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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I will pass. Thanks anyway
  2. I would be interested but it depends on postage cost as I wouldn't be able to collect. Do you know roughly how much postage would be within UK?
  3. I always felt that the window wasn't big enough on the fire dragon. Driver gets a bit lost
  4. Looks like a new Saint dragon on the same chassis as well. #47459. I must have missed the announcement somewhere
  5. Also £10 off until 31st July with code TOP-FORCE-EVO
  6. Not in the market to buy but I do like the paint job on the driver!
  7. Hi All, I'm after 1 Tamiya 5x5mm Hex Head ball connector (part #53968). I appreciate packets are available but I don't want to resort to having to by a whole pack unless I really have to. Hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance
  8. Please could you post a picture of the side of the box showing the hop ups/upgrades?
  9. They've even been quite lazy with the manual. Still contains info about cutting and painting Good to see the alloy motor mount and turnbuckles although just noticed it states plastic bearings.
  10. Interesting as the TD also states 04. Wonder what will come in it
  11. Nice but can't belive they didn't put the new ESC in 🤔
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