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  1. It all depends on the terrain you’re driving in. The higher clearance the better, but the stock high setting should work for light off road. There are lots of tire/rim choices on eBay. I chose mine because they are the most scale looking of all the tires I’ve seen. The traction isn’t the best, but it is fine for bashing around.
  2. Was thinking an M chassis or something would work good.
  3. First run is in the books. A really fun car to drive, just like the 240z is. Suspension was dang near perfect, going to leave it alone. Not surprising, since it is the same chassis as the 240z, with the same mods, and that one is dialed in nicely. Will try and get a video up at some point.
  4. I think it would look great with a nice weathering job, but this is the Mrs. car...and she wants it clean. At some point I need to figure out how to light the rally lamps without having unsightly wires hanging out the back ruining the scale appearance. I’m very happy with the build, and can’t wait to get started on my Audi Quattro whenever they come in.
  5. The Porsche 911 rally is complete! First run is imminent...
  6. My next build will be the new Audi Quattro rally whenever they are released here in the states. When I was a kid I had a matchbox car (1982) of this exact car. Will try and reproduce the livery when the time comes. My five year old now likes to drive it around
  7. Found a good scale looking tire for the wide Porsche rear rims. I ordered these on fleabay thinking they were the same as the set I have mounted on there now, only to find out they are slightly different. These tires are slightly wider and taller by a few mm. You can see the height difference here, but it’s not bad. From the top you can see the difference in tread pattern. I have the tire mounted on the wide Porsche rim here, and as you can see it fits fine. Might be an option for someone down the road instead of new rims like I did.
  8. Yes, the masking is on the outside for when I shot the clear coat. The edges of the windows I used Tamiya masking tape, and for the middle I used just regular painters tape. I tried to keep it a mm or so away from the edge of the window trim decal so the clear coat would seal the edges of the stickers.
  9. Cockpit is mounted and preliminary body height adjustments have begun.
  10. The cockpit is done. My painting skills are atrocious and I am glad it will be inside and somewhat hard to see...lol. Came out good though, I’m pleased with the overall appearance.
  11. Some more painting today. A before and after of the matte clear. I like it for a few reasons. It gets rid of the toy like appearance of the body, it seals the edges of the decals to prevent dirt from getting under them and lifting, and lastly it seals the orange paint which is painted on the outside of the body.
  12. Got the cockpit all painted up. Need to hit it with some flat clear, install the heads, and mount it. Also got the white background installed behind the eight. I used a hair dryer to loosen the glue, but it was a fine line between loose glue, and stretchy/melty vinyl decal. When I finished, and stood back to admire my work, I realized the eight was upside down!!! C’mon man!
  13. Initial fitment of the body with the new wheels looks great. They fill out the wheel well nicely and do not rub on anything. Wheel offset is just about perfect with the wide axles installed. Now to get them glued up.
  14. Mailman brought me some tires. They look great on the standard rims. For kicks I tried to mount them on the wide rear rims, but they looked silly. Something I never realized about these tires is that they are directional. From this pic you can definitely see there is a right and left side. I really like the tread and diameter of these tires. They very closely mimic the rounded taller sidewall of the tires from this era.
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