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  1. Im told that 72mm HPI flux dogbones work with the HMR/Kingcab and my gearbox (but havent tested them myself). I believe part# is WR80019101234. In theory most other 72mm dogbones should work too I guess.
  2. Bundling limits your market dramatically. Id only bundle if there are items that are going to be hard to sell on their own.
  3. Many parts similar to the Cougar 1, some parts may be cross compatible with the re-re topcat too (not all tho). If youre buying mechanical bits 2nd hand be aware that most of the cougar 2 range will work but the "works" (purple chassis one) has different diff joints (and some internals) & ball raced steering. Cougar 2 body is gorgeous (imo).
  4. The original shells are pretty common to find. Identical mold was used for the Toyota prerunner and other models too I believe. No need for tbg on this one.
  5. Isnt the point of the diffuser to generate downforce (ie better cornering). If anything this would slow you down in a straight line - right? Smoothed undertray will reduce drag so will clearly help straight line as youve found (albeit difference you saw was pretty big).
  6. If Shapeways can get prices down to a sensible level - totally agree, atm it is not really affordable for anything other than custom parts. Also, your substrates need to come from somewhere - right? At some point shipping is going to happen, minimising it is the key.
  7. I sell a replacement version on shapeways if that's of help?
  8. Shapeways is the biggest marketplace, search on there for "Madcap" and youll see everything that is printable there. There is no universal way to search every site.
  9. Smallest you can get away with to minimise weight (not that its a big issue these days - just feels bad).
  10. If you do the gearbox, be prepared for some alignment pain Also, I suggest swapping the internals for modern ones so you can get more diff options. With your susp arms have you considered recesses for proper bearings? Would be PLUSH.
  11. Looks to be in great shape. Show us without the shell on.....
  12. Anyway to fit an ARB on the front? That might help and allow you to free up the rear a bit & add back a bit of droop.
  13. I fancy a Cougar 2 but cant bring myself to pay for the works version. Also a Yokomo Dogfighter - probably a 94. Expensive tho.
  14. Give the poor thing a body......
  15. Ds just looks wrong without the proper wheels
  16. I still have it, although I swapped out the shell (not my colours). I have an almost fully original Astute now as well
  17. Never really hurts to pop it on shapeways right? Someone, someday might need it. At least thats my philosophy.
  18. I like the thunder dragon. Specifically the ying yang decal.
  19. Get a sonic bath. A dremel, polishing wheels and compound. White spirit to get rid of grease. Warm up your ebay account for searching for the "one" rare broken part you need.
  20. Unused shocks, rit, boiling water for 45m. I've dyed tons of stuff and it just wasn't taking. I wonder if the plastic varies with cvas.
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