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  1. Hi All, I think the Alpine Jagermeister version of the M-06 chassis is really sharp. However, I want to see if it can accept a mild brushless system, and get some real power down to the ground. I found with M-05 that even a slightly hotter brushed motor resulted in way too much power, and as a result, I'm not enjoying that chassis as much. It is very pretty to look at, but the overall speed is just too low. I do see a few youtube vids with M-06s going pretty quickly, but thought I'd check with the experts. Can this chassis get power down to the ground in a useful way? Thanks!
  2. Any tips on how to line up the body over the mounts to get the hole locations? I have a new body sitting over a completed chassis but getting the hole locations just perfect has been quite tricky. So far I am still fiddling with bits of tape and other hacks to try to get the alignment perfect. The body posts are quite tall so at this stage the body is floating several inches above the chassis which makes the task of aligning things even harder (at least for me).
  3. @toyolien Thank you! Beautiful pics by the way! I turns out there is a right way and a wrong way to install T2. I had gotten it upside down, which meant it could just slide right off the the pair of T6 parts. After fighting through my overzealous application of threadlock in the steering posts, I was able to get everything disassembled and fixed.
  4. Hi all, I've finished assembling my XV-02, but there's one part (steering rack) that I must have gotten wrong. I figured that what issue I had would somehow get resolved in a later step of the build, but now that I'm done, the issue is still there. I'm hoping some of you experts can help me out. Here's the step that I'm have trouble with: Once completed, this assembly will be installed upside down (relative to this diagram). So, the MA12 bearings are the only thing that hold the steering rack (T2) onto the two arms (T6). However, the way mine has come out, the T2 part can just slide down. The bearings do NOT hold it up. Now, realistically, the entire thing hangs together, and right as assembled in my car, it is "working". There's not really a lot of force pushing T2 downwards, so it hangs in there (there is some amount of friction in the vertical direction). However, if I apply pressure, it will indeed come down and slide off T6. Clearly, that can't be the way Tamiya designed it, so I must have done something wrong... however, these parts don't really go together backwards/upside down. I have little choice but to take it apart and perhaps start over (for this assembly) but I figured I'd ask in case one of you ran into any difficulties on with this part. Thanks!
  5. Wow this is an awesome list. Very helpful!! Def some parts I am going to order. Thank you for sharing!!
  6. @Juls1 Thanks! What sway bars are you using? I haven't seen any so far... but that seems like an important option.
  7. Hi All, My XV-02 is now in my hands, but I'm holding off for a minute to get some hop-ups. Which of these hop-ups would you select, and why? https://www.tamiyausa.com/blog/hop-option-parts-xv-02-rally-car/ My usage will be mostly on the street, with a little driving on grass and dirt. I won't be using the vehicle as a true rally vehicle (no space near me). From the list above, I'm leaning towards the following: front spool: for improved cornering on asphalt surfaces center gear diff: so I can find a good compromise between on and off-road performance (vs say the stock spur) and so I don't need a slipper What else would you select?
  8. Awesome, thanks @Juls1 !! Great tips. Curious what hop-ups you've selected and why. New thread over here to discuss:
  9. Hi All XV-02 arrived today and I am going to get into the build asap. I am looking for some inspiration on body choices. I am a little tired of the standard Lancia Delta Integrale look, so hoping for some pics of your favorite rally shells. My painting skills are in the “slim to none” category so I am limited to bodies that come with proper sticker sets (I am willing to buy stickers separately also if they exist). Pre-painted bodies are ideal but choices seem very limited (and mostly repetitive). I can handle shooting a single color or maybe a bit more if it is pretty easy. My car will be a very light-duty mostly on-road vehicle with a bit of dirt or grass driving (not a hardcore rally vehicle). Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.
  10. Hi All, I love the 45th anniv TA-02 but there are a few wrinkles that make it a challenging vehicle to own/update etc (wheelbase, offset wheels, etc). Are there aftermarket wheels and tires that are similar to stock? Or, I want to keep the original stock tires for display purposes. For running, I'd like to use something that easy to procure and easy to replace. Does anyone know what the offset is for the wheels? I'm guessing approx 8mm (to go from the stock TA-02 width of 185mm to the TA-02sw width of 202mm. Thanks!
  11. Well, you *can* go fast in a grass field, but you'd probably need a non-Tamiya vehicle to do it. Here's some inspiration if you need it (based on a vehicle that is pricey but otherwise easy to get - and setting the link below aside, you don't need to do much more than build it per the manual to get astonishing performance). https://www.teknoforums.com/threads/my-slow-truggy.176/
  12. Wow those are so cool. Did you make the stickers yourself? I love the way the windshields turned out. Looks like you used a white abs plastic body there. No reason a lexan body would not turn out similarly, except for the chrome and detail bits which aren’t quite as well defined in lexan. If you are feeling an itch for another project drop me a DM. I have a shell on hand. Regardless thanks for sharing those pics. Awesome and creative design. Your sense of fun is a great match for Tamiya models. The reason I have not found a painter I like is that most of the usual RC paint guys are doing the same alien / tribal race buggy designs all day. I suppose those folks do have the skills to do other designs but I lack the creativity to give them good suggestions.
  13. Lunchbox shell (lexan). I was hoping to see a painter’s portfolio and just pick something from there as a starting point. I don’t have a specific concept in mind. I do have a box art shell so no need for another one of those. if you have any ideas or pointers please send them my way. Looking for inspiration.
  14. Hi All, I'm terrible at painting, so even creating box-art is a hassle for me, but forget about more advanced beautiful designs. Not happening. Does anyone have referrals to a US-based painter whose work has been very good? Looking for someone who has done work for TC members. Thanks!
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