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  1. Hi All, I am looking for a painted rally body for my xv-02 (which I've modded slightly so it has body mounts in the same place as the XV-01). Flexible on style / color, just looking for something nice, and ok if the body is lightly used (not looking for a trashed body, but doesn't need to be pristine either). Located in the US (california) and willing to pay fair / good prices. Please PM me if you've got something you'd sell. Thanks in advance!
  2. Wow this is incredible! Are you doing your bounce tests with your battery installed? That's a big component in terms of weight, obviously. I have a mod-clod that a guy built for me and he used 20wt oil in the shocks which surprised me. I'd suggest going *softer* for all shock components until you get some real damping. So - lighter oil (why not just go straight to the limit and try 10wt), softer springs, more holes in the pistons, and shocks arranged to give more leverage to the axles (usually moving the lower shock mount away from the axle by an inch or so, and then moving the upper mounting location even further towards the center of the truck for proper angles). This is less scale-looking than some other designs but might be easier to tune for now. Once you feel like you're getting some actual damping action, you can see about tuning rebound and other elements. The tires obviously play a very large part in these kinds of trucks. The badlands you have installed are potentially harder/stiffer than the clod-style tires people often use. You might look into softer tires once you feel like the shocks are actually involved in the dampening. Then you'll need to evaluate not only tire carcass stiffness but also the foams. It will take some effort but given the *beautiful* truck you've designed and built, I am sure you'll succeed in very short order. Amazing work!!!!!!! I am also keen to hear how the PETG holds up for you.
  3. I have an LMT also and I run it on 2s for the kids... So the ESC, despite the 3-4s rating, does function on 2s. I don't have the proper connectors to test this out (LMT is on XT90, the few NiMHs I have are on xt60) but I've run many of my vehicles on both Lipo and NiMH with no trouble. The only issue is ensuring that the battery cut-off setting in the ESC is in the proper mode (Lipo vs NiMH). If you use the NiMH setting on a Lipo battery, you will over-discharge the Lipo. I don't know what happens in reverse, as I've never done it. However, no need to test this, just use the right setting EDIT: using the lipo setting on NiMH will just reduce your run time (as your ESC will enter LVC prematurely), but won't damage anything. https://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/rc-car-general-discussions-179/10435598-running-nimh-lipo-mode.html Edit #2: Here is what chatGPT told me when I asked the question:
  4. Hi All, looking for a kind TC member who is fluent in Japanese. This video shows some phenomenal jumping performance with the addition of a small spring to each shock (effectively creating a two-stage shock). I can't read any of the commentary in the video listing, or the comments the creator added to the video. I would be very grateful if someone who is fluent in Japanese would take a quick pass through the video and perhaps jot down the key points...
  5. I have a confession... although I do love Tamiya, and although this is the Tamiya Club forum, the actual vehicle for this build is.... the Arrma Fireteam. The child in question already has a G6-01 (King Yellow trim, but with portals - he calls it BusUnstoppable), a Gf-01 Dump Truck, modded GF-01 with Kumamon Bear, and various other Tamiya vehicles. The Arrma Fireteam was incredibly cheap over Thanksgiving, so I'm going to gear it down and run it on 2s (aiming for 15 mph tops). Stylistically, though, I want to remove all the Arrma madness and re-make it in the spirit of a Tamiya vehicle (properly fun and quirky). So, if seeing this behemoth of a vehicle (14 lbs in weight, almost 2 feet in length) inspires any further ideas, please keep sharing!
  6. No. Xv-02 has a very narrow chassis under the suspension arms and a totally different steering geometry. It has one issue of binding between the center driveshaft and the servo mount but that is a quick fix.
  7. Awesome thread!! Great summary of lots of rally options. I have a hard time imagining a front-wheel drive vehicle doing well as a rally chassis but I take your word for it (you clearly have lots of experience). Could you share some thoughts on what it’s like to drive the FF-03 compared the the xv-01? I have three of those so those are a good reference point. Thanks!
  8. Great suggestion. I do have a 3d printer and I’d love to try this out. If you have design files you are willing to share please do! thanks - awesome mod that you created!
  9. Love it. Awesome ideas. Maybe have an addition guy at the roof with a roof turret.
  10. If anyone else suggested a water gun, I'd have been skeptical, but I've seen your builds, so I bet you could rig one up! I was thinking about a nerf gun... Pretty bulky though. I'm not seeing compact solutions. This will be a medium speed rig with very soft/gentle turning action. I'm sure he'll figure out a way to flip it over but that should not have very frequently. Yeah, I appreciate a lot of Traxxas features (their latest mini crawler is quite good) but the self-righting via anger (awesome description!) is not my favorite. I'll just do the walk of shame.
  11. Happy Holidays everyone! I'm planning a build for a youngster in the family (age 8). He isn't old enough to care about the sheer driving performance of an RC, and of course he has no appreciation for vehicles based on nostalgia like so many of us, but he adores "special features" that he can activate using the transmitter. So far, I have one vehicle which has a number of triggerable lights, and he absolutely loves flicking the lights on and off using a switch on the radio. I am looking for TC's creativity in coming up with more things I can add to a standard RC which will be delightful and charming for kids. Some ideas I'm considering: -driver figure head that rotates along with steering (wouldn't require additional channel - would just follow steering) -smoke machine which he can toggle on and off -door that opens and closes -ability to play a sound (siren, or vehicle appropriate noises) -lights that can turn on and off (already have this - this is pretty easy) I am thinking of bringing all this together under a Police theme... I'd be keen to hear your creative ideas on functional or mechanical features that would be delightful for a small boy. If you have pics of things that fit with this (i.e. a 'function') or just cool design ideas that kids would like, I'd love to see them! Thanks!!
  12. Thanks for all the advice everyone!! Much appreciated.
  13. @alvinlwh thanks so much for your help. Yes I have been following those instructions. As far as I understand, the esc allows me to enable “forward/brake only mode” or “forward/brake/reverse” mode. I cannot see an option to change the direction of the motor rotation such that “forward” = counter clockwise rotation (assuming default is clockwise - but it doesn’t matter what the default is, I just want the opposite of whatever is default…) So far what I have been able to do is reverse the throttle channel from the transmitter, but really that just means I am driving in reverse all the time when applying forward throttle as far as the ESC is concerned. Forward throttle does not actually = forward ESC signal as it currently stands. I know this because in the ESC, if I switch from “forward/brake/reverse” mode to “forward/brake”, I lose what I consider to be “forward” movement (but what the ESC considers to be reverse).
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