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  1. Must just be a perspective thing then, the shocks look really straight. Nice bumper!
  2. How much wider than stock is the rear tower? Might be just perspective but looks huge and will give very linear damping if so .... May have some big bottoming out.
  3. Changing both pinion and spur achieves the same thing net as changing only 1 of them by twice the amount - in terms of ratio not tooth count - BUT takes up more space. So in a cramped layout it can be good to have options for both to change. With enough space there's nothing stopping you from fitting a 70t pinion :)!
  4. Have a rest @Collin. Basically as long as you can accommodate a larger spur & pinion than the vanilla dyna - youll have more options wrt FRD and i think will be fine.
  5. Tom - You sure on those calcs? FDR range should only change marginally by a change in pitch. (you might get a tiny bit more or less at each end of the range due to slightly more/less clearance from one pitch or another). Dont see how changing pitch would take you from 8.13>12.6 to 5.8>7.91 - FDR as long as gearbox ratios stay constant is basically just comparing the size of the available pinion/spur circles.
  6. Please dont let him learn to drive with a GRB :S. It will keep us all in sleepless nights.
  7. Ive used them on a few repro shells. Pretty good. You need to make sure ALL bubbles are out or either youll get bleed through under the decal or youll get visible gaps from above. Also I think it tends to look better with light coloured shells as there is sometimes a small amount of white edging at the decal edge which can be noticeable with dark backing. For resilience they are great and also much easier to clean down the shell as the surface is completely flat. Great for a runner.
  8. Was just a joke. Me and @Collin know each other well and we agree on most things! Back to the "serious" topic.... Mostly for me its because the Top Force in Evo livery is just a gorgeous shell, the way it fits so tight around the front gearbox, how low it sits and the orange contrasting of the decals and grey. Beyond the looks there is also the sheer excess of the original car (wasnt it something insane like £600 originally?) with silly, excessive upgrades included like Ti bolts, printing on the Carbon chassis etc etc etc. It is just a lovely car to look at and the excess made it unattainable (at least for me.... then.....).
  9. Super storm..... Imo
  10. What will you do about shock mounting? Looks like the mount will be wrong side vs the wishbone now and I assume the wishbones aren't just reversible.... You'll end up with crazy toe out.
  11. On the rotation direction. My mid-TR-15T has the reversed / mid gearbox config and I can confirm it works fine.
  12. I also had a long attempt to make a slipper spur (for a Topforce actually). In the end found this as a simpler option: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/carisma-m40dt-slipper-pinion-set/rc-car-products/381157 As you say its VERY snug fit for any useful spur based slipper design. It's probably possible but will have some inherent issues i think due to the spring throw. Ive come to believe a slipper pinion is a more universal option for older buggies.
  13. I've got one. It's good fun.. Got it for my kids. It's not really a crawler, diffs can slip etc but it's good fun around the garden. Wheelies a lot and is solid enough to crash a bit. The body is closer to the QD md, not the normal version.
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