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  1. Assuming this will be across the board in the UK. Shame but I don't mind the wait so long as we get them
  2. I am biased but I do love my thunder dragon! The ground clearance is better than my modern dark impact which means it can take a bashing better and is a bit more flexible about where it can go. I've got a sports tuned motor in mine which is plenty. Nice and easy to maintain. There are only 2 parts worth investing a bit extra in, the A5 brace and some stainless suspension shafts to replace the screw pins. You could also consider a fire dragon body. On a slight side note, if you get one and decide to sell the body, I could be persuaded to take it off your hands
  3. @GTodd I don't think @nowinaminute was being rude. As per their original comment, they were commenting on the price of the Thunder Dragon and that the Terra Scorcher was more car for the same sort of money and a Manta Ray was cheaper. I think you missed the bit about the TD.
  4. I think if I was in the market for a top force evo, I would rather spend a bit more and go for the egress. One of my favourite buggies! I have pre ordered the Thunder Dragon though. Can't wait!! I hope it gets fulfilled and doesn't come battered
  5. I'm hoping I can pick up a TD shell and stickers
  6. Thanks for the heads up!! Very excited about the TD!!!
  7. Sadly I didn't have a great experience either. Shame really as I would have liked to have purchased more at some point.
  8. Received my Georgia Coffee model kits. Thanks @SuperChamp82. Pleasure to deal with. Enjoy the holiday season
  9. I would say so as it should withstand higher temperatures
  10. @Hobgoblin might be better placed to do this as I only use PLA and ABS might be better.
  11. I might be able to help. I will take a look at the file tomorrow morning and let you know
  12. Made myself a Technigold box to go with my TD box. Not sure scale is exact but does the job
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