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  1. I'll let you know. Hopefully will get a chance over the weekend to provide a run down whilst pushing it around and moving the wheels manually. It's hard sometimes with this hobby if you don't have something to compare it to in front of me.
  2. No haven't got a one way diff. Just out of the box parts. OK, so you agree that it is a problem as well . Yes perhaps the wrong way around. Will take a look. Thank you for your help. It's been doing my head in and I don't really know what I'm doing
  3. I think there might be something else that isn't right. Need to do some research on DF03 as when the rear is in the air and I roll it along by hand on front wheels only, the rear wheels move as well. When the front is in the air and I roll it along by hand on back wheels only, the front wheels don't move at all. Doesn't seem right to me.
  4. Refreshed list: 1. Fit coloured wheel nuts to lads WT01 and DF03. 2. Fit damper rods on the Thunder Dragon shelfer and the runner to avoid A5 parts cracking. 3. 3D print a display stand I've designed. Tweak for different required heights. 4. Ponder some more about whether I can justify DF03 shock upgrade for my Dark Impact. 5. Dismantle rear of DF03 and investigate issues. 6. Still need to sort all parts out
  5. Also hoping it assists with my shelf queen TD 👍
  6. Some steel shafts to replace the screw pins in my thunder dragon. This should hopefully remove a lot of the problem with the A5 part breaking.
  7. I do much prefer the cost/capacity of nimh batteries nowadays compared to 20/30 years ago so not too painful hopefully. I'm pretty sure I've got one on its way out as well. Weird as it's the same age as the others but seems to run down a lot quicker
  8. 👍I'm probably going to get blue for outdoor bashing. Do you happen to know the difference between mini spike and mini spike 2?
  9. I'm in the UK but if you are happy to cover postage, I could send.
  10. Wheels/tyres look great. What tyres did you go for on the rear? I had a play with my DF03 wheels on my TD but wasn't feeling them. Tried rears on front and back and they looked a bit too big. I think the spiky tyres on the slimmer fronts certainly help. I was looking for an excuse to buy a set of these wheels, thanks for making it easier!
  11. I have what I think is a hotshot gearbox if anyone interested. It's used and a bit grubby but looks good for a runner. I haven't bothered opening it but looks like it's got shielded bearings.
  12. Right, so new item added to the list: Check DF03 slipper clutch as I seem to have more much more power to the front wheels than the back. Not very even acceleration getting wheel spin on front and wearing the front tyres quicker.
  13. I'm getting wheel spin on the front and not on the back. Gladly balding my front tyres
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