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  1. Only4Fun

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    @Aerobert I like them a lot. They look really good, and very appropriate for a "VW Dune Buggy"
  2. Only4Fun

    Tamiya Mini-4WD

    Hi, I have been asked by @evssv69 to tell you he is VERY interested in these and could you pm him asap please. He tried to contact you himself but for some reason couldn't ? Any problems and I can contact him through the Anything Rc forum. Thanks mate.
  3. Only4Fun

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    My Street Rover wheels and my Lowride Pumpkin wheels and also my Jeep Wrangler YJ wheels
  4. I like a bit of beach crawling now and again
  5. I have a Traxxas BigFoot body on my WR-01 chassis. The wheelbase is a pretty good fit.
  6. Only4Fun

    Yeah baby......

    Congratulations Mike. Well done
  7. Only4Fun

    Frog Battery Cable and Connector

    @HopperLeo You're very welcome my friend. I'm pleased you got it sorted. You may want to put some tape around the cable, or something in between where it goes under the metal bracket though. If the battery took a knock from underneath it could possibly push the cable up and cause it to be damaged or cut by the bracket. The cable on mine is 8.5cm from the battery to the plug. You should try doing the same with a Hotshot. It's a nightmare. I still haven't sussed that out after 2 years of owning one. Like you, I find these things irritating as well
  8. Only4Fun

    Frog Battery Cable and Connector

    @HopperLeo Hi. There is enough space where the battery goes to tuck the cable and plug alongside it and up into the chassis. I put my battery cable like this in my Subaru Brat, which uses the same chassis as your Frog. It's all safety out the way from the outside
  9. Only4Fun

    madcap front tyres wanted pls

    Got something for you Mike. Messaged you on "Anything" Holly
  10. Only4Fun

    Rocky Hobbies

    Has anyone ever bought anything from Rocky Hobbies in Hong Kong and if so were you charged import tax fees?
  11. Only4Fun

    Silver Tape for Led's

    @Lee76 Thanks mate. I popped round to a Toolstation near me and got some. Much closer than Screwfix
  12. Only4Fun

    Silver Tape for Led's

    @Mokei Kagaku Thank you my friend.
  13. Only4Fun

    Silver Tape for Led's

    Thank you very much. That's a nice cheap option
  14. Only4Fun

    Silver Tape for Led's

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy some of the silver tape Tamiya use to hold the led wires on the body on their XB's. Preferably in the UK please. Thank you