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  1. Much appreciated. My plan for this one is to make it a very light-duty runner with emphasis on the scale looks of the shell. I have lots of other vehicles which are not so attractive and which are treated rather roughly.
  2. Hi All, I came across these on ebay and wanted to see if anyone had installed these and had any experience with them. I mostly drive in the yard, on the street, and at nearby parks, so the terrain is not all that rough, and perhaps a bit of cornering stability would be useful. Thanks! https://www.ebay.com/itm/174494143071
  3. @sturge Sway bar?? Very cool. Can you talk about this? How does it perform?
  4. Does anyone happen to know if this is the same body (or very close to same) as the body sold with the kit? https://www.amainhobbies.com/tamiya-1-10-porsche-911-carrera-body-set-clear-tam51543/p-quaxqswahmzxactz?gclid=CjwKCAjwz5iMBhAEEiwAMEAwGO9mjuvYAEWycXX68CrdKxINvS3GucKAnuAUYYrV4g1ltEScDYrulRoCjykQAvD_BwE Thanks!
  5. @Willy iine Thanks for the reply. Yes, maybe 35mph is too fast... Maybe I'll aim for mid-20s and gradually increase speed from there. I used to be extremely rough on all my kits, but Tamiya is not that kind of brand... I think your idea of building it mostly stock and then modifying from there is a good one. I just wanted to ensure I had the parts I'd need in the future given how slow and difficult it has become to get parts. I enjoy making these older vehicles perform well without losing their character. I am optimistic about the Blackfoot. @Alangt4 Fair question. I might not need to go that fast. I did get my lunchbox into to the speed run list but only after a lot of crashes... I'm not going to be as hard on this chassis. @Frog Jumper Thank you so much! This is super helpful and valuable. It is great to get such detailed advice based on your long experience with the chassis. I will start getting a hold of some of these parts.
  6. Hi All, Finally pulled the trigger and bought a childhood dream kit, the Blackfoot. I always loved the way it looked. However, one of the reasons I held off for so long was that ultimately, it didn't seem like it drove very well, and while I don't need this truck to win races, or to jump over the house, I do want it to be reliable and drive well. So, the question for my expert forum members is: What else do I need to make the Blackfoot perform a little better, and to operate reliably? While I do appreciate folks who maintain 100% Tamiya vehicles, I'm quite alright with extensive mods, including cutting/drilling/changing the chassis and other major components. For example, I converted my Lunchbox to a 4-link suspension in the rear and a double wishbone in the front and I absolutely love it that way. So, for the Blackfoot, here's what I have so far: -MIP Ball Diff - I actually like gear diffs but I've read or heard that the MIP ball diff is the right way to go for this chassis -Lexan Landfreeder body (the one part of a Tamiya kit I do not like to modify/damage is the shell - I always swap in lexan runner shells) -Complete Ampro Engineering mods - battery tray, chassis skid plates, and conversion for the rear into a traditional vertical shock set-up Anything else folks would recommend? I plan to run a relatively mild brushless set-up, maybe aiming for 35 mph max, and I'd like to be able to take small-ish jumps (2-3 feet) reliably. Some specific open questions: -I've not seen a lot about the shocks. Are the ones included in the kit ok? Or should I buy a different set? -Based on online videos, it seems this chassis tends to wheelie a fair bit - anything to tame those (other than reducing the power input and driving slowly)? -I've read the turning is sloppy - is there anything to tighten it up a little? Thanks all!
  7. Bumping this back up - got some good ideas, made a deal a shell, but no new vehicles (yet). Make room in your collection (and potentially fund a new model!). Let me know if you're US based and want to move some of your models along.
  8. Do you have more pics in your showroom? If so can you link to it?
  9. Looks amazing! You're lucky to have that shell. They are to come by now.
  10. First off, yes brushless in general will give you lots more top speed AND runtime (at the same time, which is basically like magic!). Of course you need to select the right components. I was very skeptical of the 2-in-1 set-ups but then I ended up owning a few of them when I purchased some RTR cars. They have been very convenient and (so far) reliable. However, I don't seek them out or buy them on my own. There's not really enough benefit in my opinion in combining the ESC and motor. I prefer being able to troubleshoot each component separately. You can get a cheaper ESC motor combo which will be reliable and perform well, including the trackstar set-up @InsaneJim69 mentioned.
  11. James, I've ordered the Landfreeder body. Did you do anything special, or did you just hit the entire body with black, and then apply stickers? If you have more photos of your truck I'd love to see them. Thank you!
  12. I wouldn't do it for "investment" unless your idea of investment is the same as mine (I invest cash and I hope to get a return in "joy"). I think owning a vehicle like this might give you a lot of joy, and if that's so, then I'd definitely buy it. In general, whenever I buy anything RC related, I expect to get 50% of what I paid if I'm lucky. Once in a while things have turned out better, but in general, 50% is a good rule of thumb. However, I am happy with almost all of my RC purchases (sometimes you get unlucky on a bad seller, or a fundamentally bad product, but that's quite rare). If I were you, I'd ask "Will I get joy from owning this?" The answer for me has always been yes, but you'll have to make that call for yourself of course (I say go for it!). Also, I would *absolutely* run this if I were you. You don't have to bash it up, you can drive gently, but for me a big part of the fun is seeing a beautiful model in motion, operating according to its design, etc. If you don't want to run a vehicle, you can get a static model that looks better and cost much less.
  13. Terry, totally agree, that is the shell I most want, but it is either hard to find or impossible to find right now. I wrote to Parma to see if they are ever going to sell any more of those shells. James, wow! That looks spectacular. I hope you don't mind, but now I intend to copy your design part for part. That looks exceptionally good and scratches my itch for a Blackfoot. I can't use nice ABS bodies given the way I drive (brushless+lipo+heavy throttle finger). I need lexan shells that are readily available so I can replace the shells as they get worn out. I appreciate you sending the photo - as I could have imagined that the Landfreeder body would look so good.
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