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  1. Mine has been shipped today as well. Hoping it comes with the 04 esc
  2. I had the same trouble trying to find fabric ones. I settled on a Tamiya bullhead one. You could try some bunting
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. I will pass. Thanks anyway
  4. I would be interested but it depends on postage cost as I wouldn't be able to collect. Do you know roughly how much postage would be within UK?
  5. I always felt that the window wasn't big enough on the fire dragon. Driver gets a bit lost
  6. Looks like a new Saint dragon on the same chassis as well. #47459. I must have missed the announcement somewhere
  7. Also £10 off until 31st July with code TOP-FORCE-EVO
  8. Not in the market to buy but I do like the paint job on the driver!
  9. Hi All, I'm after 1 Tamiya 5x5mm Hex Head ball connector (part #53968). I appreciate packets are available but I don't want to resort to having to by a whole pack unless I really have to. Hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance
  10. Please could you post a picture of the side of the box showing the hop ups/upgrades?
  11. They've even been quite lazy with the manual. Still contains info about cutting and painting Good to see the alloy motor mount and turnbuckles although just noticed it states plastic bearings.
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