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  1. I would say so as it should withstand higher temperatures
  2. @Hobgoblin might be better placed to do this as I only use PLA and ABS might be better.
  3. I might be able to help. I will take a look at the file tomorrow morning and let you know
  4. Made myself a Technigold box to go with my TD box. Not sure scale is exact but does the job
  5. Looks good. Liking the wheels and tyres.
  6. Redid the eyes on for my Thunder Dragon shelfer. Looks a lot less startled/disappointed now
  7. No problem. Thanks for coming back to me. Will leave it. Cheers anyway 👍
  8. @catman79 would you be willing to sell the tyres and inserts on their own?
  9. Out of interest, why never again @svenb?
  10. @wtcc5 I agree with @Collin the prints have come out a great quality. Top work! Shell also looks great 👍
  11. Good choice. Personally I would say only need the following: • Replace screw pins for stainless shafts (53301) • Quick release battery holder (53346) Enjoy! 👍
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