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  1. $350 is as low as I can go if that helps.
  2. I am selling my midnight bruiser. I did not want to sacrifice a real bruise so I bought a clone. It is a good truck for the money. I hand built the midnight pumpkin body to fit. I have over 14 hours in the body, adapted to the shortened bruiser chassis. Overall this is a STEAL!!!! I normally charge 75 usd an hour for bodies. Priced to sell at $400. It does everything it should, no issues. I am waiting on Windows yet, they will be included. This is a must for a collector. Nothing has been modified except the frame rails. It all works.
  3. I use to post them but I can’t remember what site.
  4. I shorten the trailing arms, in a spot where I then fill them back up with styrene blanks I CNC’d then solvent weld them in. I have some spares I will post a pic. By shortening them you can run a Blackfoot body like I did on Jeff Dane’s awesome Kong. The orange one in this pic. It stands up too. I bash the crap out of it.
  5. Been working on this for a bit. Calling it the midnight bruiser. Front half of a pumpkin with a scratch made bed to fit a shortened chassis. It all works well. Paint in the end will look like a barn find.
  6. There is a company near me that can vacuum chrome plastics such as styrene. It cost around $120.00 usd to do the bumpers and roll bar.
  7. This is another one I did for Jeff Dane. This was his first truck. Sadly I don’t have any build pics any more but this body was also hand made.
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