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  1. Have you gotten a chance to drive it yet? Looking forward to hearing (or seeing!) how it drives.
  2. Very nice! I assume all that blue bling (carriers, hexes, etc) are aftermarket? What brand are those?
  3. This vid of a grasshopper with a flipped gearbox might be interesting:
  4. I have a second set from the original guy who made them, which I'd be willing to sell. Drop me a PM if interested. Be warned, it is ridiculously expensive.
  5. Your video in your other thread looks great. If you are so inclined, perhaps you can do a build thread on your lunchbox. Did you do anything special to the gearbox in terms of suspension set-up? It looked like you were getting pretty good acceleration and traction without excessive (any really) wheelies. Awesome work! I totally agree with you how fun the "Box is when upgraded properly. As far as I'm concerned, what you have done is make the Lunchbox work the way I imagined it would (when I was little)! So perhaps this is how things are supposed to be...
  6. This is so cool. Can you show some pics of the gearbox and how you mounted the outrunner? This sure does set to rest, at least for me, the question about whether an outrunner can handle sand.
  7. Haven't tried earbuds, but the silicon diff putty that Tamiya offers (small strip of very stick black stuff) is astonishingly strong and provides a lot of resistance. What I like about it is that it tightly binds just to the small spider gears, so the diff is mostly empty, except for the putty clinging to the gears in the center. Very simple and very clean. Takes some effort to remove, but probably on par with other solutions.
  8. GONE No longer available. Some of my recent kits have come with a lot of extra parts. Here's a collection of new, unused parts (chassis rails, knuckles, body posts, hexes, shock bodies, bumpers, lots of parts I don't recognize), free to you, posted anywhere at your expense. I trimmed a number of these from the parts trees to make it easier to see them and ship them. Note: please calculate shipping from California, USA to your location to figure out costs. Approximate box dimensions are: 12x6x6 inches, and weight is less than 2 lbs.
  9. Something is definitely wrong. I have 2 of them, and they are incredibly quiet. I am sure you've checked on these (but sometimes it helps to just work through the list): -- spur/pinion mesh - with a slip of paper in between -- belt tensioner - should not be all that tight (this took me some getting used to). Just a few mm below the top-most position. -- screws that hold the spur onto the top shaft (these are pretty short, but if you accidentally grabbed the standard screws used almost everywhere else on the car, they'd potentially rub the gearbox) -- beyond that, are both the pinion and spur spinning true (i.e. not wobbling when viewed edge-on)? All in all, when everything is sorted, it is whisper-quiet.
  10. Thanks. Did you need new driveshafts / dog bones too? I assume so. Just trying to get the full list of parts to go wide.
  11. Radiolink 6 channel. I took a chance on it because the build was for a younger family member, and so far I have been very impressed with it. https://www.amazon.com/Radiolink-Transmitter-Receiver-Crawler-Drifting/dp/B07DPNNTWT
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