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  1. I made my own. Print out the graphic, and I used these small boxes in the craft section of Walmart that were the right size. Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  2. Thanks guys! I've a few new ideas for the crawler area as well as the rally area now that the weather is getting more consistently nice. Stay tuned!
  3. Neo Scorcher. Short wheelbase, and low center of gravity and 4wd. I've never had a fancy TRF but I think for the money the Neo Scorcher handles great.
  4. That looks amazing! Really nice job!
  5. Man, don't get me started on the orange man and his cult of ignorance.
  6. Really nice job so far!
  7. I've run my XV with the receiver box cut almost since new. No issues.
  8. Reedy Wolfpacks are hard cased round lipos I use. They fit just like a NiMh stick pack would.
  9. I miss my original Rough Rider that a family friend gave me when I was 12. I miss my Saint Dragon which was the first brand new kit I built. I miss my Losi Jr-T stadium truck which was the last rc i had before I sold everything off.
  10. I'll enjoy watching this thread. I'm a huge XV-01 fan too, and mine is in need of some freshening up as well. I'm gonna use your thread to get motivated!
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