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  1. Hi Paul You´re welcome! Nice Car. Can you Show the assembled car please? Which Color did you used?
  2. Nice Top Force. Did you run your TF with the HPI Firebolt 15T motor? If yes, which pinion did you used? Thanks
  3. I sell 1 pair of original Tamiya Tires -Item-No. 53048 (OP-48, OP48) 1 pair of Front Tiress for the Tamiya Madcap, Bear Hawk.... NIB, New and not used. Brand New. Please see at my trades
  4. Hello Robert From whom did you get this information? That will be great if this is true.
  5. Hello guys Are there any news from Nürnberg fair? The Madcap re-release is joke or true? I can not believe that they will re-release the Madcap.
  6. The 1060WP brushed can not be adjusted with the program box
  7. here is the link http://www.rcmart.com/program-quicrune-p-39215.html?cPath=1560_1406 But at the homepage from Hobbywing I can only see a version for brushless ESC.
  8. I installed a silver can and a Team Orion Pilot 19T. Batteries are 2400mAh NiMh. I think I will switsch to a GoolRc brushless system. I have this in my Manta Ray and TT-01 and it runs very fast and powerfull. 3930KV, the blue Motor with a 45A ESC
  9. I contacted the seller rcmart. They told me there is an programming card available. I should try this one. What means PCB? Sorry but my english is very bad. I do not understand all words.
  10. Thanks for your idea. But the screw is fixed. No problem.
  11. I can not install the plastic stock motor mount in another way. So I ordered an Alloy Motor Mount from GPMparts. I have the same one in my Manty Ray and it works fine. But in the Manta Ray I use the stock 21T pinion gear. I will keep you updated
  12. I use a Hobbywing 1060WP brushed ESC in my Top Force. The Jumper is set to F/B/R When the car drive reverse there is not enaugh power to drive in gras or sand. On the street it drive reverese very very slow. Is there any chance to adjust the reverse? Thanks
  13. I will check this. Thanks. Is it possible to turn the motor mount? I think it can only assemble in one position.
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