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  1. So maybe I need a better name? 😜 Introducing: Tongue Depressor Crawler Track!!!
  2. Vintage Tamiya Porsche 935 Martini advertising for a friend https://www.ebay.com/itm/266643396635
  3. It’s funny the timing of this topic as I’m restoring 2 Clod-A-Leaver trucks right now.
  4. Anyone ever remove/strip the chrome off a Pumpkin body? If so how did you do it? How clean is the body afterwards? My thoughts on these questions are the OG pumpkin bodies were made in white plastic. I’d like to have one in white without paying the ridiculous price online for one. So the obvious answer would be to strip the chrome off one. Thoughts? Thanks
  5. Found these silly knockoffs online, thought you guys would enjoy the giggle…. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CCKVPCGX/ref=sspa_ma_ct_pt_expsub_8/?_encoding=UTF8&ie=UTF8&psc=1&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9tb2JpbGVfY2FydF9wZXJjb2xhdGU%3D&pd_rd_w=a1uWj&pf_rd_p=9d9dee09-6a09-4362-b70e-b378d7f112d4&pf_rd_r=0PWXD9WMF4H697FX8N0V&pd_rd_wg=ZO7Q8&pd_rd_r=a3bf100c-4799-457f-be0a-df26c5e5d78b&content-id=amzn1.sym.9d9dee09-6a09-4362-b70e-b378d7f112d4&ref_=sspa_ma_ct_pt_expsub&th=1 Today I've been struggling with the fancy TT02B that comes with all the blue aluminum “hopups”. The Tamiya brand spur gear propeller shaft included is actually bent straight out of the box. So now I’ve gotta wait for replacements to arrive…. 🫤
  6. Hello, is there a list of Tamiya brushed motors showing weakest to most powerful that someone could share? Thanks It would be nice to know motor output/RPM’s etc to better match motors to specific kits.
  7. I've gotta install the electrics and adjust a couple things. But it's pretty much done. It’s box stock plus bearings. Not my favorite build!
  8. Yesterday the group of us were making top speed runs. We went 120mph with a Limitless, and an assortment of slower speeds with other cars. More to come!
  9. Originally I had planned to put the typical race car sponsors graphics on this one. But I kind of like the plain look.
  10. I use these on a variety of Tamiya’s, you can buy them from various places and offsets. https://www.amazon.com/HobbyMarking-Aluminum-Adapter-Combiner-Lunchbox/dp/B0B4643RVR/ref=mp_s_a_1_21?crid=3UDURI92J0ZHG&keywords=hobbymarking&qid=1676682126&sprefix=hobbymarking%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-21
  11. Thanks I did the shock oil and rear mounting position mods as shown everywhere on YouTube. Then I added my own “Tamiya” chassis stiffeners, and a lime green duel motor cooling fan.
  12. Finished my Rey. (Yes there’s Tamiya parts on it)
  13. I’m building another Clod Buster from scratch/leftover parts. I love building the regular kits. But building from a random pile of parts is 10x more fun!
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