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  1. Thanks all for the responses! Sorry its been a while I've been very busy. Looking over all your suggestions now.
  2. Hi everyone! I built my Neo Scorcher and have been loving it! I've done a few upgrades so far: Bearings Alloy steering Full turnbuckles Steel gearbox joints and steel universal shafts Alloy center shaft and steel joints Sport Tuned Motor Alloy motor mount (not installed yet) Tamiya large dish wheels (2 sets) 1 with Pro line Dirt Hawgs, 1 with Tamiya Dual Block I may also upgrade shocks soon. My question is... I'd like to go brushless or at least try it out. I'm returning to the hobby after many years so I'm new to brushless motors. I'd like something that can run well with the TBLE-02s speed control included in the kit. I'm running nimh packs. 2000 mah and 3000 mah. Do I need a sensored motor or can I use either sensored or sensorless? I'd like a jump in speed but I don't want to loose too much torque. I mostly just bash but occasionally run on an old dirt track. Oh and I'd also like something moderately priced. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone! All my bearings are metal and sealed throughout. I've got a Sport-Tuned motor in it now and probably won't go much faster.
  4. I've ordered most of what I mentioned in my list but its taking a long time to ship to the US, mostly coming from China. I'd like the alloy steering parts in red. I've found them but... Again... shipping from China. The same goes for the black alloy steering arms, knuckles, C-hubs. And the full turnbuckle set. All need to ship from China and take at least 2 1/2 weeks.
  5. Thanks. I've ordered a lot from Tower Hobbies but haven't found the hop-ups I was looking for.
  6. Anyone know if there's a metal gear kit available for the Midnight Pumpkin? I'm thinking in terms of durability/longevity. Mine is pretty much stock except for bearings and Sport Tuned motor... and headlights : )
  7. I think that's too much. Very limiting to suspesion travel. I'd do what was suggested and get use a higher oil while Using the stiffest tension rings for the springs... or upgrade the shocks. I like your build so far! I'm building one too and we've chosen a similar color scheme (see pic). I've run stock (except for bearings) and have a few upgrades planned. I'm in the US (NYC area) and parts are hard to come by. Still waiting on quite a few things. Any recommendations for hop-up parts with reasonable shipping to the US? So far I've put a Tamiya Sport-Tuned in. Waiting on: Dual Block Tires and Large Dish wheels YR Alloy center saft (red) YR steel center shaft joints YR steel gear box joints YR universal shafts New spoiler (oops) I Plan on doing a full turnbuckle set, alloy steering (red) and maybe alloy arms, knuckles and c-hubs (black). : )
  8. Been using my phone to get some shots of the Pumpkin in action. Cut a few together:
  9. Turns out it was the motor. When I upraded the motor, cleaned it up and added the rubber bands in the tires it was back to normal, even better. I run standard 2000 and 3000 Mah Nimh packs. Metal bearings throughout. There was no excessive heat on the ESC or motor. I did check. Just a performance, loss of torque and an overall speed drop. I at first thought it was a battery issue but as I mentioned, it wasn't.
  10. Thanks Saito2! I'll definitely try the rubberband thing. Your thought on the motor brush getting chipped also sounds like a possibility.
  11. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums and the Tamiya Club site. I was way into the Tamiya kits back in the 80's and recently discovered the re-release of the Midnight Pumpkin, the original kit that got me into RC. Hence the screen name. I bought the Black Edition kit a few weeks ago, had a great time building it, ran it around my driveway/back yard and it was fun. But I soon wanted a larger space to run and some fun terrain, so I brought the Pumpkin to a baseball field and park a few blocks away. I ran on some bumpy grass, a few hills and a dusty, dirty baseball field. I ran one battery pack all the way down. I then took about a 5 min break and put in another. I noticed there wasn't as much power and I couldn't pop wheelies. Before I could pop wheelies on demand. I attributed this to the battery having sit and maybe not having a good charge. It was a colder day than I expected so I thought this may have harmed the batteries. The next day I went in the back yard with a fresh pack and noticed that the problem persisted. I see a decrease in speed and definitely not enough power to wheelie from a stop. One thing I also noticed was that the car sounded different. Before I had a high-pitched motor sound at full throttle. Now, it sounds lower pitched. A few things I've checked: Can't hear any gear slippage. Took the motor off and checked the pinion and the gear it touches. I saw no breaks or evidence of an issue or slippage. Nothing obvious anyway. The motor was seated/screwed in tightly. I made sure to re-attach it tightly. No evidence of loose connection between the motor and the ESC. Re-programmed the ESC. Wasn't receiving any faults or beeps of any kind. Did this as precaution. Checked the battery packs with a volt meter. They've shown over 8 volts at full charge. I don't have an ESC to swap out nor do I have another motor. I do have a meter so I was wondering if I should check the wires from the ESC to the motor but I'm not sure what I should see there. I was planning on upgrading to a Sport-Tuned anyway so I ordered one.... So... What are your thoughts here? Anything else I should try? Should I just swap the motor out with the new one when it comes in? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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