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  1. Jason many thanks for 105 pages of awesomeness!! You brought so much enthusiasm and such a great attitude to the community. Speedy is a worthy successor.
  2. This is pretty cool. Can you share a few more pics of the underside of the truck, and the chassis? I am curious about the front-end. How does it drive?
  3. Missed this when you first posted. Amazing work. Do you have any vids of this running? How does it drive?
  4. Please do! Looks like some spectacular work. I am quite envious of your friend who designs you amazing parts like this one. Please tell your friend I'll be first in line to buy some aluminum parts if he ever wants to sell any. Would love to see the full description and hear your thoughts on how the various parts perform. The video looks great. I tried various methods to get limited slip action - heavy marine grease produced some limited slip action, but when it got flung around, it would create a lot of drag elsewhere. I tried the diff locked as well and found it a bit too much. In my other 2wd vehicles I use 500k diff oil, but I've never found away to capture any sort of fluid in a CW-01 tamiya diff. That would be an awesome project, though, and I can envision how it could be done....
  5. Sounds awesome! Please post some pics of the chassis. Would love to see it.
  6. Please do share a link to the steel gears if possible (I have a locker, as well as an aluminum counter gear - but would be keen to see the entire gear set in aluminum or steel). It is definitely crazy to put 6s in a Lunchbox but there is something fun about it. Everything that can fail, will fail, sooner or later (steering links will snap, tires will blow off rims - even the front ones!). Despite that, it is fun, and once you've done it, you'll probably be able to make the chassis perform quite well for anything you like. If you're going to do it, make sure you have the right kv motor - I was using a 2040kv motor. I used two small LiHV 3s packs wired in series (so the voltage was even higher than a normal 6s pack). If you're using an ESC with torque control or current limiting, definitely use that. I learned about that feature later, and it makes a big difference. In the videos about, I didn't have any such limits, so I had to be very gentle on the throttle to keep the tires on the ground. Good luck! Try to post vids or pics. Oh, another vid in case folks haven't seen it:
  7. Now that the TRX-4 is coming out as a kit, it might be time to build a solid axle MT based on a traxxas platform. There are portal delete kits from SSD available and single speed kits which would help with durability and simplicity. I would also get rid of the lockable diffs to minimize complexity. A bit of oil, if the diffs are sealed or sealable, would probably be perfect. Lack of diff tuning options is the number one problem I have with my mod clod. For chassis, some options would be: -custom fab with the included traxxas chassis - it just needs an extension for the lower link mounts. RCBros made such an extension to convert the scx10 to a solid axle MT, so that could serve as a template -aftermarket chassis - there are plenty from about $100 up to $250. The ACRC chassis is very simple and strong -smt10 plastic chassis - this is one of the better parts from the smt10 I like the idea of a well-supported platform with plentiful parts as the base for a solid axle MT.
  8. Thanks for all the great vids pics and tips!! Fun stuff. I need to give my lunchbox a wet weather treatment like some of you have done.
  9. I don't see a pic.... Unless you mean to say you don't like driving anything at all in the rain.
  10. Well, the weather is atrocious, so I'm curious what people like to drive in the rain. What's your favorite model for wet-weather use (rain, more than snow) and why? I never thought I'd say this, but wet weather might be a good reason to favor those plastic bushings over bearings... less to clean and maintain. Also: what preparation to undertake for wet weather driving, and what maintenance do you perform afterwards? Note: my ideal maintenance requirement is "leave it in the trunk ('boot', I guess) of the car for 24 hours" but I know that's not realistic
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to get my first-ever on-road vehicle (which, to hedge my bets, will be a dual-use vehicle that can still go off-road a little). Anyone looking to move a Tamiya XV-01 out of their collection to make room for something new? Other than the overall chassis and components being in decent shape, I'm pretty flexible on anything from a roller with no electronics all the way to an ARR with everything but radio (probably not worth buying/selling a radio). Let me know if you're located in the US and might want to sell off an XV-01. Thanks!
  12. What is the difference between this and the Optima?
  13. No way. Really enjoying this. These were the unobtainable icons of childhood. I saved for *years* to get my first RC (ended up being a kyosho optima mid). Please do continue to share. I love seeing these trucks and I also get to learn from your repair and restoration techniques. Thank you!!
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