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  1. Hi All. I'm after some front diff parts for my Dark Impact. Appreciate I can get them on ebay but is it me or do the prices seem a bit steep at the moment?! Anyway if you are able to help me out with a new set, it would be much appreciated. Part number for the pair is 9808059. Thanks in advance Mark
  2. The hook and loop command strips can be good and means that they should remove fairly cleanly if needs be
  3. Great first thread 👍 thanks for posting. Great trucks these. My lad has one and it is so capable. After having a thunder dragon for years as my first and only, I have since bought tons of spares for it and done the same with my lads WT01. Think he is now sorted for the next 40 years 😅
  4. Replaced the screw pins in my thunder dragon shelf queen to the shafts from 53301. Disappointed to find I was a already late and the A5 part had already split. Swapped it out with my last new A5 part so that it shouldn't be a problem now. Also replaced the same screw pins on the TD runner as well as my lads WT01. Found that one of the screw pins was backing out where the rear arms attach to the gearbox housing.
  5. Didn't know Tamiya made nut crackers all jokes aside, looks like it could be pretty handy. Will take a look
  6. What are your plans once they have been stripped?
  7. Update: Great news! It turns out I don't really need to find and sort my DF03 spares as they had been stored in the kit box. I suprise myself sometimes Still need to sort through remaining spares to see if there is anything I don't need. Could do with an itinerary of DF03 spares as would like to see if I can do a shelfer unless anyone can think of a nice way of displaying shells.
  8. @Dr_GN have you heard from Nathaniel yet?
  9. Chassis looks beautiful and clean so I'm sure the body is also in the right hands. Looks forward to seeing you save it and the process of removing the old custard I imagine this is going to be very satisfying
  10. Thank you 👍 tried sending you a PM but it says you can't currently receive messages.
  11. Awesome! Thank you. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so fussy and I could use any working parts, it would make my life (and probably other people's ) a lot easier. It is great coming across helpful people though. Just to push my luck further, do you happen to 4 of each? If not, not a problem but then they will all definitely match Thanks again for your help. Please let me know how much you want for them and your email address so I can send some money.
  12. Assuming you're still on about the dremel?!
  13. Hi All, I thought I would try here first, save me buying more than I need. I am after the following sizes in button head screws: M3x14 = x4 M3x10 = x2 M3x8 = x2 They need to be dark in colour and not have any markings on the heads so that they match the existing ones I have. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance Mark
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