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  1. All the parts moulds were lost in a fire so they would have to remake it from scratch, unfortunately. Although I'm pretty sure they'd sell enough that they could still turn a profit even if they did have to recreate everything! Edit: I would absolutely love it if they did a re-re though
  2. They re-re'd the XX4 long ago, but don't seem interested in re-making anything now. Maybe with Gil Losi Jr rejoining them they might reconsider?... Every time they post anything vintage on Facebook they get a load of people asking for re-res, so maybe they just need to do something Kickstarter-ish to gauge interest and guarantee making money on it if they did go for it.
  3. Unfortunately, despite the excellent Horizon pun, the moulds for the old Losi models were lost in a fire years ago . So unless they remade it completely from scratch there will never be a JRX2 re-re :'(. A shame as I'd love to be able to race a JRX2 without worrying too much about parts availability! (I wasn't into RC when it was first around, so missed it then) Tamiya-wise I'd like to see a re-re of the Dyna Storm (as I missed the re-re a few years back!) and maybe the 959 on a newer chassis..
  4. I forgot to take pictures, ha. Here are the TRF dampers on my TF, which I still haven't finished or run yet (really should do!). The wheels have a bit too much offset really, but they'll do for on-road running (Obviously it won't have the standard silver can motor in it when it's finished
  5. Back in the game in that they're being re-re'd, or that people have said they'd like them to be?
  6. I went for these on my runner/racer TF build and they are gorgeous :) Will stick a picture on here later!
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