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  1. First day of a half term holiday in Weymouth. Popped into one of the best toy shops I've seen for years - Howleys in Weymouth town centre. They had 3 Tamiya kits on display. Comical Hornet and Grasshopper as well as a Super Storm Dragon. All quite high priced compared to other places though. Conicals were at £165, Dragon was £145. Still quite tempted to pick one up though. As I forgot to bring anything to do once the kids are in bed. Mind you, I have no tools with me so wouldn't get very far with building anything!
  2. Ah yeah, I don't think programming would work at all with both escs connected to the programmer at once. You'll probably have to program each ESC individually. In which case, if there is a reverse rotation setting, you can set it for the ESC that needs it.
  3. Depending on the ESC, there might be a programming option to reverse direction of the motor.
  4. Racer is still going in the UK and usually available in WHSmiths. Although production has been suspended for the last few months. It is supposed to resume production next month I believe.
  5. I don't know about the smell but I can remember the squeak of the polystyrene as I unboxed the Hawg I got one Christmas. I only had the Hawg for a couple of days as my parents thought it was faulty because, after charging for 14 hours, the battery would only last 5 minutes. So it got returned to Toys R Us.
  6. Probably right. Chances are it'll probably get sold before I get to do anything with it
  7. The Super Sabre body I ordered from Penguin arrived today. No picture because it's a bodyshell in a bag so there's not much to see. But it seems perfectly fine and includes the lower wing section which is an improvement over the TBG version. Now, other than decals, I'm all set for when/if I get round to doing anything with the Super Sabre! Edit: After posting, having mentioned decals, I suddenly had a vague recollection of ordering some Super Sabre decals. A quick search of my emails shows I did indeed order some from MCI a while back. So they should be stashed away somewhere, meaning the only thing I lack before sorting the Super Sabre is motivation!
  8. Was the battery properly charged? If not, try it with a fully charged pack.
  9. Saw that Penguin bodyshells now do a Super Sabre repro - complete with the lower wing piece - so ordered one of those.
  10. Oh dear. That looks poorly. Was the BMX track in the vicinity of a farmer with a muck spreader? Bet you wish you'd kept it in a plastic box now don't you? 😋
  11. No, I'm not having it. Who are you and what have you done with the real @jonboy1?
  12. Whack a bit of aluminium tape or something on the body, in the area of the motor, to protect the paint from scratches etc. Am taking note for when I get my Durga out of the box and fit electrics in. Although I might well fit a Speed Passion motor (that has the connections on the end bell rather than at the side like yours) so hopefully wouldn't have the same issue.
  13. Is there another set of mounting holes on the motor that would allow it to be rotated 90 degrees? If there is you would then be able to shorten the motor cables.
  14. I think you should let me have that shell so that my Durga can look at home beside the TF
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