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  1. 👍 Luffield for me this year and taking my 9.y.o boy with me for his first. Doesn't look like we're getting any rain on Sunday thou... 😔 Also dug out my old phone for GPS, all being well I'll get my first speed run done tomorrow night, so long as Little Mix don't cause as much traffic on the bridges as Cold Play is.. **** happy concert goers interrupting my evening commute! 😁 @El Dougo where did you get that perfect tt02 tub sized 3s from? I can only find side or end leads?
  2. Hi @Pumpkin2 Loadsa guys on here use tble-02s, so sure they'll be able give sound advise on what runs well with it.. As @Rb4276 says, metal gearbox is a good investment and stops the crunching of the ring gear under load.. Personally I would recommend Lipo to be a consideration also.. Best thing I ever did, power is constant, stronger and for much longer. I've only sensorless, can't comment on the difference to sensored, but don't have any issues other than the mildest of stutters from a standing start.
  3. Not so worried about grip, more so destroying them on the first run.. Never even seen a set, pictured them being really soft.. What's 37sh? Compound or brand? Thanks
  4. I just wanna double up @Jonathon Gillham comment.. Been watching this thread for months now, fair play to all the entries! Just need to make a contribution myself now! Building up to my entry, finished all my metal gearbox upgrade and chucked in my 25t pinion alongside the 64t spur and went for a test run yesterday. .. After only a minute or two found my next limitation, tyres ballooning (not quite as bad as @Wooders28 mind! 😲) Max temp of 47c seen, dropped to 43 (max is bottom right of screen) by the time I got my phone out tho... 2mins later the pictured tyre ripped, only cheap combo mind... Any recommendations for decent rubber guys? I don't fancy running foam as I like drifting around too.. Thanks...
  5. I've got the Absima CR3P... Really cannot fault it, I don't have any other radio experience other than my original 90's stick ACOM, however it is faultless for my bashing. Multi vehicles, digital adjustments for end point, trim, curve etc.. range is further than I dare test it to, light in weight, but feels strong enough to comfortably give the wheel firm instructions... Yeah I'd recommend it and the CR4T surely can only be better..
  6. Me and my boy bashing the bugs! 5 mins before the motor gave out on his Jackal as mentioned elsewhere..
  7. Oooh.. Sorry fella, did I just touch an McLaren Orange nerve? Hahaha... 👍 Pffff... TBH i'm still sulking with that rock.. Gonna be a few days before I can look it in the "groove" again and even consider creating a keepsake outta it! Think the scar in the prop is quite a nice momentum mind... Not replacing that until it gives up itself!
  8. Always struggled with overheating in my TL01.. Melted both the original chassis and a lightweight.. Pic of the melted lightweight.. Really recommend the carbon gear shafts and high speed gearing set. Them in association with a brushless and bearings resolved the heat issues for me..
  9. Decided to inspect the TT02B damage from two runs in the last week.... Just when I think I've achieved a pretty reliable ride, I get two random war wounds! How do stones always seam to get into holes half the size of themselves??? Proper tight in there! Both prop and stone were worn, but still touching!? And then I managed to shear a drive cup somehow? Quite a thick little piece of metal to snap, but still managed it! Think I might approach McLaren Honda F1 for some reliability tips..... 😂
  10. Thanks for the comments chaps, totally sure the motor is working harder with the LiPo, the speed and noise it's making is amazing, poor little thing is screaming along! I'll post a video later from the 130c run before it gave out.. He also stripped the spur in our run last night so gonna get a new alloy spur and the husky smaller pinion in one go.. Think then we'll try the husky wheels again to see where we are with it.. We're probably just pushing it a little too hard...
  11. Cheers @GregM,somehow totally missed your post earlier! Yeap that answers part of it, need the smaller pinion to start with.. It still run hot during our bash, let him take it up to 80c before stopping for breaks.. It's really shifting with the Lipo so maybe that's what's causing this heat.. Plus he's 9, don't grasp the concept of throttle control yet, its just an on and off switch to him!
  12. Valid points regarding the gearing due to the wheels, I'll do a little research on the husky gearing to see if there is any difference, it's only a tiny 12t pinion on it already thou! Binding.. It is nowhere near as loose as my TT02B without the motor in it, but still doesn't feel overly tight.. Checked the rear gearbox on the weekend and was spotless.. Will check the front sometime soon also. Bearings in the wheel hubs, but don't know anywhere else. I'll check later.. Going for a bash in a bit with motor no4 and the smaller original wheels, can't remember if the overheating started before running the big wheels or not... All the parts on the official Ripmax site state both Husky and Jackal, yet the only pinion available is named for Husky only.. Maybe they are different sized then? I need to look into that also then... Ta folks.. 👍
  13. I'm really pickled with my boys Ripmax Jackal overheating... Any ideas what's going on? Standard silver can and electrics, alloy dogbones, prop shaft and dampers.. He's gone through 3 motors recently, the last one died on it's first run, recorded 130c via an IR thermometer just before it gave in with a puff of smoke accompanied with a right stench! This latest run was with a 2s 1800mah LiPo, however the last two motors died with standard Nimh, so don't believe it's purely the LiPo, it was only 7-8 mins into the run... Only other mod is larger wheels from the Ripmax Husky, which from my understanding is exactly the same setup, with these larger wheels and a different shell only.. Pics of the wheels for reference to size change.. Think I'll try the old wheels and check temps, but is there something else I could check? Thanks all
  14. Fitted shiny new GPM Dampers.... However, must say I am a lil disappointed they didn't click straight onto the ball connectors like the originals... 😑
  15. Peeing and chips comes to mind! Fair play, that's a better example of how to jump a tt02b! My racing buddy is on a stag this week and i'm waiting on new shocks for me and a LiPo for my boys 1/18.. Next week we'll be out again... I've now got a benchmark style to beat, I've not got the nuts to chase that height on tarmac thou!... 😊 Launch ramp - air gap - landing ramp is what I wanna try next....
  16. Hahaha... Know the feeling, i'm banned from using the PayPal & eBay accounts until payday after a splurge... Almost got busted the other night browsing, but managed to deflect the bollking by saying I was looking at adult content! 😉
  17. I use 4mm bullets with 3300Kv brushless and 2s LiPo, without any problems at all... You'll be fine.. 👍
  18. You've gotta share at least 1 picture you got James... Spot on to Williams F1! 👍
  19. Ok ok.. Not exactly the biggest jump ever seen... 😁 My first ever bashing involving a ramp, building up to getting air gently! Think we can afford to make the launch ramp a lil bigger next time....
  20. My Leopard ESC is 60a/90a burst.. Can't see on the paperwork how many turns the 3300Kv motor actually is?... I did have so major stuttering issues with mine a few months after buying so changed the motor for the GoolRC one which didn't solve the drive. In the end whilst i had the bug on the bench trying to figure out what the problem actually was, I saw a big splash/spark come from one off the gold pin connectors. Changed the original 3mm square pins to 4mm bananas and solved the stuttering straight away. The originals felt tight whilst connected, but the males had no real springy-ness.. Both only used with 2c LiPo
  21. Working up to it Jas! Missus has just had a phone upgrade, so got a potential gps ready, I've just gotta convince her I'm not going to destroy it.. Seed has already been sown! 😉 For years now i've been dodging kerbs and this has been on my doorstep typically!.. Google maps shows my "little" playground in more detail, you can see the white crossing the bugs were posing on just above the lake..
  22. Subsequently hit the one tarmac scar in the whole place, which I've been skipping over for a few visits now and thinking "I need to ease off for that", but the urge to jump off it always getting the better of me.. 5 mins max into the first LiPo and i go tumbling off it, at full chat and clean snap in half an adjustable upper arm... Well annoyed with myself now.... Pfffff.. ☺
  23. Went out to my local haunt and took a photo of the TT02B with my boys Ripmax Jackel in our planned speed test location.. Locked gate so always empty! Its a overflow car park for the Celtic Manor Resort here in the UK. The carpark continues over the crest on the horizon, really massive with a lil decent (every little helps hey?). Couldn't believe my luck when I first found it!
  24. Always thought I was stick only, but after giving up on them in favour for a cheap wheel 2.4ghz found out acts actually quite natural once i got used to it.. Wheel gets my vote. 20yrs on/off chasing hobby. UK
  25. I've got a 5200KV 4Pole version but not run it really hard, buggy kept falling over with loose screws and chewed gears while it was in it.. It did feel really quick once moving, but not massively punchy down low.. But again I was being gentle trying each latest repair.. It does have a funny "whine" to it, which kept making me think I'd chewed something else! For the price though, it's a flier! I'm running a similarly priced Leopard Combo 3300KV, probably less top end but feels more punchy and suited to my highish gearing.. Leopard came with a programmer card also..
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