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  1. Theyre just so different. Nothing out there like it. SO cramped. SO many issues to drive without trashing but crazily ambitious and something of a design marvel. A must-have for me. Dont even mention the shell. Crazy delicate but utterly intricate. And sits about 1cm higher than it should do as stock (imo).
  2. For Df01 rear gearbox top is weak point. Solved by brace mod to the top. Also lack of slipper clutch is an issue, solved by using a slipper pinion (carisma make one).
  3. For astute (less so but still not ideal for super astute) the diff is a clear weak point. Solved partially with rere gearbox, fully by my 3d printed part on shape ways.
  4. Im glad you continue to frequent & contribute here, some of your purism is wonderful (with valuable results like your blog that go far beyond what ill ever contribute with my pragmatism!) & its good to know people care so much - at very least it puts my own dedication in context! Also as Leslie says, great that we can have a disagreement without the normal internetz trolling / name calling. Thanks! Final thing Ill say as we have clearly discussed to death and should probably just agree to disagree is that essentially our disagreement is around what constitutes promotion - For me, dedicated threads with links to purchase eg "sale on at MCI" are promotion. Discussion of products (even the evil Bruiser clone), isnt promotion its healthy discussion and should be allowed. This thread, I dont see as promotion, it's not directly suggesting people buy MCI or TBG items its just that people who *already do* can club together to save the wastage (in terms of money, packaging, CO2 etc etc) of all ordering transatlantic items separately! I get why you might see it as promotion - but I dont think its intended as such nor do I think in this case it does any harm. The guy is trying to do a nice thing for this community.... Anyway like I said, agree to disagree
  5. Greatest of respect for you and what you do for the hobby. No personal slight intended and a conspiracy about RC cars...? Really? I simply disagree with you on whether open discussion of repro companies should be banned from this forum. Your view seems to be that it should. I disagree as imo these companies keep more buggies on the road and with vintage ethos than would otherwise be the case and are hence a valuable resource in Tamiya's neglect. If you want to keep things pure - fine. No need to impose that desire on everyone else by limiting discussion.
  6. As you said you dont know much about 3D but for most parts there are functional improvements vs the original Tamiya parts. Isnt that RPM/Thorpe/MIP entire business model? Or should we all be forced to only use the original parts with no possibility of hopup unless the original company bless it? Some people I think just want to keep their models elite/exclusive and allow less people access to the vintage part of the hobby. As others have said its blindly obvious to anyone with proper knowledge whats a repro decal / shell vs original BUT it does allow the spirit of these cars to be seen more & actually used, not just shelved. All these repro manufacturers do is fill the hole that Tamiya should be filling themselves - if they gave a crap.
  7. Im sure that's correct but it would still be entirely possible (and comparatively low cost) to produce more than needed for the basic run, then keep supplies on the market for an extended time. Manufacturing aside, the stock cost is very low. If the biggest cost to them is the setup, then a larger run + longer stocking of the decals is entirely possible. I doubt they are running their machines at capacity, the market for RCs has shrunk, not grown in recent years. I suspect their machines from the golden years are still well used but not creaking at the seams to keep up with demand. If you want to talk economic sense, what makes more sense from a business perspective: Make an artificially limited run and charge a much higher than normal price Make enough for a long term sustained supply and see larger # sales but the market value reduced I bet you that the decision to keep stocks low is purely margin based. They would make money either way but its higher margin & less effort for them to artificially limit. So apologies for my lack of sympathy - I see the artificial limit as pretty simple greed from Tamiya. Lets face it the company has recent form - Lazy re-res, "special editions", that offer nothing new, lack of chassis innovation for 10+y etc etc. I love the models they made in the past but I also know when a company is resting on laurels and taking the p*ss out of its consumers. As such i think for out of production models, supply of consumables by 3rd parties in Tamiya's neglect is a good thing (note the consumables bit.... I 100% agree with @Hibernaculum on the ripping off of the full model eg the Bruiser - wouldnt touch that thing with a bargepole.
  8. When I had an issue it was with a misprint. They sent a new set no questions asked which was much better. At various times Ive also has issues with missing decals (like one specific item that they missed for some reason). Think it was a Vanquish set. Full refund again no questions asked. Despite the argument about their legality or whether we (the vintage community) should or should not support. They are good guys. Re the discussion about whether we should or shouldnt support them. I have no particular desire to buy repro decals. If Tamiya stocked out of print decals I would 100% buy from them. They do not, they do not support the vintage community in a way that they EASILY could (decals are flat, they take no stock space....). As such I am very glad that companies like MCI / TBG exist as they are supplying consumables that would otherwise relegate vintage buggies to either scrap heap cosmetics OR shelfers. Whenever Tamiya re-re a shell or a decal set I buy but its fairly clear that they dont do this to support vintage runners but to milk collectors due to the artificially limited production runs. As such ill buy from companies who do their part in supporting the scene. Being purist about this is elitism, nothing more, nothing less.
  9. When I've had problems with mci I've just emailed them and they've been super helpful.
  10. I have a few shells on my list to buy from them... Would be interested potentially depending on when you're doing.
  11. If by help, you mean, can you use my gearbox for it.... yes! Go to shapeways. You need to source some dogbones of right length but otherwise its a direct fit.
  12. Leslie, in a couple of weeks I might have a Cougar 2 racing (I think... many C2s are mules) for sale, in average condition (definitely not a shelfer!). Needs a new shell but is unrestored and might clean up ok. I need to go through all my parts to complete my works 1st to work out if I've got everything before I sell the other. I can give you 1st dibs on that if you want.
  13. Super astute and dynastorm don't share many parts. Wheels and front hubs spring to mind....
  14. Ha... I'm also building a hydra drive based 95 2000..... I've got shocks sorted now (plastic vari shock bodies) just need springs. The bits I still need are; -diff gear + plates -laygear -rear bulkhead & d posts -rose joints -springs -motor plate -front axles -steering post support I've got some duplicate bits so if you are missing stuff say and I'll check
  15. Leslie, our interests are too close! I'm building a Cougar 2000 from parts right now and 2w ago pilfered thirteen racing for the last vari shock bits they had (sorry). Talking of which. Anyone got any Cougar 2000 parts FS? I'm 90% complete with this new build. Sorry for hi-jack.
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