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  1. broke out the gold lunchie for a couple packs worth of fun!
  2. I have a question. Do you think diff putty would stop the clicking, since it would change how the diff works as opposed to the printed gear box braces?
  3. I soldered up a bunch of Anderson "powerpole" connectors.
  4. I only collect Tamiya "wheelies". I'm at 20 right now.
  5. You beat me to it. The wheels I was trying to remember are these HPI 2.2 super star wheels. I have a dozen of these in black and they come with adapters which work on old Tamiya's, as a direct bolt on. I bought mine from Tower, but I did a quick search and ebay has several sets for sale right now. Tower does not show HPI in the listing... I suppose they stopped selling that brand for some reason. Either way now we know the brand so its easy to search online for them. Here they are on the HPI website https://www.hpiracing.com/en/product_category/W10S
  6. I'll reply tomorrow with some more info on the 2.2 wheels for your beetle. I have some at home that are a direct bolt on for old Tamiya's without any wheel bearing drama. But I can't remember the brand right now. Hopefully I saved the packaging to get a brand name for you. But I know I bought them from Tower Hobbies.
  7. I buy a lot on ebay and at Tower Hobbies. If you go 2.2 wheels/tires there's tons of assortment in that size. I prefer the Pro-Line brand. https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI0297p?C=CJ
  8. I bid on a Tamiya Toyota Land Cruiser GF01 on ebay.
  9. Ran a couple packs in the ole Jimny. The little guy is a lot of fun!
  10. Read my previous post. I quoted my hospital, where I work at, and I quoted my local news in my previous post. I have no opinion about anything beyond my truth that I shared. Another tidbit of my truth, I just got my walking papers today because my hospital has lost 95% of its business since covid happened. I was given 2 weeks notice effective Monday from no business. We literally have 1000 empty rooms in the hospital because there's no patients to fill them. Here, covid is not what they claim it to be on the news. My hospital is empty and hurting for business.
  11. I got my twentieth RC today ...I FINALLY got a Wild Willy 2!!! Since I will soon have a lot of free time I'm making it 4wd with a GF-01 chassis.
  12. The hospital that I work at, covid is no worse than common flu. The people who show symptoms here generally already have health issues. The covid only adds to what they are already dealing with. Those with little to no health issues never have any serious problems from it. So based on my daily work experience, its all news media lies and propaganda about the claims of it being this "infectious killer". Our death rate is well below the claimed numbers said in the news. Here, those numbers are virtually identical to common flu.
  13. Where did the headlights come from? I'd like to buy a set. Thanks edit - love it in green!
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