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  1. And a late October release date (for the UK at least)
  2. A sure sign of lockdown fever. No doubt you've got them all nicely lined up in size order and grouped by shades of gold/yellow plating 😂
  3. I'm tempted to dip a toe into the world of 3d printing but I know nothing about it. Have found myself looking at the Ender 3 Pro on Amazon for around £250. Would that be a good starting point? Any other recommendations? Most likely I'd be dabbling in printing RC parts, possibly also some little bits and pieces for the kids. What sort of filament should I be looking to use?
  4. @paullyjay I'll take it if still available please
  5. I think the last issue I received was the May one. That was after I'd received an email (or seen in FB) to say they couldn't get it printed but it would be made available digitally. I just had to email in and they replied with details of how to view it. I never got round to looking at it online, then a couple of weeks later a printed copy dropped through the door. Inside was a slip saying that because if COVID-19 they were suspending production for the time being and subscriptions would be extended by however long it was suspended for. Not heard any more so presume production is still suspended.
  6. Big box from Time Tunnel Models with a pair of Mavericks inside. A Strada DT and a Strada XT for my lads plus a couple if Absima receivers so they can use their existing transmitters instead of the ones bundled in the boxes.
  7. Because they don't like the colour. Especially of the Mountain Rider because it's not been painted yet!
  8. Yesterday ordered a couple of "bashers" for my lads. Went for a Maverick Strada DT and an XT. First order from Time Tunnel Models. Went with them as they give you the option for them to remove the included (rubbish) battery and charger from the box in return for money off.
  9. A big box from Tamico containing a Mountain Rider kit and a Terra Scorcher kit as parts backup for my other Terra Scorcher kit.
  10. Just had a Robbe ro-safety XL lipo vault delivered. I've had a regular sized Bat-Safe for a while, that I kept my few lipos in. Now that I have more lipos (and will likely get more in the future), I'd outgrown the capacity of the Bat-Safe. Looking for a Bat-Safe XL they were either out of stock or discontinued, depending where you look. However I stumbled on the Robbe ro-safety which seems to be a rebadge of the Bat-Safe. A bit more poking and I found the XL version existed and found somewhere with it in stock. Should have plenty of lipo room now and I'll use the older Bat-Safe to charge in.
  11. Took my Kraton for its maiden run. Only on 4S because I'm not a lunatic! Kraton ran fine, no issues other than lack of driving skills. But I didn't get to find out how long 2x 5000mah 2S packs would run for. My boys brought their cars along, Mad Bull and Super Hotshot. The Mad Bull did what a Mad Bull does - took everything thrown at it and kept on truckin'. The Super Hotshot didn't dare as well. Within 5 minutes 2 of the screws had fallen out of the bumper and vanished. We were in a grassy place with nothing much to hit so the bumper was removed completely. 10 minutes later and my lad is in floods. The bottom ball joint had ripped clean out of the front upright and both front driveshafts had disappeared. I think the SHS will have to be shelved and kept for the track. My other lad is also disappointed that the Mad Bull doesn't jump. So I'm on the lookout for a couple (boys are twins so I can't just get one) of relatively inexpensive RTR bashers. Of course both boys want a Kraton but that's not happening!! I've been looking at the FTX Carnage 2.0, although one boy quite likes the BSD Prime Assault and the other took a fancy to the Maverick Strada XT. I know nothing about any of those brands though so don't know how well they are put together.
  12. This morning I fitted a couple if upgrade parts to my new Arrma Kraton. This afternoon visited my parents and my mum told me my dad had brought a load of stuff down from the loft. Hoping to find my original Blackfoot body I had a look through. Alas, no Blackfoot body but there was my vintage Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and Y-Wing. A load of He-Man figures with Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain. Also tucked away in a box were these... Mini F1 Williams FW14 and Mini 4wd Avante 2001 and Black Special. Both Avantes have the one-way roller wheels with foam tyres.
  13. Had one of these delivered today. Took almost 2 weeks from rcmart. Looks a nice piece. Not built the Terra Scorcher yet though so can't say any more than that.
  14. Will add some pics when all my expected deliveries have arrived. But, so far today, DPD have delivered a Futaba 7PXR radio from MB Models and a SkyRC D260 charger. The charger I ordered from hobbyrc.co.uk yesterday. Hadn't used them before but quite impressed with the speed of service. Waiting for FedEx with a Kraton, Royal Mail for some odds and ends and Modelsport to actually ship some other bits, including batteries for the Kraton.
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