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  1. also happy to help if you need in future.
  2. Thing they are covering themselves. Parts Ive had from them are accurate and Ive used as bearing surfaces.
  3. Ive used these guys in the past: https://www.protolabs.co.uk/services/cnc-machining/cnc-turning/design-guidelines/ Not super cheap but they do small batch / custom stuff and are fairly sensible with helping out non-pro CAD models.
  4. Love it in white and great photos..... not sure about the wheels tho!
  5. Well let me know if you can think of a way to make it work... Could really use the AYK stuff
  6. Interested in the wheels & tyres & the nichimo bumper...... but in UK
  7. The YZ10 doesnt have 2" wheels does it? I think some older Yoks used to perhaps. Worth measuring / comparing i think.
  8. Interesting. Thanks for the info. Do you know if there are long gear diff outdrives too? Or just the ball diff...?
  9. Wheels are nice and I like the blue, not sure about blue decals on the blue body tho, the colour is pretty indistinct. Also, i think you need MORE POWER! Looks like it could handle a fair bit more and you could clear those doubles. Great job tho.
  10. Ann3x

    Kyosho Lazer ZX?

    Many parts are shared / compatible between optima mid/ zx so often hybrids are found. Thats said, long wishbones and 2 piece top deck..... probably a zx.
  11. Must just be a perspective thing then, the shocks look really straight. Nice bumper!
  12. How much wider than stock is the rear tower? Might be just perspective but looks huge and will give very linear damping if so .... May have some big bottoming out.
  13. Changing both pinion and spur achieves the same thing net as changing only 1 of them by twice the amount - in terms of ratio not tooth count - BUT takes up more space. So in a cramped layout it can be good to have options for both to change. With enough space there's nothing stopping you from fitting a 70t pinion :)!
  14. Have a rest @Collin. Basically as long as you can accommodate a larger spur & pinion than the vanilla dyna - youll have more options wrt FRD and i think will be fine.
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