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  1. Much appreciated I'll happily share! Even though I had the technique all planned in my head, I still learnt a few things along the way. The build was pretty much stock, but I spent a fair amount of time playing around with the paint. Stay tuned....
  2. Already posted this in the "...what have you done today thread" - but I thought it would also be appreciated here I'll put up a brief build thread at some stage.
  3. I'd absolutely love one - if there is a ROUND 2????
  4. WOW! That's quite the compliment! Thank you very much. I am pretty chuffed with it. (Currently working from home so I get to stare at it in between jobs
  5. Thanks @Re-Bugged! I'm glad I persevered and fixed the paint up. As the Madcap says. "Never Give Up" Thanks @CoolHands! I know how you feel It sure is nice to finally have one!
  6. Finished my CLOD!!!!!!!!! Introducing my Super Clod "Blockhead" Buster:
  7. With the paint dramas all sorted out. I was able to FINALLY lay down some decals on my Clod build!
  8. Botched up the paint job while applying the final coat of TS-13 clear - must have been too cool and humid at the time and I may have applied it too heavliy. It fogged up the blue section....which would be fine if I was going for that sun bleached patina.....but I'm not I decided that I didn't come this far to give in. So I remasked it and repainted the blue fade (Light Metalic Blue to Mica Blue)
  9. Ahhhh! Well that makes a lot more sense now. I struggled for ages trying to get them to fit while I was build my Super Clod a week ago. I don't remember seeing that suplment in my box....
  10. Thank you! I can't wait to get the decals applied and some photos of the finished truck. Apart from the paint job - it's a fairly stock build but I may post a build thread.
  11. This was a good question! I too wondered if it was better to leave them dry. I decided to apply the grease in the end and made sure I wiped off the excess.
  12. Decided to go ahead and try a 'fade' on my Clod "Blockhead Motors" Buster Build (mouthful?) I'm pretty happy with it Before: After: Clear coat next then decals!
  13. What an absolute BEAUTY! Love the livery on that bug body - such a good choice.
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