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  1. Body clips are present I believe the msc is original and In good condition, although the mirror is missing
  2. What's in the boxes are parts for the other 2 cars and some cheetah parts The msc in the box is for the tyrrell
  3. I've had this quite a while and I have no idea what it would sell for And not sure what the other cars are
  4. Open to offers Selling as untested due to not having any time to test, so I cannot guarantee that they work (takes up space and moving house) Ask for more pictures and I can email, as they are too big to fit on the post UK based **update, all the servos pictured worked one of the savox servos does make a whining noise but it turns and both brushless systems work**
  5. That'll provide the power for pulling, but will it put up with low speeds?
  6. Hi What type of motor and Esc do you guys and gals use in your trucks I want something more steady and realistic speed wise
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