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  1. magnumb

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    I can't find a Tyco Lamborghini with dual motors in decent shape under $250...and in black forget about it
  2. magnumb

    Lunch Box Mini

    Whats that all about then? is this! Looks like fun
  3. magnumb

    Mountain Rider

    Great box art...too bad on price.
  4. magnumb

    Restoring plastic

    If you are really daring might try a light sweep with a propane torch.
  5. magnumb

    Decent track buggy

    TRF201 is easy to work on and very durable. Probably the best 2wd buggy out there that does everything well. TRF211XM is another sweet chassis if you want mid motor and run on more clay
  6. magnumb

    Display Stand Options

    When using display stands what do you prefer? I'd like to keep the tires from getting a flat spots and would like something adjustable and invisible. Was thinking of using small 3" round foam circles and stack the height i need...but not sure if there are other cheap options.
  7. magnumb

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    Sweet mod....would love to see someone design a 3D printed part to make this a bit easier.
  8. magnumb

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    Can you swap the entire shaft with tamiya gears, sliders and shaft to the clone case and be able to use the tamiya slipper kit? I think this slipper kit requires those Tamiya designed sliders.
  9. magnumb

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    I'm for sure over 20 packs now, but i also made sure to shim and grease the diffs. I also don;t much rock crawling with it though. Havent touched the trans(which is smoother than Re-re for some reason:) and got rid of the servos right away. paid under $200 US and for that price there is no way i'd consider getting the real deal especially when i just had to spend a few hours getting it trail ready.
  10. magnumb

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    Body is deff not of the same molds and the alloy is of different makeup.
  11. magnumb

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    They are using the same tooling you can tell by the cast marks.
  12. Welcome back and nice choice!!
  13. magnumb

    What do collectors prefer?

    Dusty dirty and under priced garage sale finds
  14. magnumb

    Conditioning Old Rubber

    Anyone try this product used to refresh car rubber trim and seals?
  15. magnumb

    Conditioning Old Rubber

    Some good ideas! I use a product called 303 on my car dash and headlights and boats vinyl seats and has worked great over the past 10 years. Just not sure it's ok to use on older rubber/plastic. Was also thinking of maybe using a lanolin type product as i've used it on underside of my truck to a protective coating and notice the plastic on my running boards are softer now that i soak the bottom of them in Lanolin. I guess it's a "natural" product that is derived from sheep.