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  1. These look great! Nice work with the design. Do you find there is much give/sag in them?
  2. Sorry, can't help you but would certainly be interested to see how your truck turns out with a driver. I've been thinking about doing a driver on my lads WT01
  3. Also made some body post extensions for my lads mighty bull
  4. Found some time between the whole family being at home and me working to 3d print some body post supports. Few minor issues with settings but will do the job
  5. Good afternoon! Terra scorcher. Looking forward to this! Have you got 4 rear egress wheels on or are they standard fronts and rears?
  6. Hi Waterbok. Thought my reply had sent. If you have the parts, that would be great. Thanks. If you happen to have the screws in a black finish, that would be super but of not, don't worry
  7. Yeah mad trying to find bags. This is the one I need (plus a fee spares): They look to be the black ones. Could also do with some of 50582.
  8. Hi All, Took my lads mighty bull for a spin today and a screw had come loose and got lost. Does anyone happen to have any screw bags for this chassis? I don't have any spare screw for it Please let me know if you can help. Mark
  9. Hi all, I am in need of some front frame D parts for the WT01/WR01 chassis. Can be found on blackfoot 3. The part number is 9005735. please let me know if you can help. Many thanks Mark
  10. Thanks. Tried to find them as a seller, but no luck. Do you happen to have a link?
  11. Hi All, I am in need of 3 spotlight stickers for a project. The blackfoot appears to have the stickers I'm after and I'm sure I have seen some other models with the same/similar design. The following is what I'm looking for: Please could anyone let me know if they have anything suitable. Need a minimum of 3. Thanks in advance!
  12. Not RC related but found a beautiful fishing spot in Crete. Good job I brought my fishing rod
  13. Hi All. I have managed to convert and print what I hope is a successful version of @waterbok servo holder. Will test fit when I get the chance
  14. Technically last night but mounted my DIY display onto the wall. Basic but does the job. Just need to get the shells on
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