, I'll need to order another set of CVDs because I miscalculated the required length. I used the shaft-part of each of the CVDs to mount the wheels. Consider this a proof of concept. I've only mounted the parts loosely on one side of the chassis, which makes for nice comparison shots. I'll be back with more, when there's more. Btw, let me know if you want the part numbers.
  7. The wait is over! The first batch of parts finally arrived, it's looking good and I'm excited to show this to you! Looks like I've made the right choices of parts. I'm too tired to say much more or to put it all together. There's gonna have to be a lot of shimming, adjusting and modifying to be done to get those puppies fit but it'll be worth it. King Blackfoot 2.0 coming up soon! So here's a size side to side with the original parts Especially in the front there's gonna be a huge geometry change. The front and rear control arms are slightly different but you could replace the rear ones with a set for the front and have a variable rear toe. But... nah... Here's stack of those arms. Rear knuckle... Front knuckle and hub assembly... Interesting ist the size of the inner and outer bearings The control arms are quite narrow and I'll have to cut some material off of the original mounts to make the control arms fit. That's it for today...
  8. Not as yet. It might take a while for the parts to drop at my doorstep. I'll keep you posted.
  9. Hi, I recently ordered this one for 24 EUR + 4 EUR shipping from Austria to Germany. Can't say anything about the quality but from the pic it seems to be pretty decent. To place an order I had to write them an e-mail asking for the price and shipping fees. Allegedly the shipping will take some 2 to 3 weeks. You'll find a link to their site below. The body is Ford Pick-Up #20061 Source: http://www.modellbau-etter.de/rc-car-zubehoer/karosserien/index.html
  10. Dear diary, after careful consideration and calculation of value for time and money, I decided to ditch the idea of making my own suspension components in favour of buying CNC machined parts from a HSP 1/10 monster truck. I placed the order and am currently eagerly looking forward to the parts arriving at my door step. Just for the record, here's what I ordered: Aaaaaand in the meantime my monster wheels finally arrived from China! Man, these things are a blast and the best value for money I could find. In fact, they'd be worth double the price! They come un-glued with propper foam inserts and already pre-assembled. The rubber is soft and nice to the touch, the rims seem sturdy and weight wise light enough for the truck to handle. Unfortunately I cannot take those bad boys for a spin right now due to broken front suspension... I don't need to tell ya'll what's before and what's after... And just for fun I placed the wheels next to my beloved Savage X. Cute Stay tuned... I guess...
  11. Aight, so after giving it another thought, instead of going thru the pain of making my own hubs I'm going to divert from the common design and try a straight knuckle to control arms kind of thing. I was going to go ahead and make me new front control arms, as I feel that on the front those little T-Rex arms the truck comes with aren't working properly anyway. The only thing I'm worried about at this stage is if I can get the upper arm sit tight enough in the mounts as not to flex back and forth, as this would basically ruin the whole idea. So fingers crossed! I'm off to the drawing board...
  12. @Frog Jumper I'll consider that but I'm actually thinking of making my own. I'll explain why later on. And remember, alcohol is no answer! It's a question and the answer is yes!
  13. Ok folks, so I went for a test drive the other day and everything was looking fantastic... until the RX failed that is and instead of stopping the truck kept on going... and going... and... Yepp, a lot of things broke, including the knuckle that I "improved" lol So much for durability improvement. Screw that... back to the drawing board. I'll have to come up with something better. That said, I wasn't satisfied with the performance of the front suspension anyways. The steering worked better than ever (of course :P) but the damper attachments still sucked. But more than anything the front lower control arms just aren't doing their job properly. Ok so the truck is asking for a new one and I will deliver. In the meantime I distracted myself with a new mod. I think I came up with it, which means that I have no idea if somebody has done it before - but I bet they did. Anyways, it's taillights. These here are for my XRay, but I've got enough of this stuff to outfit the King with that as well. Please disregard the paint smudges... Oh and I think I finally found the right body for the truck, too. It'll be this one, although in a different color. The pricing is pretty neat, too. It's just 28€ including shipping. I'm hoping that I can carry over some stuff from the original body like, say, the bumpers, and that way merge the present with the past. Source: http://www.modellbau-etter.de/rc-car-zubehoer/karosserien/index.html
  14. Try using a metric fastener. In my experience an M3 will fit snuggly most of the time and bite down better than a self tapping screw. Feel free to use a power tool, as in this case the heat generated will actually help re-shaping the thread.
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