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  1. Nice. I really like the Saint Dragon shell and that livery
  2. @Saito2 Having read this I just want to drop in and say thank you having any kimd of production job in a western nation. Goodness knows we need to make more in the west. I hope your daughter is as good as she can be, and is getting the help she needs and i hope your wifes illness isn't as serious as you think. And for your classic cars: everyone is their own worst critic. As a lifelong designer of things and very poor maker of things, i (and i am sure many others) doff my hat to your skills at restoring any kind of car. Take it out and enjoy it and to badword with what people may (but probably aren't) thinking. Cheers
  3. This is, excellent! I hage also thoyght this is the way forward for scale rally. Needs someone to make some nice treaded tyres now. Another visial slight of hand would be to design some 1.9" wheels with a small inner spoke pattern and flat side you can then paint black. @Pintopowerdoes this on some wheels for his Hornet Superfly to fit modern 2.2 race track tyres whilst keeping the vintage look from 5 feet away.
  4. @ernieks What is the situation with the TA02 arms? I have done some FF01 arms which have 2mm of wheelbase adjustment. If I knew what the offset of the inner pivot to the outer pivot longitudinally was I could adapt those very easily. I don't have a TA02S to measure.
  5. No, they're exactly the same in terms of parts and spec. Only difference is the front body mount is flipped between the two to fit the bodies.
  6. Raced the FF01 again today. After last week going softer at the front helping things i tried @wtcc5 setup of the 53163 blue front and red rear. It was super hot today, but despite trying a few tyre options this setup didn't work for me. It was generating understeer, so my feeling was the rear wasn't stiff enough. Unfortunately i didn't have the middle yellow 53163 springs with me to try. Running out of time i went back to last weeks' setup of 53440 red front and 53163 blue rear, but still picked up a little understeer, but it worked. Between racing my TB03 in early heats i added a thin preload collar at the rear. This seemed to be the key as i rolled the FF01 on heat 3 and it was spot on. Really nice, really easy to drive, and i drove an almost faultless heat to a 14 lap 314 seconds, which was 3 seconds slower than last week! However it was so hot today and tyres were going off a bit so I decided to give my TB03 another run. Although i had possibly been a little conservative in places i don't think i have ever driven a cleaner heat, so i don't think i had any more time in the car today. I have a few weeks off racing now, but i am keen to work on a softer front setup for better traction and get those caster c hubs made. Should be a few seconds in those.
  7. Raced again! Put the Cup motor in this week so was on the hunt for a better time. The other Mondeo is a phenomenally fast club mate who runs a stock TT01E under there. It was super hot today but having tried my setup from last week the car wasn't quite there. Went back down to the soft front bar, but ultimately it was tyres. The Contact34s i ran on the front of this and the FF01 last week were cooked. I swapped the rears to the front and it was better, but it was so hot today that the tyres were going off by the end of the heats. First heat was pretty solid with a few mistakes, but the back of the car was really loose so i had to drive to that. Popped some Sweep32s on the rear for heat 2 and it was much better and i had a great run. Still some mistakes, but a new PB of 14 laps in the 303 seconds. Was only one left out there after the other drivers cara failed or were too frustrating to continue with. Ran the FF01 in heat 3, but after a pretty much perfect run I was still a fair bit slower than the TB03 so i went again in heat 4 in the TB03. This time there was only Paul and I left and he had his eye in with 15 lap heats. I set off after him and was keeping it pretty clean. After the tyres warmed up the rear got a little loose, but mainly i just made too many mistakes. None that needed marshalling, but some minor offs and half spins. So frustrating because the pace was there. New PB of 14 laps in 301 seconds, but just 1 second off that 15 lapper! Ordered some Sweep BRCA 34s as if its anything like last week (and it was hotter today) those front Contacts will be toast.
  8. I like that so much. I can see the places where it is improved over the TB03, but still very much related.
  9. I did and it was way more free spinning, but it still pulls a little. I haven't run it again because i enjoyed my other cars so much last week! Good work at Stafford. Paul McKeag posted on the club about the racing plus a video. You top TT01E guys are so fast! Hope you a good ride 😉
  10. This should be fantastic! The EvoV is basically the TRF version of the TB03 and you probably know how much i like the TB03! Should be a great runner.
  11. That is sweet as a nut! Will it be a runner?
  12. I am sad because the TT01 is annoying the badword out of me and my FF01 is beautiful to drive 😂 Turns out that in the heat even the fast guys weren't as fast as usual. My best TT01 time is 3 seconds quicker than i managed in the FF01 today. Your C Hub design is perfect. I couldn't open the file super easily so i did my own, which was too bulky at the bottom pivot and a little too wide. It is my design that didn't work. I modelled my own version for fun, but didn't do enough checks. I know the changes i need to make, but the high minimum order price of my uk 3d printing vendor makes it unlikely to get more soon.
  13. Despite trying a few things and going back to base setup i still couldn't get the car to stop pulling under power so instead of fighting it more i raced my TB03 and FF01 this week. I posted in the build threads for those.
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