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  1. I've opened the unpaid item dispute now. I don't hold out much hope of this chap paying, even if I waited a week. I also get the feeling he might be "trouble" - one of those who receives a perfectly good item but finds something to moan about to try and get money back.
  2. I've sold a few bits and bobs on eBay this week. One auction finished yesterday afternoon. 24 hours had gone by with no payment received so I used the eBay "send payment reminder" feature to give the buyer a little nudge. After I do that I get a reply asking if I can wait a week for payment. My reply is roughly "I don't want to and not sure that I can as I think eBay cancels unpaid sales after 48 hours. Besides which, when bidding, you knew when the auction ended and payment would be required". His reply to that is "ok if eBay don't cancel then I will pay in a week". To be honest that made me a bit cross so my reply was "no, I don't want to wait a week. If payment isn't received and eBay don't cancel the sale then I will. I will also report it as being unpaid" Awaiting a response to that. Now I have to admit, I'm not sure what the deal is with what eBay does if someone doesn't pay after 48 hours. I need to go and try to find out. The annoying thing is that, before the auction ended, the guy messaged me to ask a question. He could have also asked then if I'd wait a week for payment if he won the auction. Am I being out of order anywhere here? Anybody else had a similar thing happen? Or know what the eBay process is?
  3. I've found a cycle shop that is only about 10 miles away. Didn't know it existed before now. Their full service price is bang in the range @Howards suggested at £110. I sent a message through their website and the chap responded already and reckons it might be able to be sorted on one of their lower priced service packages. So I might well get them to look at it. By the time I've messed about getting parts etc it probably wouldn't be far off their price. Plus they know what they're doing!
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately I don't know of a good bike shop near me. The ones there were closed a few years ago. Just Halfords left as far as I'm aware. Certainly on the brakes, the adjusters at the lever end are fully wound in. The front cable needs loosening as those brakes are binding. Rear brakes seem ok but perhaps should be loosened at the brake end so I can have some adjustment at the lever. Part of me wishes I could find a modern equivalent of the Raleigh Montage I had as a kid
  5. @Grastens thanks for the info. I hadn't thought about new cables. I kind of thought that as they hadn't had much actual use they'd be ok. Probably does make sense to replace them though. Do you know if these will do the job? Brakes - https://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-road-and-mtb-brake-cable-set/ Gears - https://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-mtb-gear-cable-set-with-stainless-steel-wire/
  6. During my recent lockdown clear out I "excavated" my old bike from the junk in the garage. The bike is a GT Aggressor 2006 model. Nothing flash, was cheap at the time. I used it a few times shortly after I got it (in 2007). Since then it's been stored either in my parents garage or my garage. It's in quite decent condition considering it has been neglected. It needs a clean and some oil etc. The tyres are probably shot so I've got some new ones on order. But that's as far as my bike expertise goes. The gears seem to need adjusting, as do the brakes, but I haven't a clue where to start. Also one of the rubber caps/covers on the front suspension fork has perished and I don't know whether that is something crucial. I'm just thinking of getting it usable again so I can use it for a bit of exercise. So, anybody who knows about these things, have you got any advice or guidance for me?
  7. @jonboy1 you've got an email about this one
  8. They are mostly the same. Body mounts are different, wheels and tyres are different. In the original releases Blackfoot had friction shocks and Monster Beetle oil filled. The re-releases both have oil filled, although the plastics are different colours - yellow for the MB and black for the BF.
  9. Nothing Tamiya related, unless you count listing a few things on eBay to make space in my newly organised hobby room. Did think about selling the set of Juggernaut wheels and tyres that I have for my TXT-2, but I can't decide whether to or not.
  10. Most of them came from Tesco but they are by Wham (nothing to do with the 80's pop sensations though as far as I know). They do various sizes, I have a mixture of lower profile (32 litre I think) for buggies and taller ones (can't remember the size) for King Yellow, Lunchbox etc. I also have another, in-between, size that houses a Wild Willy 2 quite nicely. There are also a couple of Keter (I think) "crocodile" boxes that my Monster Beetle and Blackfoot live in. In one of the pics, on a lower shelf, are some IKEA Samla (70 litre I think) boxes that are nice and low profile but big enough to hold 2 buggies side by side. If the sides were vertical instead of slightly angled I think I could get 3 buggies in them.
  11. Not just today but over the last couple of weeks or so, I've reorganised the room I keep my cars in. I've added some shelving units and a nice big workbench. I didn't take any "before" pictures, mainly because it was barely possible to get in the door! Now it looks like this... Still a bit more sorting to do and some bits to sell off but at least now I have somewhere to work that isn't a fold up table.
  12. Ooh I think these might look nice on my CC-01 Hi-Lux Extra Cab. But I'd only need 4, and as I've not opened the box yet I'm not even sure what size wheels it has lol
  13. Funny enough, I ordered some very similar racking from Amazon myself last week. Put it together last weekend and am quite pleased with it so far.
  14. Well the definition of "finish a build" might be a bit fuzzy. A more accurate way of saying it would be "Typically, when I get to a point in a build where I don't need to go back in the box. E.g. I'm at the body painting stage..."
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