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  1. Upgrades for the F103GT from PlazaJapan!
  2. Hi! Many thanks! However, my forum name is rc_ox not rc_cox
  3. Hello, Can you set me up on tcphotos.net too please? Many thanks!
  4. This old thread is a nice find! I literally finished building my F103GT (ADVAN Courage LC70). The shell sure is beautiful I had no idea how old/rare they are. Now I'm worried about running it!
  5. I've pre-paid AUS$339 (inc. shipping) RCJAZ is AUS$406 + $145 shipping .... I can afford to wait!
  6. I received my "Dear John" letter from the LHS I pre-orded from back in August "Unfortunately our allocation for the first Australian delivery has been severely cut by the Australian Importer and we are unable to supply you from this first extremely limited batch." I guess will just have to hang in there and wait for one - who knows when that will be though.... #dissapointed #notsurprised
  7. Picked up a new on-road project for a myself and a mate...
  8. This is the perfect thread for me right now, thanks! I am considering picking up a reasonably priced TA-04S. The CLK one to be exact: https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58279 I have a TT02 for carpark driving, this would be more of an occasional drive and for the joy of building a TA-04 as I've never built one. Are parts still available these days?
  9. Wonderful memories! My first car was the Madcap. When it had the 02H it was INSANE! Nothing could catch it. I had to upgrade the motor mount to a metal one as the plastic would flex and chew up the spur gear. I also remember doing a speed run one day and the whole gearbox locked up skidding out of control. When I opened it up, the white plastic insert that cools the motor had been chewed up! It still ran fine without it though. Perhaps a little "hotter" Sadly my 02H and Madcap parts got thrown out years ago - before I knew about r/c restoration!
  10. Awesome! Congrats on the new aquisition. That thing looks *mint*! I used a bit of WD40 on a rag to get the mould release off mine. Or you could just run like it was meant to be ;-) it will come off A basher body is a great idea. I'm looking at the Traxxas Bigfoot body as an option.
  11. Your photos of this motor take me back to the early 90's! Looks like you have a pretty decent specimen there. I'd love another one but I'm too $cared to look
  12. Oh, you are too kind The paint job changed as I went along and there were a few hiccups/lessons along the way I'll be keen to see if you end up with the Clod. I'll let you know when I post the build/paint thread. I'm up north, in QLD!
  13. Hey @GeeWings ! Super Clod, ey? Very cool! You've probabaly seen my Blockhead Clod. I have had it (built) for about a year now. I always wanted one as a kid and finally picked up a NIB for a bargain. Everything they say is true.....they are a bumbling goofy thing to drive, but there is something charming about them. And they look soooooo good on the shelf. I wasn't interested in the Mod Clod idea so I kept the upgrades to a minimum: steel pinions, ball bearings and metal version of the B11 part: https://flic.kr/p/2iy7SBj TBH I haven't really driven it that hard so I could have gotten away with the stock, plastic B11 part for the time being. I really need to get around to posting my build thread for it. Although it's more of a 'paint thread' really I may look at addressing the sloppy steering some day. For now, I'm happy to admire it on the shelf in between gentle backyard bounces.
  14. Anyone in Aus heard anything yet? I have my doubts that it will arrive bevore Xmas. I just noticed that Frontline have taken it off their site all together!
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