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  1. I bought a used xv-01 and the previous owner had installed mis-matched rear suspension arms. One had toe in, one did not. I assume all your arms are identical, left vs right?
  2. For years I was worried about what sand would do to my vehicles (and avoided it) but I have found that if you are willing to stay away from wet sand, you might find there is no maintenance required at all after sand running. Certainly if you are lucky enough to have clean dry sand nearby, you will be pleasantly surprised. I have run dozens of beach sessions with under 10 min of maintenance after each session. Clean beach sand is actually less of a problem than fine dirt and grit. It just falls right off. I have track vehicles that are filthy vs the beach vehicles. I even run open gear vehicles as long as they are 32p. Sand just bounces right off the gears or gets crushed.
  3. Thanks!! That is what I wanted to understand. While it seems quite intuitive that lighter = more responsive, isn’t it possible to have a car be “too” light? Some additional weight might help increase traction, perhaps?
  4. Thanks to folks here I bought an XV-01 and it is indeed a lot of fun. I am sticking to on-road driving to really get a feel for the chassis. I ordered a Killerbodies Lancia Delta body which looks beautiful but is very heavy. https://usa.banggood.com/Killerbody-Car-Shell-48248-Lancia-Delta-Rally-Racing-Printed-110-Electric-Touring-RC-Car-Parts-p-1285841.html I am curious to know what people consider to be the ideal weight for the xv-01 chassis?
  5. Thanks! Perfect location for me ;) Much appreciated! I was starting to realize the part number might have been off. This is exactly the part I was looking for and hoping to find. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi all, I am rebuilding a used XV-01 and the little ball joint that fits into the front hinge pin mount is missing. I believe the part is NN2. All the sellers for the N parts tree seem to be overseas (I am in the US) and have very long wait times for shipping. Anyone know of an aftermarket supplier for this? Is there a different part from a different chassis that might do the trick? thanks!
  7. Agree with nbtmm. I recently got my first xv-01 and grass of any length (apart from golf course putting green) is a no-go. I am experimenting with Losi 1/14 Desert Buggy tires. They are just a bit taller and might help lift the chassis a little without causing too much body roll or issues with the driveshafts. But the car is fun on street and other hard surfaces.
  8. Big Jon, thanks! That's pretty heavy up front, although the gears are small so maybe something thick is needed to get some action. Thanks for the tips on the sway bars. Mine are in the mail. Superluminal, thanks a lot. I will get one of those ordered asap. They look amazing.
  9. Hi all, Getting my eBay xv-01 sorted. Regret buying used as the previous owner was not good to his RCs so a lot of the effort is undoing or repairing damage. Oh well. As context for the questions below: I am running a two pole castle motor, 5700kv, on 3s lipo, with the punch and torque and timing all turned way down. Yes, I do think 3s with a 5700kv motor is a bit high but it is what I have for now. On to the questions: 1. For primarily on road driving with small jumps and small imperfections in the road (transitions from pavement to sidewalk, or driveway to road, etc) what should I use in the front diff? A spool, a one-way, a diff locker, or just some silicon diff oil? I am inclined to go with oil as I am most familiar with that approach but I have read a lot about the other approaches in other threads on xv-01s. 2. For best cornering performance, should I use the standard shock set up, or go for long damper plus sway bars? Based on my initial drives with the standard setup, the car was rock solid through extremely fast and hard turns - never even came close to rolling over unless there was a very large physical interference. So, with that in mind, I wonder if I could do even better (in terms of turning) with a little more suspension range and body roll, along with sway bars to tune the action. At present, if I *never* come close to traction rolling then perhaps I am leaving some traction on the table, so to speak. 3. Rear toe in - how much do you use? 4. Weight balance - has anyone measured front to rear balance? I ask because I have found that my tiny 2200 mah 3s lipos deliver ample runtime, but they are clearly much lighter than what the chassis was designed to accept. The already light rear end is perhaps much too light at this point. 5. Are killer bodies made of lexan? Are they as good as they look? Thanks all!!
  10. That is what I would like to build next, but I don't have access to any tracks near me... so is there a chassis that can deliver really exceptional (physics-defying) corner performance *on normal streets* that are not prepared in anyway? The streets near me are not filthy or even particularly dirty, but they're 'streets' so of course they have dust and grit and so forth. I am working on tuning an XV-01 right now... we'll see how tightly I can get it to turn.
  11. Tamiya Heavy Dump Truck (GF-01 chassis). Turned out to be an incredible overall package of design, appearance, driving characteristics, etc. A child in the family was adamant that he wanted a dump truck, so I was forced to overcome my objections and go with it. I was not keen on any aspects of the kit: heavy plastic body held way up high, integrated gearbox/chassis with plastic gears and no slipper, friction shocks, strange aspect ratio, etc. Now that I've built the kit and driven it, I am a believer. It is an amazing design. It has been maintenance-free under extremely harsh conditions (example: a 5-yr old who doesn't understand that he should let go of the trigger when the truck is stuck against an immovable object). Driving characteristics are not only wonderful for a child (very forgiving, tight turning radius, ample traction with 4wd) but even enjoyable for someone whose fleet includes Tekno race truggies. After a few months, I decided to throw a full brushless set-up into the dump truck, and even that worked beautifully. I am still astonished that everything is in good working order after sand, surf, water, dirt, and brushless+lipo power (3s no less). Now, I have of course reverted to a normal motor (still brushless, but extremely low kv - 1700). I actually wish my "big kid" buggies were as maintenance-free and durable (with their commensurately higher power) as this vehicle. Fantastic vehicle, and all the more so because I expected it to be a glorified toy-grade truck. I think this is one example of what Tamiya is the very best at producing - something that delivers more enjoyment and smiles than more expensive, complex, or powerful vehicles.
  12. Amazing run. Can you talk about your modifications? Not looking for any secrets (don't own that chassis) but just curious about how you solved various problems (stability, aero, etc etc). If you're willing to share, I'd love to see more pics of the chassis. Looks like you did a lot of work to get to this speed. It is not easy to break 100 mph (even 85 mph) with such a small and light vehicle, and live to tell the tale!
  13. nbTMM - thanks! Great tips. I will need to tear it down and inspect carefully for wheel alignment - it tracks straight and is responsive/crisp when I turn normally - it just kicks way out to the left when I punch the throttle. Will keep looking for the issue. I also tried punching it in the air, and the servo seemed fine. Thanks lowspot. I think for now, I will reduce power (not sure I've ever said that before!) and aim for a rally style set-up. I am ok giving up the speed runs (had that bug a few years ago, and got my spots on the speed run list). Big Jon, it might be too much power. I am going to drop down to finned 540 (i.e. a 380) brushless motor to see how that goes. I am still experimenting with which lipo to use. Surprisingly, some really small lipos from my 1/16 vehicles (an 1800 and a 2200 mah 3s) last quite a long time. I think they might actually be too light... I'll need to break out the scale to see.
  14. When I bought this car, it came with a very old 2-pole Castle motor. The motor in the picture is newer, maybe 2 years old. Both were fine. So I can’t say if there is some even newer version of Castle motor that doesn’t fit, but the two I tried fit with no problem.
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