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  1. Peter_B

    Brushless ESC for vintage racing?

    To my knowledge, there is no regular vintage racing in my area. I'm doing 2 of the Iconic RC events - the Revival in July and the Schumacher Challenge in the middle of June. As far as I know, there are no rules controlling which motors can be run. I certainly don't have any aspirations of keeping up with the fast guys. I'm just after some thoughts on budget-to-mid level escs that will cope with the motors that I have available.
  2. Guys, for those of you that dabble in a bit of vintage racing what brushless ESC's are you running? In the coming months I'm intending to race my Boomerang, Top Force and Procat in some vintage events and am not sure which way to go ESC-wise. The Boomer currently has a TBLE-02S wired up to a Speed Passion 13.5T MM motor. The Top Force has a Trackstar Sportsman ESC with a Speed Passion 13.5 (non MMM) motor. The Procat is currently in pieces, but might well end up running a 10.5T motor. I don't want to go too mad in terms of motors but I might want to go to 10.5T in the Boomer and possibly 8.5T in the Top Force. I'm not saying I will run those kinds of motors, but I would whatever ESC's I run to have the capacity to handle them. I do have a couple each of TBLE-02S and the Trackstar ESC's spare but, the TBLE-02S is only rated for a 13.5T, could go to 10.5T if I fitted a fan but I think I'd be at the limit. Likewise the Trackstar specs say the max is 13.5T in a buggy. TBLE has next to no programming options and the Trackstar is limited (has punch and brake adjustment but no timing). Again, I might not use any programming features but it would be nice to have the option. My current thoughts are: Hobbywing 10BL120 - I have a couple of these already, and have the programming card, seem fine for bashing not sure about racing. Reasonably priced Trackstar GenII 120A - no experience of these but the specs seem ok plus I do have the programming card (same as the one for the Sportsman ESCs). Almost twice as pricey as the Hobbywing. Hobbyking X-Car 120A - again I've no experience of them, but they're cheap, seem to have a decent reputation and use the same programming card as the Hobbywing. Anybody have any thoughts on those? Any suggestions for anything else? Hobbyking do have the Trackstar Turbo 80A listed on their site, which I know a couple of people here have used, but they currently don't have any stock. Obviously there are also "proper" race spec options, but they are a fair bit more expensive than these ones and seeing as I need 3 that kind of rules them out. The other concern is that the first even is only a few weeks away so I can't really take a risk on anything coming from too far overseas. So UK (possibly EU) availability is a must.
  3. Peter_B

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    A set of Schumacher CAT Spike tyres for my Procat. A Cat XLS Pro transmission and alloy front diff housings, also for the Procat. No doubt, now that I've got those last 2, offers of spare pulleys for the original transmission will flood in!
  4. Peter_B

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    I can't confirm but I did see a post on FB the other day where somebody said that Schumacher and Associated 48dp spurs fit.
  5. Peter_B

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    For a start that front right tyre is on backwards For the camber issue, there is some rubber tubing in the kit, think it's used for the shocks. Cut a couple of 5-7mm ish lengths of that and put them on the front shock shafts (well screws really), so they sit between the head of the screw and where the screw passes through the chassis.
  6. Peter_B

    For sale: Tamiya scissors

    @53HRA scissors arrived today mate. Thanks
  7. Peter_B

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I think I might get me one of those.
  8. Peter_B

    Ever have those days..?

    Experience a few instances of this myself recently. First, I'd bought a second hand ESC and hadn't noticed until it arrived that the motor wires had been cut rather short. "No matter" I thought, "I'll just unsolder those and solder some longer one sin their place". Out with the soldering kit, strip the heat shrink that was covering the connection posts on the ESC - just to confirm that I could actually unsolder them. All good to go I look for some blue, orange and yellow 14awg wire - but I haven't got any. Could have sworn that I had but ended up having to pack everything away whilst I waited for some wire to be delivered. Next was my efforts to refurbish my old Procat racing machine. It had been sitting in a box for the last 25 years or so but should have all been complete. Whilst stripping it down for a clean, I realise that the plastic bar that is used to help tension the main drive belt is missing. I have no idea where it has gone or even how it has gone. Looked, and appealed, for a replacement. Finally found a chap who had a NIP set of front diff housings available, which include the required bar. So I did a deal for those. Whilst waiting for those parts to turn up I thought I'd set about reassembling some of the rest of the car. I got as far as step 3 when I noticed that the 2 drive pulleys from the rear transmission are worn and not really usable in anything other than a shelf queen. More searching and appeals for some replacements have so far been unsuccessful. In fact, I've abandoned the search for the pulleys and gone and ordered the Cat XLS Pro transmission upgrade, which will solve the pulley problem. However, the pro upgrade includes a new front diff that is apparently larger than the original so requires new front diff housings. So I've also had to order some new housings but that means I don't now need the vintage ones I sourced earlier.
  9. Peter_B

    For sale: Tamiya scissors

    I'll have a pair please - pm on the way
  10. Peter_B

    Vintage racer

    One thing to remember if you get a vintage RC10 is that you will need imperial sized hex drivers if you haven't already got some.
  11. Peter_B

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Started to reassemble my Procat. Didn't get very far as I found the layshaft pulleys were worn, where they meet the drive pins, giving them a lot of play. On the lookout now for some replacements, can't do much without them.
  12. In the quest to refurb my Procat, I've discovered that the layshaft pulleys are worn, where they sit on the pins, so there is a fair amount of play in them. Does anybody have a spare set of layshaft pulleys for the Procat (or Bosscat, I think they are the same)? Used is fine as long as they still fit tight.
  13. Peter_B

    Any tips on improving Boomerang steering?

    I find the Boomer steering to be fine, if you keep things clean and moving freely. It might not be on par with later models but it is way better than my lads Super Hotshot
  14. Peter_B

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Stripped the Procat shocks and put the parts through the ultrasonic. Getting them apart was easier said than done, struggled to get the circlips out that hold the seals in. Quite impressed with the seals though. It's approx 25 years since the car was shelved and all of the oil was still in each shock. Ordered a couple of rebuild kits though, as the diaphragms have gone a bit hard and, despite keeping the oil in, the o-rings could do with being replaced. Now just waiting for some deliveries before I can start rebuilding. And I need to find the tensioning bar, or source another one.
  15. Having stripped my Procat I've found that I have misplaced the front tensioning bar. Does anybody have one knocking around?