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  1. Been looking for a while, does anyone have or know of a DT-02 Neo Falcon 1/10 Kit for sale- or already built - any help is appreciated - thanks! Tamiya ITEM# 58401 Neo Falcon
  2. Sounds good, would like to order 2 of these setups for the Monster Beetle 2015 in BLACK - thanks!
  3. Yeah, I really like that last design that goes all the way around the bottom - got 2 beetles in the pipeline that will need them when you are satisfied with your design - really impressive work there!
  4. I recommend you cut up , clean and dry some plastic soda clear bottles , and try it out on them - gives you an almost exact look at the final product- Larger bottles work better, but any size will do- Enjoy! post some pictures maybe when you get it done?
  5. Seems legit, I only ran a stock can back in the 80s and it took a couple of months to start clicking - and I will only be running brushed sport tuned motors on the new one, so it should be groovy. Let me know when you get it finalized, and will be happy to order 2 of them for my 2 beetles waiting to be built- have a great weekend!
  6. Good post- for me, I enjoy and prefer the classic Tamiya experiences of building these kits- through the super detailed instructions books, to painstakingly cutting the bodies, smoothing the dges, putting the tires together ( the smell of these takes me back) and getting to look at and admire the finished little vehicle. I am not looking for hi-performance out of these kits - I am getting enjoyment of the experience of building, running and repairing them, very casually - not trying to break speed records or show everyone how much better my car is than theirs. In a word, Fun is why I get the re-releases , and just enjoy them. Hope everyone has a great day!
  7. Having trouble finding a source for a Hot-Shot body in the US - or a falcon body reproduction - Does anyone have any links or directions? I saw them years ago, like Team Blue Groove, but they only have 2 Tamiya bodies now on their website. I know MCI racing is selling the stickers, but looking for just a few bodies Any help is appreciated -
  8. Saw a tip on a different forum - but cut some clear plastic soda bottles up into halves and try out some coats and back coats to see which you like better - can mask off sections even, will give you a better Idea how the body will look once you are done -
  9. Sounds great! black will go with anything, but could use red too - thanks for getting this going!
  10. Sounds good to me, will need shipped to Texas, but Paypal is good - just a question that may be silly - but I assume these have been tested out on the Beetle or equivalent and hold the differential pressure during driving? I know that is what the one from a few years were stated to do, just want to make sure - also, do you have any estimated timeline for a shipment timeframe? Also, is the plastic color final or is there any variance? thanks again, let me know when you can! cheers
  11. Falcon is my favorite kit from Tamiya, great to hear you are getting it ready to run again. The design made the car very brittle in the front to begin with, and now the plastics are all 30+ years old, compounding the issue. I found some hope from a Youtube channel called Ampro Engineering - (Search Ampro- Falcon on youtube) they have 3D printed some replacement parts for the falcon, redesigned the front end and year arms- along with the battery mount/shock tower. You should check it out, the guy sells the parts, and they are a bit pricey - but if I ever plan to run my falcon again, I will be getting the front end chassis re-enforcement for sure. Let us know how it goes, always good to hear from another Falcon lover.
  12. Would be interested in 2 if these are made Thanks
  13. Wanting to dive in and do a brushless motor upgrade on a Tamiya Lunchbox - I am in the US and I have never used one, so need some suggestions on which motor/ESC to get and any advice on fast charging, battery size and what would result in a faster car without breaking super fast. Thanks for any info you have -
  14. Hope you are all having a good day- question about what wheels/rim combos work as replacements for Tamiya buggies, like the Sand Viper , Dark Impact and Novafox. Possibly a Hot-Shot or Boomerang. I got some Carson wheels about 4 years ago, but I cant remember where or the specifics - living in the USA right now, having a hard time finding Carson All Terrain sets. I have 1 set unopened, but want to do a 4 wheel replacement on the Dark Impact and have a few sets for future builds. Any links / article / videos or info is greatly appreciated Keep on drivin!
  15. Just on the off-hand chance, does anyone have or know where I might acquire one of these oddball buggies? A few years ago, I saw them and should have grabbed one, but here we are. Let me know if you have any leads, thanks for your time
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