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  1. I have to agree with @Kowalski86 here - I ran a Novak 410 M5 in my TA02 Calsonic in the 90's - I still have that ESC and it works too! I also have the original box, manuals, warranty card and tuning stick I stuck with the Torque Tuned motor that came with the kit even though I had a Dynatech 02H left over from my earlier Madcap days. The Torque Tuned motor was plenty quick for street racing and gave a good run time off the gold 1400SCR NiCad pack.
  2. Thank you for more good tips I dropped into the LBS yesterday, but they were all out of solid aluminium rod. I grabbed some aluminium tubing that was thick walled. Much easier to drill but I think would prefer the solid stuff for this prop shaft - I'll check eBay. I might use this tubing for the gearbox shafts. "hop-up"? I picked up a drill press device for my Dremel on the weekend (The Dremel RPM/torque is not ideal for drilling hard materials like a "real drill press", but I took it slow and applied machine oil as I pushed through another hole in the steel prop shaft – voila, it worked a treat! It will do the job until I can source some solid aluminium rod. I was quite surprised how stiff the shocks are - I'm using mini CVA's off my old TA02 but I think I have the friction shock springs installed (which are very stiff). I will definitely need to soften them up a lot more for light crawling duties. I am also thinking of some sort of shock mount at the front to get the dampers in a more upright position. I have a friend with a 3D printer - I may pull a favour or fab something in aluminium. I'll be keen to see your Defender build progress!
  3. THANK YOU! This is very helpful - especially the prop shaft detail. I just made a mess of my TL01 prop shaft I trimmed it down for the WW2 MF01X wheelbase - I (stupidly) used a hand drill (I don't have a drill press) to make the 2mm pin hole and snapped the bit off in the hole it's off centre anyway - what a mess! I still have the Jimny shaft that isn't being used but I may go with an aluminium rod if I can source some materials at the local hobby store. I may also look at some wide hexes now that you mention them. I am so happy with the look of it at the moment but I noticed the front left tyre is very close to the chassis at full lock. Oh, and your LandRover comment helped me find the 'body only' set for the FJ45 on Aliexpress! - a more appealing purchase than the full FJ45 kit - the chassis and electronics look pretty rubbish TBH.
  4. Thanks so much for posting this thread @JennyMo - it has inspired me to convert my WW2 into a little trail truck! I understand the trails will have to be very 'light' with the ground clearance of the MF01X. I really wanted to build up a moderate crawler with the Shapeways chassis + Night Crawler axles but I can't find these items at a reasonable price. I picked up a Jimny MF01X for a bargain from RCJaz I have an old TL01 that doesn't get much use - I'm contemplating using it for spares/alternate parts in this project. Hopefully I can avoid getting sucked into another Hop-Up vortex like my CC01 build!
  5. The Postman hasn't visited me in a while so I'm very glad to receive my tiny Injora wheels for my tiny SCX24 Hilux project! AND! My MF-01x kit arrived for the Wild Willy Trail Truck project It's a GOOD Post Day today!
  6. I remember these! Especially "The Animal"
  7. Wow! Great collection Thanks so much for sharing all your MF01x info. It has been very helpful and inspiring! I first came across the MF01x when I started looking around for an alternative to the Wild Willy Shapeways chassis build. I really want to turn my Wild Willy into a little trail truck but the cost of Shapeways parts and trying to find some axles wasn't viable. The helpful TC folk put me onto the Wild Willy build by @JennyMo and I was SOLD! Now that I've seen your builds, I'm even more excited to see what I can put on this chassis. I have a Jimny MF01x in the post, on it's way to me. The plan is to fit the WW Jeep to it with no spacers. I have a TL-01 as well so I have some alternate parts to work with. Although, I'm a sucker for an FJ (My CC01 got me back into the hobby), and now that I see your FJ45 ute, I'm in love!! It looks great - even a little 'comical'. Would you mind sharing the details on how the MF01x sits under it? Any spacers? Wheelbase? I'm seriously thinking of getting a silver one like yours and putting it on the MF01X - then maybe put the WW Jeep on the FJ45 chassis - although, I'm not expecting it to be a 'performer'.
  8. You are more than welcome! Good luck with the Beetle-Hopper - sounds very cool
  9. @ZiddanHaha! You have a good point there - yes, it should be built! Actually, I'm hoping my 'better half' will have a crack at building the Pumpkin - she has watched me put enough of these things together, I think she should share the enjoyment too. I dug out the parts and re-assembled the Mosnter Grasshopper as promised. The distance between the tyres is.... FRONT: 135mm REAR: 145mm I also noticed the gap between the nerf bar and the front tyre at full lock is a little tight. You might want to take that into consideration.
  10. Oh my! This TC forum just keeps hitting all the right notes for me Perhaps it's our age? I was (STILL AM!) a huge WipeOut 2097 fan. Those bands feature heavily in my record/CD collection. And The Designers Republic design I recently dusted off the PS1 and popped the game in for a quick blast - it held up very well after all these years. Unfortunately my PS1 hasn't...it died after a couple of races.... Fortunately I got my hands on a PS4 recently and picked up Wipeout Omega collection - it's good, very pollished....but....the soundtrack isn't anywhere near as good as 2097. I think a WipeOut inspred theme would be awesome. Especially on one of the F103GT bodies like that Nissan. You could keep the centre section dark so it appears more like the pronged shape of the racers from the game.
  11. Hi Chris, any chance you can correct my account to rc_ox? I haven't used the incorrect 'rc_cox' account yet so you can blow it away if you like. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your reply! I put the Grasshopper back to it's stock form and returned the Midnight Pumpkin parts to the box with the rest of the kit. HOWEVER! I would be more than happy to dig it all out for a fellow TC member I'll try and get it done this weekend and post the measurements here....stay tuned....
  13. My Kyosho Mini-Z APIO Suzuki Jimny arrived! (My Blockhead Motors Wild One never showed up so I gave up and put the funds to this little guy - I'm happy )
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