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  1. Been wondering if the stock clod suffers from bad steering in part due to the factory servo saver built into the bell cranks? What if you used the upgraded alloy bell crank below from UK Monsters that eliminates that along with stronger linkages?? Today's metal geared servos don;t really need servo savers unless it's an all-out basher. www.ukmonsters.co.uk Just trying to avoid putting servos on the axles as it takes away from the stock look i'm trying to keep.
  2. Fire Dragon back to $286:( No longer $149. At least i grabbed three of them.
  3. The TRF201 Buggy line was a classic If anyone is interested in a massive TRF201, Zahhak, 201XR, 201XM, 211XMW collection let me know. Over 5k in cars and parts. Only interested in selling the lot.
  4. Yes!, a DS would be sweet. Although the SR10 comes really close for me and just about as much fun as the old DS!
  5. Super Avante now for sale! Anyone interested in it?
  6. Makes sense. I think the plastic looks different because the parts i got i think are from an older kit and more yellow than stark white.
  7. I've noticed some part bags you can get have Fantasia on the label along with a suffix of SP before the part#. They also typically have Hop-Up listed on the label even though they are just replacement parts. Are these parts manufactured in another country other than Japan? I've purchased these before and the plastic seems a little different. https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=0ee0280be053867a&sca_upv=1&q=tamiya+parts+fantasia&uds=ADvngMhExF_oWZOjJaV1OCLL4VxXnAm-tua29ezVmA9Sz6O3_en9PWTP4J-r6e9xUpw2esDiHfXz98BP8txKWuZo6E6t9YZOBk_K1jlEOYQoxT12qUJ8N459O4zzVXVGaxU4iPrU7-HCwEii99celJodkoEtbOTfHaLop-aEEAH-IQ1V5HlhWdyUyKdJHg2l8JDOa1cYOnmuRitquLaF_aginkspipgleDn75E42eRlOlrI2nNulzzkBE4MkNGQ3_uTs29tuMsY8FJs9c3-LqPHdzH3FtbgMiykbPbWdaI-HPCda3FPLSR65Ool9bV71f3tTUhw-ldDply5nWaYEyxi7FaNB60TeRw&udm=2&prmd=isvnmbt&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiZ7oCb75SGAxWQ4skDHSxoA10QtKgLegQIExAB&biw=1738&bih=878&dpr=1.1
  8. Looks like this seller closed up shop:( We need these tires!!
  9. Enough beers and it kinda looks like a Terra Scorcher:) Haha
  10. Please try this link: Tamiya 47457-A Fire Dragon with Hobbywing ESC / Tamiya USA
  11. And TamiyaUSA has it for $143!!! That's a steal if you ask me:)
  12. Anyways, i'll give this brushless system a shot and see if i can program it so it doesnt wear out the drive cups and twist those dogbones at least. I'd like to use brushed, but for where i want to run it i think brushless might be best.
  13. Was thinking the reason for brushless was to avoid smoking motors in grass and to get longer run times I've also had a brushed motor catch on fire and melt down part of a vehicle!!
  14. Thanks, already have 3 NIB kits and plenty of part bag B....what i dont have is time to be replacing those parts...not until i retire at least:)
  15. Drive cups/dog bones mostly. Not an easy replacement really
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