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  1. Very nice! The FW14 and T93 Lola are 2 that I would love to have on a shelf.
  2. I haven't been on for RC related stuff since before Christmas. Do I get a prize?
  3. Well I've put my name down to pre-order one
  4. For screws check out Team KNK. They do full sets of stainless hardware and importantly they have the right degree of countersinking for the RC10. They are US based though and the shipping price they quote on the website seems expensive. But when they ship they refund the difference between what you paid and what it actually cost to ship. At least they did when I ordered from then. There's also the risk of import duty etc but you do get plenty of screws.
  5. @Mad Ax maybe you should put the source for your web app up on somewhere like GitHub? Then maybe we could get a community project going from it.
  6. I've bought a set of Jazrider ones for my re-re Boomerang. Not fitted them yet though. I went with those after @ThunderDragonCy said he'd fitted some to a DF-01 and not had any issues.
  7. Were there any pictures with the article? Which issue of RRC was it in? Anyway your Astute won't need a servo sitting on a shelf
  8. I think I have some of those on the Super Sabre I bought last year (and haven't looked at since). It's certainly got adjustable arms fitted and I'd wondered what the origin of them was.
  9. It was only one at a time, and several days apart
  10. Mostly this week I have been missing out on things on eBay. Missed out on two Terra Scorchers as well as some other odds and ends
  11. Just seen from Tony's Tamiya Parts that the Top Force Hi-Caps are getting another run.
  12. I'm sure that, in the not too distant past, I saw somebody say they'd bought a set of Traxxas (E-Maxx??) shocks for a decent price. My search-fu is failing me and I can't find the post. So who was it? And more importantly, where did you get them?
  13. Anybody have any thoughts on the different ones linked to in the previous post?
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