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  1. @superchief Thank you very much. I agree about the feel of the build and you describe it well. What mods have you done to yours?
  2. Finished except for a driver. Video on my channel 🙂👍
  3. All the other masks peeled off ok with a little help from a scalpel, except the last one. Typical ! A small bit of paint came off at the top of a corner window. This was another area near the windows I didn't go very near when I was initially rubbing it down and cleaning ready for painting. Because I don't want to mask everything up again and risk peeling more paint off I've put a bit of tape on the window and will spray the paint into it's lid and brush it on. It's a tiny area so it doesn't matter if the finish isn't perfect.
  4. @Willy iine When I first started painting bodies a friend recommended using the green side because it gives slight abrasion and helps the paint stick to the body. It's worked for me so far and I guess the paint peeled because that was an area I avoided. 🙂
  5. I left the masks on so I didn't mark the windows while I was fitting the metal mounts for the body magnets. I will take your advice the next time and remove them sooner rather than later 🙂👍
  6. Yes I used the green scouring side of kitchen sponge to lightly rub the body and then washed it with detergent. But I didn't rub the pillars because I didn't want to mark the windows. I folded some wet & dry and used the folded edge to rub down the paint and pillar for the touching in.
  7. Well the touching in looks ok. I'm a bit nervous about peeling off the other masks though 😬
  8. Unfortunately when I started to peel away the windscreen mask it pulled off some paint from the pillar. Luckily I have some spray paint left so I've rubbed it down and will touch it in. All part of the fun I guess 🙂👍
  9. Because this is only going to be used for trailing on woodland paths I decided to try my first "stealth" body which went well. I'm happy with how it looks
  10. @Willy iine Thank you. Apart from a driver I will probably leave it as it is. If it had a deep bed I would be more inclined to add some scale accessories.
  11. I've decided to use my DF-03RA Datsun 240z Rally wheels for now.
  12. The body's nearly finished and doesn't look too bad now. The flat clear worked well and has given the rear bed, wheel arches, bumpers, and side panels the matt finish I wanted. I sat it on the chassis while I tried these white wheels to see what they looked like. Unfortunately the hex is too deep inside them so the front ones rub on the C-hubs, and the tyres rub on the steering link. Back to the drawing board 😄👍
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