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  1. Peter_B

    Lazer ZX restoration finally complete

    I've just done a deal for one of these. They're the only Kyosho model that I've ever had an interest in. No doubt I'll have lots of questions once it arrives.
  2. Peter_B

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I've done a deal to buy an example of the only Kyosho that's ever held any interest for me - a Lazer ZX. From what I've seen it looks in pretty good condition, so shouldn't need much doing to it. I know nothing about Kyosho cars though so I'm sure plenty of questions will be asked
  3. Peter_B

    Strange Servo Behaviour.

    Does the TEU-104 have built in BEC? I'm sure some of the Tamiya ESC's didn't have it. In which case, the servo might be getting more voltage, from a fresh pack, than it can handle.
  4. Peter_B

    Bullhead steering issues

    I have a clod and a txt-2, both setup for 4ws. Clod is with a single servo, with a longer servo horn. Txt has the standard servo per axle setup. I don't get the turning one way, as you describe, with the clod, but it does have a tendency to crab a little.
  5. Peter_B

    Bullhead steering issues

    Don't know about the pulling left but to help the rear steering you could mount the rear steering link further in on the servo horn, so that the rear turns less than the front.
  6. Peter_B

    For sale, egress parts

    Do you have the shocks?
  7. Hello mate, I'm good thanks. Hope everything is ok with you too mate. I did consider a BZ as I've seen quite a few mentions of them in here, but having no experience of them I didn't know how suitable they'd be. I've got a few brushless motors on hand - from 17.5T to 6.5T (that would be a bit much I think) so I might order a 20t pinion and do some experiments before investing in a BZ (have a spare TBLE-02S I can test with in place of the 1060).
  8. My lad had his first run with his King Yellow today. He loved it but did express some disappointment that it was a bit slower than his Mad Bull and so wouldn't jump (Mad Bull doesn't either). It's currently built box stock, with the addition of bearings and a Quicrun 1060 ESC. So it's a silver can with the kit 18t pinion and running NiMH batteries. He is only 5 so I don't want to go too insane with speed. Likewise I don't want to be putting lipos in it. So what is the way to go in order to gain a bit more speed and grab some air? I've got a couple of 17.5T brushless motors kicking about, but not sure if that would be enough oomph. Obviously I'd have to swap the ESC to go brushless. Or I could stick with the 1060 and put a hotter brushed motor in it, but what one?
  9. Peter_B

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Seeing as the stars seemed to align - weather reasonable, me being off work and boys being off school - it was finally chance for my boys to have a go with the Super Hotshot and King Yellow that they got for Christmas. Both cars ran well although it was only about 10 minutes before the SHS wing was wrecked. Although it came with a couple of splits in it so I didn't expect it to last forever. There was a bit of disappointment that the King Yellow wasn't fast enough to jump. So the shopping list is a repro SHS shell and wing, a 20 tooth pinion for the KY and maybe some brushless power for the KY. I'm.not sure what level of power to go for though. I have a couple of 17.5T motors knocking around but not sure if that would be enough of an increase.
  10. Yes I've been getting it all day.
  11. Peter_B

    txt-2 agrios parts

    How's the Castle SCT combo in the TXT-2? That was one way I thought of going.
  12. Interesting. Saves time setting up and putting away I guess.. My local club is pretty much run what you like, certainly for club nights. I run a Speed Passion 10.5T, with a Speed Passion Reventon Pro ESC in my Cougar KF2 SE. I know a lot of the top guys run hotter motors, 6.5 or so. But being a new returnee to racing, drivability is more important than out and out speed for me at this stage.
  13. Are you sure they don't lay carpet down in the sports hall? I know my local club do and the carpet is high grip.
  14. Peter_B

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    It was indeed in the UK and was Although the offer was only running until midnight and they sold out of kits before then.
  15. Peter_B

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I happened to see a post on FB about a site that is selling the Top Cat Classic for about £155. A few minutes later I seem to have ordered one. Oops! Good job the box for those is quite small compared to a Tamiya kit.