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  1. If you do the gearbox, be prepared for some alignment pain Also, I suggest swapping the internals for modern ones so you can get more diff options. With your susp arms have you considered recesses for proper bearings? Would be PLUSH.
  2. Ann3x

    Newly arrived Lazer ZX

    Looks to be in great shape. Show us without the shell on.....
  3. Anyway to fit an ARB on the front? That might help and allow you to free up the rear a bit & add back a bit of droop.
  4. I fancy a Cougar 2 but cant bring myself to pay for the works version. Also a Yokomo Dogfighter - probably a 94. Expensive tho.
  5. Ann3x

    Dyna Blaster going TRF211X

    Give the poor thing a body......
  6. Immediately looks better.
  7. Ds just looks wrong without the proper wheels
  8. You need new front wheels.
  9. I still have it, although I swapped out the shell (not my colours). I have an almost fully original Astute now as well
  10. Ann3x

    TRF211 / TRF201XM/XR/XMW 3 gear Layback Dirt setup

    Never really hurts to pop it on shapeways right? Someone, someday might need it. At least thats my philosophy.
  11. I like the thunder dragon. Specifically the ying yang decal.
  12. Ann3x

    Top Restoration Tips Thread

    Get a sonic bath. A dremel, polishing wheels and compound. White spirit to get rid of grease. Warm up your ebay account for searching for the "one" rare broken part you need.
  13. Ann3x

    Dyeing shocks

    Unused shocks, rit, boiling water for 45m. I've dyed tons of stuff and it just wasn't taking. I wonder if the plastic varies with cvas.
  14. Ann3x

    Dyeing shocks

    This is weird. I have white cvas too but mine didn't take dye at all.... Like zero...