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  1. Took the thundershot out bashing yesterday and a screw backed out of the front wishbone. I lost it and a driveshaft. Can you get a pin kit to replace the screws. Got the body fitted up it isn't so pretty after a bash about in the gravel lol. I'm not sure what to do with decals.
  2. Right I haven't had the time to spend on rc as much as I'd have liked between work and real life. I have been chipping away at this project though. The driver is nearly finished I just need to clear coat his helmet and paint his face. I've finished the body shell. After much painful deliberation I opted for a thundershot body. I can't decide what to with decals through. I went with a white and navy blue scheme with a gold stripe I was considering some gold decals I'm just not sure. I also need to raise the body slightly it fouls on the fan on the tble esc but it shouldn't be hard to shim it up a little. Also can anyone recommend me a wing that fits nicely.
  3. I used to have a voodoo hoodoo too fantastic bike. I rode it around uni. I tried riding it on the trails but I was too scared 28 year old me didn't have the same balls as 16 year old me lol so I sold it. Last summer I bought a vintage late 70s Peugeot road bike. I used it for a week or 2 before I bought a modern road bike. I still use the Peugeot to nip down the town or round the shops. It only has the large front sprocket and the front derailler is missing so it's really only any use on the flat. I put mudgurds and some modern tyres on it. My modern race bike is a carrera vanquish. The only things I changed were the saddle bar tape and tyres to some nice fat 28mm to hold fat me lol. It's done 2k km no trouble at all only thing I've needed to do is adjust cables a couple of hundred km ago.
  4. My new pinions arrived today and I fitted the 13 tooth pinion. I ran down at the playing fields on a combination of grass and gravel and only had 1 thermal shut down and that was right as the battery pack was running out so that seems to have solved that problem. I'm going to have to play with the suspension setup as I'm constantly rolling on grass. I have to crawl round corners on grass. It's good on gravel it will grip or slide at will. I need to check the steering. I fitted a kimburugh servo saver today and now the steering is intermittent. I'll have to check the mechanism for binding. It could also just be the 80s vintage servo isn't up to the job any more lol.
  5. I'm presuming it's in your DT03. I had the exact same setup in mine you need to learn to drift lol. It's fantastic fun but I adjusted the throttle end points on my tx to tame it sometimes other times I just had fun with the mad speed lol.
  6. I'll have to try and make a proper video some day. I find it impossible to hold the phone and drive at the same time though. I'll have to get my hands on a tripod.
  7. Made a slow mo video at the beach today just for fun.
  8. I'm still getting thermal cut outs with the fan fitted it must be the gearing I'll have to order a new pinion.
  9. Yea happened to me too. Am I right is it $399 a year they want if so that's mental. I've been using photobucket for atleast 11 or 12 years. I have a lot of photos on there but I've downloaded flickr too I'll see how I get on with that.
  10. Thats what was in it when it came and it was running a 540 silver can lol. Yea mine is pretty loud too but I'm not worried. I wonder if the 17t wasn't letting the motor get to full rpm it accelerated fast but the top end seemed a bit slow. Slower than the dt03 with a 10.5t motor and a 19t pinion. I'll get a smaller pinion ordered.
  11. Had a proper bash at the playing fields today after fitting my new a5 and what a fun chasis. I think I had more fun than with the dt03. The only problem I'm really having is it keeps grip rolling on grass I have to slow way down to turn on grass. The front end has too much bite on turn in I think. On gravel it's fantastic apart from the front bounces quite badly but I think twin shocks might help that. The other problem is I'm having is constant thermal shut down with the 10.5 t motor. I've ordered the tble fan kit but it might not be enough. The car came with a 17t pinion so I might need to drop a tooth or 2 I'll see what happens when the fan kit arrives. I may even go down to a 13.5 t motor. I'll figure it out later.
  12. Both times I haven't hit anything as such. Only a little small kerb like a 1/4 of an inch or less where the surface changes from tar to bricks.
  13. I don't mean to hijack your thread but have you ever had your wheel drive shafts snap. I just snapped my right one. The left one broke a few days ago. Maybe it's just wear and tear. They both broke off flush with hex. It just seems weird.
  14. I took my dt03 out there for a speed run I'm really disappointed I was hoping for 40 to 50 mph as I managed mid 40s with the same gool rc motor with the matching goolrc 40amp esc which I burned out. With a cheap Chinese 120amp esc and the same motor I'm only hitting 38 mph. I think either the motor or esc is dodgy though as the performance is very hit and miss.
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