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  1. Ha... I'm also building a hydra drive based 95 2000..... I've got shocks sorted now (plastic vari shock bodies) just need springs. The bits I still need are; -diff gear + plates -laygear -rear bulkhead & d posts -rose joints -springs -motor plate -front axles -steering post support I've got some duplicate bits so if you are missing stuff say and I'll check
  2. Leslie, our interests are too close! I'm building a Cougar 2000 from parts right now and 2w ago pilfered thirteen racing for the last vari shock bits they had (sorry). Talking of which. Anyone got any Cougar 2000 parts FS? I'm 90% complete with this new build. Sorry for hi-jack.
  3. The astute ball diff. Similar to the monster beetle driveshafts. Some people have constant issues, some swear blind they aren't an issue.
  4. Acrylic is far simpler with airbrush than lacquer alternative. I back with PS clear just incase but see no advantage of lacquer on lexan. Make sure you given a little time between coats or it can mud crack a bit easier than PS. I use Fascolor, wicked colors and generic and tbh - v little difference once properly thinned (imo).
  5. Well the celica itself is worth a few hundred if its in decent shape so a bargain to someone. If too far for you maybe link others here?
  6. Im told that 72mm HPI flux dogbones work with the HMR/Kingcab and my gearbox (but havent tested them myself). I believe part# is WR80019101234. In theory most other 72mm dogbones should work too I guess.
  7. Bundling limits your market dramatically. Id only bundle if there are items that are going to be hard to sell on their own.
  8. Many parts similar to the Cougar 1, some parts may be cross compatible with the re-re topcat too (not all tho). If youre buying mechanical bits 2nd hand be aware that most of the cougar 2 range will work but the "works" (purple chassis one) has different diff joints (and some internals) & ball raced steering. Cougar 2 body is gorgeous (imo).
  9. The original shells are pretty common to find. Identical mold was used for the Toyota prerunner and other models too I believe. No need for tbg on this one.
  10. Isnt the point of the diffuser to generate downforce (ie better cornering). If anything this would slow you down in a straight line - right? Smoothed undertray will reduce drag so will clearly help straight line as youve found (albeit difference you saw was pretty big).
  11. If Shapeways can get prices down to a sensible level - totally agree, atm it is not really affordable for anything other than custom parts. Also, your substrates need to come from somewhere - right? At some point shipping is going to happen, minimising it is the key.
  12. I sell a replacement version on shapeways if that's of help?
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