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  1. That time of year where Lowes discounts their dwarf spruce trees. Half off! Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Some signs to keep folks headed in the right direction. Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  2. The video only looks like that here though? On youtube itself it looks normal, and I posted it on a thread on the Scale Builders Guild forums and it displays fine? I don't know? Thanks for all the compliments guys, I appreciate it!
  3. Does anyone know why the youtube links display cropped like that?
  4. I'm not much of a videographer but I tried to video my Land Rover with one hand on my transmitter and one holding the camera.
  5. The fact that I'd have to get a different body and replace the plasticy tires it comes with right away is a turn off. I don't mind buying hop ups but those stock tires are garbage. It all just adds to the price.
  6. Agree with you 100 percent, especially the choice of body to release first.
  7. my first was a hand me down Rough Rider, my first new kit was a Saint Dragon. Wish I still had them.
  8. Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  9. How dead set are you on running on grass? To me grass, unless it's cut really short, is just a nuisance to drive on. It bogs most vehicles down, and can overheat the motor and ESC from all the drag.
  10. I have both the TT-02 rally car, as well as the XV-01 (which by the way you can fit a subaru body on no problem) and the XV-01 will drive circles around the TT-02 all day long. Just my two cents...
  11. Drove me Land Rover while my daughters rabbit hung out. Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  12. never owned one but always thought they were the toughest looking buggy tamiya made.
  13. Cool project! Looking forward to more progress!
  14. That's a solid motor especially for the price. I've been running the same motor in my XV-01 and TT-02B for two years now without a single issue.
  15. Cool! I have a Technics SL-D202, it's not on the same level as a 1200 but gets the job done. If it ever breaks I know who to ask!
  16. here's my 780 Untitled by Joe, on Flickr I wish I could tell you I paid more than 10 bucks for it at a rummage sale, but I can't. It was a nice score, haha.
  17. Nice! I have a SX-750. I love these old receivers!
  18. I had some scrap round steel rod at work so I made a gate for the entrance of the rally track from my road. I put a hollow piece of steel tubing just a bit larger inner diameter than the gates outer diameter and drove it into the ground. The gate then just gets placed down in the tube and it can swing open. For now a small piece scale looking chain keep sit closed. Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  19. I love watching backyard tracks come together!
  20. My wife filmed a few laps. Never my best with the camera rolling, haha!
  21. one thing I forgot to mention, if you decide to go brushless you'll need pretty long esc wires to the motor, and balance wire will need to be pretty long as well. The distance from the motor to the esc mounting area is pretty long. Just a heads up if you decide to go that route.
  22. Thank you sir! I wish I had other people to run my cars and trucks with. Right now it's just me, myself, and I. ha! I'm trying to keep it more of a scale track for rally cars, but I might make a few more small jumps.
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