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  1. I'll be going mostly by the manual as my guide. The first hop-up that I couldn't use for TCS were the Techra suspension arm mounts (#112001263,#112001264,#126001269,#126001270). I'm mounting them to the TA07 Carbon Reinforced Lower Deck (#54745) These mounts are great... they have a very low roll center.... you don't have to buy a bunch of mounts for each setting...just use the inserts to change your toe setting. I used the equivalent of F for the outside rear and the split mounts set to B for the inside rear. The inserts are marked with dots ranging from 1 to 5. So to get F for the C/D/E/F/G mount you use the 4 dot insert with the dots orientation to the outside. If you flip the inserts the other way I guess you can achieve more settings. Also be aware the Techra hinge pins are slightly shorter than the Tamiya pins so I'm not sure if they are interchangeable. I used the TRF 418 carbon reinforced suspension arms (#54569) and 5mm hex head connector for stabilizer (#53906). Since I will also use the TRF Ball Nuts (#42231) for the dampers I install 10mm M3 set screw for the damper mount hole on the arms. I make sure to leave set screw length of 5mm sticking out of the arms. I also added some very nice titanium droop screws from AVID (AV1635).
  2. I had started buying a bunch of aftermarket hop-up's to my TA-07 only to find out that they are not legal for TCS....duh. So looking at everything I had in spare parts and the other manufacturers hop-ups I decided to buy the rest of what I needed to build a whole new car from the ground up. I'm just going to post my progress and which parts I used for the build if anyone is interested.
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