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  1. Wow - that looks like a beauty and lot of fun to build! Clean and well engineered! Love it! And the Motor fits/matches perfectly! Great job 🤩
  2. Orange suits very well! Usually not my color of choice...but have to admit, that I love this one!... allways wanted the Clod... My X-Mas gift (35 years ago) was the Midnight Pumpkin... was happy too...but still wanted that Clod
  3. Opened a delivery today…ordered this motor for my Egress BE…lets see when he‘ll arrive! Hope this year 🥸 any experience with this motor:
  4. Nice job! Love the Poster 🤘🏼 Sooner or later you will have to open the shop…or make a museum! When I‘m near…i need to stop by!
  5. Later in the day had to clean my Mid and took the occasion to switch some silver nuts with some nice black ones on my Avante BE 🤩 pic: on the steering
  6. Went to the local Pumptrack again… this time with my Optima MID! Had a blast (bad shots…Bad light.. my younger son was on the camera - no blaming at all - he did well!)
  7. Today I took another try and went to a local Pumptrak and tested my Avante BE. its super to handle… but as I realy don‘t wanna crash or scratch it, I really took it super easy! The Suspension was way too soft… so I couldn‘t send it too hard - bC i didn't want to ruin the Ground-Plate. but still…had a good time. And my younger son could cruise around withy my Bugsy and even made him fly a little!
  8. Hello there and welcome! sounds like fun! Enjoy the build!!! Such a fun hobby! Keep us updated
  9. Thats so impressiv! I slowely get the feeling that you are Mac Gyver!
  10. Oh Boy! What an amazing Buggy-Collection!!! Super sexy
  11. Oh noo! Sorry to hear…happy to hear it didn’t end as dramatic as it looked! Looks like fun with those fallen leaves 🍁🍂 Great Pics as allways 🤩
  12. How about a Lancia Rally? After seeing @Ferruz Beauty… i want one too 🤣
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