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  1. Swingarm flexibility is actually a good thing. It helps the rear tire maintain contact with the ground when the bike is leaning over in turns. I have read that engineers who design full size racing bikes take this into account when considering materials for rear swingarms. The rear suspension on this model, even with an upgraded shock, is still pretty crude (and stiff). The little bit of extra flexibility (lateral) in the swingarm probably helps with rear wheel traction. Agree about the gearbox, not sure why it's a little flexy. Maybe it helps absorb driveline lash between the rear wheel / sprocket, chain, and front sprocket.
  2. I think Kyosho used softer, more flexible plastic for this kit so the parts would be less likely to crack / break if or when the bike hits something. Fortunately, I have not tested this idea on my model 🙂
  3. You're doing really good work on this model. I finished mine a few months ago. It's a stock build, only upgrade is bearings. I'm happy with how the model looks and it runs really nice. I was a little nervous the first time I ran it, as I didn't want to scratch it up in a crash. I gave it a little shove with my right hand, as I used my left hand to pull the trigger, and away it went, so smooth. I run mine on a tennis court, a smooth asphalt surface is best.
  4. I received the MIP ball diff for my Monster Beetle re-re.
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