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  1. You need to reduce the droop at the rear. This is the amount by which the suspension compresses from fully extended to ride height with battery on board. As mentioned above you can measure it by stacking thin lego bricks under the rear gearbox until the wheels just touch the ground, then pull the blocks out, measure them, and drop the car a couple of times to settle suspension, then measure ride height. You want maybe 5-6mm of droop. On touring cars there are screws in the arms which act as down stops to adjust this. Not sure if the XV01 has these. If it doesn't the quickest way to test is to raise the ride height front and rear usibg preload collars to bring the ride height closer to full extension hence reducing droop. The other thing to try having had a quick look at the manual is move the shock location on the arms to the outermost position. This might help too.
  2. Don't know if you would be happy with a repro or not, but L and L Models are doing Escort Repsol WRCs
  3. Little aside after running this a bit today. It would lift off oversteer all the time. The kit tells you to fit the rear shocks to the inboard position for softest feel and easy wheelies. However it also gives loads of droop which means the moment you lift off and get some braking you get loads of weight transfer to the front and it just spins. Today i shifted the attachment to the outermost hole on the arms and it makes a massive difference. The rear end stays planted and its just way easier to drive. Really fun. Might need a faster motor!
  4. Been running this a bit and found that the 42mm driveshafts really don't work. They are tight and bind like mad preventing full suspension travel. It barely moves past droop. I put some spare 39mm shafts i have in the rear and this freed up the suspension completely. I put another spare set in the front and even with the narrower bearing mentioned above they fit way better and again completely freed up the suspension. The other problem is shaft chatter on the front. I guess it must be the blu tacked front diff, but on full steering lock the shafts chatter really noisily, which is super annoying and give weird wander on acceleration. This evening i tried something else. I have some 39mm universals that i got for my short lived TL01 project, and they ended up in the back of my RR-03RA rally car. I whipped them out and put them in the feont of the TT02 and woosh! Quiet! And so nice to drive. Really planted and fun now the suspension is working properly. I am using Yeah Racing medium yellow springs on the front and tamiya 53440 medium yellow rear. If you have a TT02 Type S I really would double check the driveshafts and binding on compression. I can see how it would be better on the kit despite it having slightly different arms.
  5. You definitely need 53440 as they are definitely longer than 53333. However, it should be possible to use the shorter springs just be adding preload collars to take up the space to the top of the springs. Give that a go.
  6. Tamiya 15043 Rare Vintage 1989 Grasshopper2 Jnr Dress Up Decals. Three awesome different decal options for Tamiyas Grasshopper2 Jnr 4wd 1:32 model. These are original vintage new in packet. There is one crease along the diagonal, so they are not completely perfect, but none of the decals is damaged. The instructions for each set is ob the inside of the cardboard top card. I bought these so i could develop 1/10th scale versions for my grasshopper2. Those sets are on MCI Racing if you are interested. I no longer need these. £12.50 posted.
  7. I think @WillyChang means, get a high lift body and fit it to an on road chassis. You will nee to check whether the wheelbase natvhs though. I can't imagine a 3spd chassis would work as all at that ride height. The wheelbase on road chassis is 257, but the high lift body is 290 so you would be into some custom chassis stuff.
  8. The black CVA rear shocks use bigger 11mm pistons than the manta ray shocks so probably the easiest thing is buy 2 sets of 50520, short eyelet front, long eyelet for the rear.
  9. As above. Aluminium (and very rare) Pargu adapters to let you run vintage wheels on axles designed for modern 12mm hex drive. I used them to fit Wild One style Super G wheels to a Thundershot rear end on my Ultra G buggy. Surplus to requirements now. £5 posted in the UK.
  10. Get the front diff oil really stiff. It was pull the car straight out of turns.
  11. By the time that is shipped (even if they did ship) and duty and VAT added that would cost more than a rock socker from Modelsport.
  12. I think this issue is i don't know where crawler ends and trail truck starts. I won't be competing that's for sure, just driving around in the woods. Hmmmm.
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