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  1. Never mounted - does anybody know the make of these?
  2. I was also sponsored by MG motors from '88-'93 so have a collection of their hand-picked team motors from that period. Can't be many MG Brown Dots about in this condition. Plus many others.....
  3. Oh and this to go with it, a ceramic shaft armatured Race Prep modified motor.
  4. NIB AYK Pro Radiant kit, plus some NIB AYK BOOST wheels and a used but undamaged and super-rare Race Prep optional saddle pack chassis upgrade.
  5. Hi all, I am after a pair of Meteor long from wishbones if anybody might be able to help? I would be happy to buy a complete car if it has the correct parts, as I could also do with a LWB chassis and a spare pair of driveshafts. The main item is the front wishbones though. Good money waiting. Thanks Mart.
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