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  1. Not sure in your specific case, but the best shocks i've found for my Nikko Thunderbolt come off the the Traxxas Cat.
  2. Condoms, 2 bucket water filter system, trip wire with shotgun primers, N95 or better masks, rubber gloves, battery operated motion sensors, ammo and good flashlights, food for 5 months, bleach, laundry detergent, bars of soap, lamp oil and lamp, jackery 1000 and solar panels, herloom seeds, chicken tractor and chickens, american flag, Start calling neighbors and asking how they are doing and if they need any help, 5 or more tamiya kits and comfortable chair, dirt bike and gas, bug out bag, enough meds for 5 months, bidet, a trauma room with oxygen and ventilator in undisclosed area, dry place to bury food and essential items, night vision, solid routine, wood pellets and efficient mini stove, tarps, secure job, long range portable ham radio, noaa crank radio, batteries, canning jars, greenhouse, small airplane and homestead in case your current place is overrun. cash and good items for barter. 10%-30% unemployment for an extended time is not inconceivable. I think we have the opportunity to come out the other side stronger, but the egos need to back a seat and decisions need not be made out of fear alone. We need leaders to offer a bit of hope while at the same time giving us hard truths and direction....it's too bad we elect these leaders based off likability or some other surface notions as that doesn't always make for a good leader who makes balanced decisions. Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times. It's not the strong men you need to worry about it's the weak ones as they'll do anything to protect that fragile ego. We are currently in a weak human phase and at some point the pendulum will swing after much suffering and around and around we go through the centuries.
  3. MST MTX-1 2wd Toyota Body. The smoothest running RTR truck i've ever run and it's a hoot especially with a cheap gyro
  4. Teen accused of using remote-controlled car to smuggle meth What would your RC of choice be?
  5. What a nice 1st attempt. They are known for their plastic model tanks and such...but this little guy looks like a lot of fun. https://www.amazon.com/Panda-hobby-Crawler-Off-Road-Vehicle/dp/B07QZCXLHV
  6. Had to jump on this little guy....the scale detail is really nice and perfect for messing about the house and even out in the garden. https://www.amazon.com/Panda-hobby-Crawler-Off-Road-Vehicle/dp/B07QZCXLHV
  7. Decent...but I found the handle design outdated and not comfortable for a full kit build. Plus the shafts are bit too short for some jobs and hard to gauge how much torque your placing on the fastener as you steel they use has almost no give. A lot sheepish purchases are made these days....crossovers also have a good reputation, but most people don;t need them and for a daily driver most are incredibly boring to drive.
  8. Nothing seems to beat the feel of Hudy sping steel and there taper design. All other tools are hard to gauge tightness. Profi-Tool line with the plastic handles and changeable tips are just about perfect. I lightly scuffed the ones I use for shock building as silicone on plastic handles don't mix well. Too many of the hand tools are too short and too heavy as they try and make them look cool and forget about day to day use. I'd be hard pressed to find any superior https://www.hudy.net/xhudy/news/newsdesc.php?news_id=185&kategoria=185&Hudy_Session=42b88b15ffb1c9f6be5a277efb9ce3fc
  9. Anyone catch this new release? Reminds me a lot of this kit!! Always loved this paint scheme. http://www.rc-mst.com/product_car_info.php?class_sn=25&class_sn2=114&sn=3401
  10. See if I have this right.... Dull matt finish on decals for ABS if spraying clear over them so it can adhere better? And for lexan you seal the edges of the decals with silicone? or the whole decal?
  11. Very nice. Do you spray clear over the decals?
  12. http://www.corrosionx.com/electronics.html I soak all my onboard electronics in this and also use dielectric grease on the seams of the servo and receiver case. Not one issue and I submarine my crawlers
  13. To clean a chassis I use Shout with a little bit of Simple Green and spray on with a handheld garden sprayer. Nothing has worked better for removing grim from my RCs and ATVs/Dirtbike. For a quick shine on plastic/lexan nothing works better than Plexus....although the price hurts, but you don;t have to use much. I've had the same can for about 4 years now and use it on ATV/Dirt BIke plastics, lawn mower hood, Snowmobile hood and a bunch of RC shells and still have about a 1/4 left. Also works great on instrument panel plastics in the car and head-unit displays. https://www.amazon.com/Plexus-Plastic-Cleaner-Protectant-13-Ounce/dp/B00092CKN4
  14. magnumb

    Must have Kyosho?

    I guess it's better than having a cracked case and if it works it works:) Tolerances are tight on the axles halfs from GCM and the material has surprised me for sure...I've taken apart the axles several times now and what really surprised me was how tight i could crank of fasteners. Sure the material doesn't look as pretty as my axles from RCWD, Axial or HPI, but it's held up just as well and the tolerances are more than adequate and better than some of the cast alum pieces i've delt with
  15. magnumb

    Must have Kyosho?

    Been using Nylon printed parts for a lot of my crawlers and have to say a lot of the parts are more than adequate and very little sanding to get a smooth surface. I've seen someone on YT using that case for CCVT and it was working just fine, for how long who knows. I have a kit from this company below and all their kits use 3d printed axles and hub carrier along with other 3d printed parts. Very solid and i haven't run into any issues. I think as long as your not using 3d printed parts for a dedicated basher you'll be just fine. http://gcmracing.ca/viewcategory.php?groupid=59 This guy built some 3d printed suspension parts for several of his runners and put then on a race track and no real issues.
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