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  1. Something to consider, for affordable, upgradable, and good terrain choices - are the DT-02 and DT-03 platforms The Sand Viper is great off-road , has tons of upgrade potential - and with some all terrain or street type tread tires, can do asphalt really well - Welcome back, take your time and enjoy - really is a wonderful way to spend your free time. Let us know what you get - g'day
  2. The Dark Impact , I just like the way it looks, a lot - and was not able to get one when I wanted it , but have on now so I can build it this winter - i know there are some engineering issues with the dogbones and shock travel, so I want to make sure it does not throw out the drive shafts when I am running it . One really hilarious thing I did with my first Hornet back in 1987, was put the Monster Beetle tires on the rear end, and jump that thing at full throttle in the un-paved street - wow, I am surprised it held together after that. The Hornet was my first Kiit as a kid- I just love the poor thing. It runs like ****, but man is it tough. I wish I could race around here, I should try to set up my own track somewhere here. Back yard is not quite big enough. Have a great week!
  3. Greanie Cool to hear it, yeah I just want a place to drive around, bash and have fun - some racing is fine, but can't be the " 1000 dollar kit " vs my 200 job - would need to be stocks - Good to hear from someone else - What kind of kits do you have or like building? And where do you get your kits from? I use Tower Hobbies (horizon now) and just found Hub Hobby , they don't have a discount setup like Tower, but hey, they have the Fire Dragon, and Dark Impact in stock - and that was enough for me. I do like the Comical series, but have not ran any of them yet - I know they are top heavy, but they are just too awesome to look at. I have a comical Hotshot I plan to build before Halloween, and hope they keep making them.
  4. Hey everyone, I am dying out here - no one sells anything Tamiya, and I do not know anyone else around here who is into the off-road Tamiya kits - Is anyone here from anywhere near Odessa/Midland Tx ? or anywhere near Lubbock, San Angelo or Austin? Lonely Tamiya fan out here, with no tracks to run on Let me know, thanks for your time
  5. Mine is : Falcon - just do it! Super Hornet Striker Fast Attack/Wild One Madcap Bearhawk Wild Commando Just put them all out, you will sell them -
  6. Nylon accepts Rit dye very well , but alot of these parts are ABS - and dye will not take normally. I have seen some people use Acetone with the rit dye/water mix, but the results are still not stellar Look up some videos on DYing ABS plastic and judge for yourself - I always use a piece of the spare plastic holding the parts together in the kit to see If they parts will dye or not. Sometimes, we just have to accept paint if possible. Good luck!
  7. Old Tamiya builder here - The first Hornet I got back in 1986 , I painted with the old Tamiya brushed on Lexan paint - and I know they discontinued it - I stumbled on the Proline Paints on Amazon for polycarb bodies, that comes in a liquid for your airbrush machines - Has anyone tried brushing this on inside a tamiya body? I think it would make it tons easier for the roll bar portions and such instead of masking the whole body for 2 little spots - Please comment if you have any experience with any brushable solutions outside of very old leftover bottles of the Tamiya paint. thanks!
  8. If I am making a shelf model- it gets at least the stearing servo, and maybe the speed controller - always put in a motor as well - in case It needs to step down as shelf queen and get dirty with the rest or gets a new owner- If I run it, I run it - how much depends on how much fun it is and how much damage it gets - older models will stay shelf forever, like my Falcon. I really love building and painting them. Great times
  9. I can't seem to find any info on what wheels in which kits are ABS vs Nylon - does anyone have any source or info? I have read that the Hornet/grasshopper/Frog wheels are ABS, and cannot be dyed - and I found that the Manta Ray wheels I have would not take a dye - But saw a video of top force wheels being dyed , along with some other brands - and I have dyed the yellow dampers off many kits - so any info would be great thanks!
  10. We can only hope - most suppliers are estimating mid/late august for many of the kits- but that might just be that, an estimate- I keep checking AsiaTees and RC Mart since they are in china/Hongkong/Japan area, and should get stock first - we are in a severe Tamiya draught right now - it stinks
  11. Found myself really loving the comical buggies this year - i have one of each right now. Just wondering, how you guys feel about them , and what (if any ) are you hoping they may introduce next? I hope they put out 1 or 2 a year , there are so many they can make . Let me know, and if anyone has any info from inside, please post it - thanks and have a good day!
  12. Been looking for a while, does anyone have or know of a DT-02 Neo Falcon 1/10 Kit for sale- or already built - any help is appreciated - thanks! Tamiya ITEM# 58401 Neo Falcon
  13. Sounds good, would like to order 2 of these setups for the Monster Beetle 2015 in BLACK - thanks!
  14. Yeah, I really like that last design that goes all the way around the bottom - got 2 beetles in the pipeline that will need them when you are satisfied with your design - really impressive work there!
  15. I recommend you cut up , clean and dry some plastic soda clear bottles , and try it out on them - gives you an almost exact look at the final product- Larger bottles work better, but any size will do- Enjoy! post some pictures maybe when you get it done?
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