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  1. Love the Beetle wreck! Very "Smiggin's Folly" It also reminds me of a local MTB track I ride, called "Minivan". There is a rusted/burnt out Morris Minor minivan a hundred yards from the road in amongst the trees. I'm guessing it has been there for a few decades. The seat springs are still intact and the headlights are long gone but the wires are hanging out of the holes. Some ideas to further detail your beetle perhaps....? Keep it up! Loving the progress.
  2. A tribute to my original Tamiya Calsonic Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A (58135) (This one was built up from a Skyline R32 shell with MCI decals on a white TT02 chassis - build thread coming soon)
  3. Very cool! I'd love to take my cars for a spin in the dunes - but how is the sand in the drivetrain...? When I think of the grit in the universals/dog bones my heart sinks. I guess if you only do it occasionally and clean it with compressed air things shouldn't wear too quickly....? I wouldn't dare take it near the saltwater though
  4. @volvotech wow, I'm flattered! Thank you very much - and - you're welcome! What's your 'tag' on Instagram? Perhaps I already follow you? I'd like to see how your truck came out.
  5. Great! Glad it's sorted I managed to figure mine out too - blown ESC! After some mucking around with settings and no luck in getting rid of the error, I tried to remove it from the car and accidentally ripped the top of the ESC's case off. This exposed some burnt out internal components. The case was slightly warped from heat too - probably why it came apart so easily! A little annoying that it has blown but also good to get to the bottom of the weird behaviour. I plugged another TBLE-02S into the Grasshopper's RX and it all worked as expected - no additional power pack required for the BAT channel.
  6. Hmmmm, I have exactly the same problem with my son's Grasshopper. However, I have a Futaba 202GF S-FHSS - which is definitely not a cheap no-name receiver! I have a feeling it's a power problem as my receiver has no LED. I had just swapped out the Tamiya TEU-101BK (which had a battery output on a JST plug). I installed the TBLE-02S but it doesn't have the seperate power plug for the receiver - I just assumed it would power the receiver via the Throttle channel. Apparently not...I get the same as you - a beeping ESC and flashing green LED. After I plugged a 4xAA battery pack directly into the BAT channel on my receiver and hey presto - no error beeps from the ESC, steering and throttle work as usual. But I don't want to have a seperate battery pack in the car. I tried to hijack the power from the throttle lead by moving the red power cable from the throttle to a JST for the BAT channel and spliced in the black ground cable as well - no luck. A mate suggested that the ESC may need the throttle channel calibrated or the channel needs reversing (common with Futaba gear). I'll try these and let you know how it goes.
  7. Retro overdrive with Grasshopper and Willy dancing in the dirt to Brian Ferry.
  8. Hi TC folk, Sorry if this is old news - I expect some of you have already seen it but I couldn't find any mention of it on previous TC posts. So just in case - I had to share this short film: "******* and ******'s Joyride" I came across it a couple of years ago and it was a BIG influence for me to get back into the hobby and especially Tamiya. It also influenced me in getting a WW2 for the collection - such a fun car to drive! (WARNING: Mature content )
  9. @PoormanRC Agreed - a couple of modifications can really improve their enjoyment level. I really like picking "CC01 tough" lines and having to take a couple of goes to clear it successfully. The open diff in the front and make things challenging at times. I thought about locking it but I don't want to lose any more steering - as there isn't a lot to spare to begin with @TurnipJF I'm with you there. If you can appreciate the "scale" nature of the model you will get more out of it. I love the Pajero body - a hardbody on the CC01 would look even more realistic - i.e. no polycarbonate wobble in those slo-mo videos
  10. Thank you!! @PoormanRC Holy Smokes! You DID put some effort in. I can't believe the stock steering got a second shot! Well done and thanks for explaining how you did it. I'll admit, I spent a lot of hours reading through forum posts about CC01's and their upgrade needs. I lost a lot of sleep trying to decide on which steering kit to go with. They all seemed to fail one way or another. I even tried lubing the plastic bellcrank at one stage but not to the level you did. Dear old CC01 - it has copped a lot of flak over the years - especially when it's compared to crawlers like the SCX10's etc. I just finished building the TRX-4 kit a week ago (which I have to say was fantastic - Traxxas have hit it out of the park with this one). Yes, it has ridiculous steering and ground clearance, not to mention the lockable diffs and two speed transmission. However, I still love my CC01 - it got me back into the hobby and it has those scale "Tamiya good looks". As long as you don't expect it to climb like a mountain goat, you won't be disappointed. I think you become a better driver if you have to work hard to find the best line. Like my son's Grasshopper - ugh - that 2WD buggy with an open diff in gravel can really frustrate you if you just punch it all the time. You know what Master Po says, "Patience, young Grasshopper."
  11. Wow, time flies. Sorry for the lack of posts - 1:1 life has been busy. The CC01 has had a few upgrades since my last update and done plenty of miles, I'll try and get this thread up to speed. Here is a list of other upgrades and modifications made to the truck: Yeah Racing universal drive shafts were installed thus allowing me to trim the tabs off the c-hubs and get a little more throw in the steering. Yeah Racing steering upgrade - I found it hard to decide which brand to try. So far the YR setup has been great. I had to cut a tiny bit off the stock skid plate. I also made sure I added some loctite to all the metal on metal screws. I shimmed the rear axle to reduce the slop/play and hopefully reduce slipping and increase the life of the gears. While I had it open I noticed a lot of dust worked it's way in. I added some marine grease to the edge of the axle housing to act as a seal and hopefully catch most of it before it get get to the gears. I found a reasonably priced roof rack with lights on eBay. A mate put together a relay switch for me so I can control the roof rack lights remotely with CH3 on the transmitter. I (finally) picked up a Hobbywing Quicrun rock crawler ESC - a fantastic upgrade to the truck. Very programmable - love the adjustable drag brake! I didn't like seeing the internals through the window and I thought I would never get around to making an interior so I tinted them with Tamiya's Smoke PS-31. However this was a little trickier than I expected - I went a bit overboard and practically blacked out the windows. I was especially annoyed at blacking out the windscreen - who has a tinted windscreen!?!?!? Not happy with the result - I decided to use some Tamiya Polycarbonate Body Cleaner and elbow grease to remove most of it. I left some in the corners of the window which gave it a fogged up and grimy look. I also gave the exterior a matt finish with some Flat Clear PS-55 (masking the windows of course to keep them glossy). I was quite happy with the matt finish. To get a "halogen glow" from the headlights, I coloured the bulbs with a yellow Sharpie. The result wasn't too bad - and it was cheaper than buying Tamiya's hop-up halogen bulbs. I'm still scratching my head on how to add a simple interior. I like Matteo's easy aluminium mesh interior with a Tamiya driver. I can't seem to find anything as lightweight as that at my local hardware store though. I'll keep scratching....
  12. Oh, wow. That takes me back! My first Tamiya was a Madcap and I painted it that same colour. Looks like it's in great condition too. The fact that the stock tyres aren't bald yet indicates that it wasn't driven all that much. You're right, the shocks are rubbish. I had some old yellow CVA dampers on the rear of mine and installed ballbearings - much better. I wish I could find one to restore...
  13. I know what you mean @TurboTimmy! My son's Grasshopper is a challenge to keep straight in loose gravel with the 540. You can be a smooth operator on the throttle but a bump at top speed soon has you spinning (diff'ing?) out! It can be frustrating at times but film it in slo-mo and it can look almost "artistic" Here's a clip of our Grasshopper and Wild Willy 2 at our local dirt spot: I imagine the Sport Tuned is challenging It's a shame you can't run cars on the BMX track - they are great fun with these things. @Biz73 - good tip! I was wondering if the spiked Hornet tyres made a difference. I started investigating a Monster Grasshopper conversion for the Grasshopper with either Monster Beetle or Lunchbox wheels. A full set adds up $$$ though. In the end, my son bought a pair of hex mount buggy tyres and wheels (They are actually for a 1/12 HBX Vortex buggy) and I pitched in for the Frog hex adapter set (#53913). He's happy but I'm not too impressed with the fit. It seems the frog adapters are very wide to take up the extra axle hanging out and you have to use the shorter nut that comes with the adapter rather than the stock ones. This shorter nut doesn't seem to have the same amount of bite - it has backed off twice while driving. The hex adapter allowed me to test the Wild Willy monster wheels on the back of the Grasshopper. However the WW2 wheel mount isn't recessed so they make the car VERY wide. The Lunchbox wheels are a much better fit. For now he is happy with his spiked buggy tyres. I might revisit the Monster Grasshopper at a later stage.
  14. Nice one! In the right conditions - the simplicity of the Grasshopper is so much fun. I'd love to get a Hornet to race with my son and his Grasshopper (also running 540).....hmmm....
  15. Great info @Chicken Man, thanks! I'll definitely swap the ESC for one with a drag brake. I found the stock silver can was a bit too fast. I swapped it out for a HPI crawler 55T motor. Much better "scale speed" and plenty of torque. I also changed the stock aluminium pinion to a steel one.
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