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  1. Thanks guys. It was the Pinion gear. The 3mm grub screw wasn't even there to hold it to the motor. Can tell I'm a rookie Thanks for showing me where to look. Now to find some 3mm grub screws
  2. I have a DT-03 Racing Fighter. After a jump and crash the back wheels no longer spin. They move freely by hand. The engine revs when the throttle is depressed but nothing. I have pulled the engine and gearbox apart and cant see anything that appears to be wrong. Any suggestions. I have a attached a video after I inspected the inside of the gear box thanks IMG_6992.mov
  3. I was quite surprised actually. I was a bit overwhelmed at first but I get it. Once I got into it I couldn't stop. I bought them for my twin boys so I had two to build. And know I have completely dismantled the gearbox and put back together so would be afraid to build another. I'd say these would need ongoing repairs though. Thanks again for your help she is running well again
  4. Well done kingfisher. I was so focused on the gear housing, that didnt stop to consider tyres and axle. The pins are missing on both so will see if that fixes things. Tyres are fixed though. thanks again
  5. Hi, Bit of a novice RC guy. Didn't even realise I had to build it from scratch until I bought it. Steep learning curve here. Been working great but recently the rear tyres seem to be "slipping". I can depress the throttle right down and I will here the motor power up but the rear wheels seem to be slipping. Not able to speed up and will slow down on hard surfaces like grass. Any ideas where the issue lies. I have opened the gear box up but cant find the issue. Thanks
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