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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
  2. Not RC related but found a beautiful fishing spot in Crete. Good job I brought my fishing rod
  3. Hi All. I have managed to convert and print what I hope is a successful version of @waterbok servo holder. Will test fit when I get the chance
  4. Technically last night but mounted my DIY display onto the wall. Basic but does the job. Just need to get the shells on
  5. Decided to have bit of a tinker with some photocopied leonis decals on my uncut DF03 shell.
  6. Currently in the process of drawing this up in tinkercad. Just need to put the holes in
  7. I'm amazed that the even allowed it to offer GSP if it is a restricted item. The whole situation sucks for you both! Hopefully it can get sorted
  8. Loving the look of those decals! Excited to see what they look like on the shell!
  9. @TurnipJF if there are any parts that Taffer can't help with, I might be able to help.
  10. Great reason to start this project. Thanks for posting! Is the carbon part on the body posts the mount for a dash 1 emperor shell?
  11. Hi. Afraid I can't help you with the above parts but I do have these which you can have at the cost of postage. PM me if you would like them.
  12. I don't think so. For some reason PC pots just aren't available to purchase in the UK.
  13. If it helps, it looks to be available on Rcjaz
  14. Hi All, Having a clear out and have the random following parts for sale. They are all new and in sealed packs. Below prices include postage to UK and money sent via PayPal friends and family. Happy to post elsewhere for additional cost. Tamiya TA06 Cross Shaft 54331 - £7 Tamiya TB04 Aluminum Cup Joints 54543 - £11 Tamiya Touring Car Wing 54458 - £6.75 Tamiya TT-02 Type-S Aluminum Upper Arm Mount 54652 - £12 TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mount (1D) 54072 - £8.50 4mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts 53024 - £10.50 Please let me know if interested. Mark
  15. Cheers for looking anyway Simon! All the best Mark
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