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  1. Bit far away from me for collection 😁 Have sent a PM
  2. Could well be interested in the Farm King and maybe Super Storm Dragon. Whereabouts are you mate?
  3. Just had this turn up, thanks to Racecraft RC
  4. Revival entries submitted for myself and my two boys. Don't know if they'll actually want to race when the time comes. They've never driven any cars on a track before and I haven't even got cars for the classes they've entered yet!
  5. A few people in this thread seem to flat pack the boxes - what's the technique for doing so?
  6. Not directly Tamiya related but I did some sorting out in my RC/hobby room. Have listed a couple of old game consoles (Dreamcast and 3DO) on eBay as a result.
  7. Yes that's it. I don't think Mardave are in Leicester these days - I think Norfolk rings a bell. Still of UK origin though.
  8. Speak to @LongRat he made some alloy ones.
  9. Built it?? Are you mad? 😁 No it's still in the box (be quiet @jonboy1). The Cobra was originally released in the early 90's. I think 92 or 93.
  10. I guess the answer to all of those questions is - Yes. It's a re-release of a vintage kit that includes some more modern updates. The kit can be built as a modern type, mid-motor chassis with a cab forward body. But it can also be built in the original rear motor, rear cab layout. The kit includes both the new cab forward body and one in the original rear cab design.
  11. Try DMS Racing. They have Golden Years in stock according to their website (I just ordered a set myself).
  12. Spent half an hour or so supervising one of my boys (aged 7) repairing his Super Hotshot that got broken in the summer. One front upright needed to be replaced as the lower ball joint had pulled out and stripped the thread. Both front driveshafts needed replacing as well. One was understandably lost when the upright broke, but the other just fell out! For his first time "on the spanners" he did well. Only thing left is to reattach the bumper, which also came off in the same run but I had forgotten so hadn't ordered any screws.
  13. Modelsport are always pretty reliable. As is Tony's Tamiya Parts. Never had any issues with MB Models either. Bought a couple of things lately from Racecraft RC and have to say the service has been fantastic. I bought my VQS from there because of a great price. Whilst chatting to Adie about the order I mentioned that my lad was after a kit to build himself but wasn't sure which. Adie made a couple of recommendations and when the VQS turned up he had included a bunch of Tamiya promotional stuff for him to look at.
  14. This arrived today... I wasn't going to get one, and had actually cancelled a pre-order for one as I thought they were priced too high. Then I saw that Racecraft RC were selling them for less than £300. So I succumbed. Added the catalog to the order just because.
  15. I bet they wouldn't ban all dogs from the park if somebody slipped on some dog doings, that hadn't been picked up, and hurt themselves. What if the dog had been ****htened by a bike on the bike track and caused the owner to fall, would they have banned bikes? Surely any dog owner with any sense of responsibility would keep their dog well clear of something like a bike track, would they not? I feel your anger mate. The country is going to the dogs, it really is (pun not intended).
  16. That sort of thing doesn't happen to them if they are nicely tucked away in plastic boxes 😜
  17. They did. There are 2 bodies in the box. The Evo one and the old one.
  18. This turned up today... A Mardave Cobra Evo. Number 3 of the first 50 kits sold.
  19. Placed an order for a new Mardave Cobra Evo kit.
  20. I'd second a Mad Bull, but with a 60-70t crawler motor. The Mad Bull is as tough as nails and the crawler motor will keep speeds sensible. One of my lads started with a Mad Bull when he was 3 - he's now almost 7 and I haven't had to replace or repair a single thing.
  21. Visit to Bovington Tank Museum. Looked up whilst having a coffee and saw this across the hall...
  22. First day of a half term holiday in Weymouth. Popped into one of the best toy shops I've seen for years - Howleys in Weymouth town centre. They had 3 Tamiya kits on display. Comical Hornet and Grasshopper as well as a Super Storm Dragon. All quite high priced compared to other places though. Conicals were at £165, Dragon was £145. Still quite tempted to pick one up though. As I forgot to bring anything to do once the kids are in bed. Mind you, I have no tools with me so wouldn't get very far with building anything!
  23. Ah yeah, I don't think programming would work at all with both escs connected to the programmer at once. You'll probably have to program each ESC individually. In which case, if there is a reverse rotation setting, you can set it for the ESC that needs it.
  24. Depending on the ESC, there might be a programming option to reverse direction of the motor.
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