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  1. Put the model up on Ebay, link to it is in the first post!
  2. Not too sure what its worth really, only thing I could find for price reference is an eBay listing for one that was already built and kinda beat up that was going for about 600 USD, so I was thinking maybe 700 or more for it? Don't know what people are willing to pay for it.
  3. Hey there! Recently found an old Porsche 935 turbo r/c model still new in it's box. The box it's self is kinda beat up but everything inside is still in its packaging and untouched! I did some research on it and know it's a rare and valuable model, because of that I would rather sell it to some one who would really want it for their collection. I'm located in Boston, MA Link to a gallery for more pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/8acaVGkzTrpheocx9 You can make an offer for it here or private message me. Model has been put up for sale on Ebay! If there's anyone interested in it you can check it out here. >> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Martini-Porsche-935-turbo-58002-/112473651042?hash=item1a2ff3b762:g:lvYAAOSwvPRZYBdL
  4. Yeah I can understand why they would be cautious about this, but would love to sell it to someone and see them build and post pictures of it. If only it wasn't worth so much I would have loved building it myself and racing it around.
  5. So I've never sold something like this, any advice on where the best place to do so is? Would like to get the most I could for it, will help with the down payment I'm about to make on a new car lol
  6. Im starting to think I made out like a bandit, found the same model on eBay but it was already built and kinda beat up, was selling for $640
  7. Lol that's how much I paid for it at the thrift shop last week. Got 2 other Tamiya models there too, both motor cycles.
  8. I think if I tried building it I would butcher it lol. Defiantly would want to sell it, how much would it go for?
  9. Here's another pic of the box https://goo.gl/photos/31rC2CEKUmVh1jgeA
  10. Hey thanks for the replies, I looked into it abit and it is the 58002 I believe, it's all still new in the box . Posting a pic of it below https://goo.gl/photos/GW7LtrHo7s48Pvmm7
  11. Hey guys! So I'm still pretty new to model building and have only done balsa planes so far but recently found a Tamiya Porsche 935 Turbo. Was told they're pretty rare by a friend so I don't know if I should build it or not. What are your guys thoughts?
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