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  1. Just how big is the clod? The answer should be - How big do you want to make it? This is an old pic of my stock clod (right) and my modified bullhead (left).
  2. I use anderson/tyco powerpole connectors on all my stuff.
  3. I have one that I would sell. Its complete except for the front bumper is missing. Gimme a couple days and I'll throw some pictures up if anyone is interested in buying it.
  4. They burned me a few times. But until about a year ago I had an inside connection to solve my problems with them. I don't know anyone who works there anymore... They completely lack any form of customer service. They just want money. Horrible retailer!
  5. I've not been active on here in a while. I went simple with my Jimny paint.
  6. You should have said you bought a Clod Buster and didn't tell the wife! -lol But seriously, glad you are ok. We need all the Tamiya guys around here we can get.
  7. I gave my friend a Jimny for Christmas. Its his first ever RC truck. I made him paint it, build it, basically do everything. I don't think is too bad for his first ever RC.
  8. Sorry if this has been previously shared as I didn't read every post. But when I want less wheelies on the CW01 chassis I simply flip over the stock wheelie bar. The normal way it wheelies just fine, upside down it keeps the front wheels planted a lot better. Its an old-school trick but it works beautifully.
  9. I got my Unimog CW01 built. I chose to keep it pretty clean of the details since I figure they would just get knocked off during track bashing.
  10. assorted assembly on the Unimog, and I'm still taping the Jimny body
  11. I can't say if its custom made or store bought from the pictures. But I know Tower Hobbies sold a trailer (back in the day) that looked an awful lot like yours. Either way, its a cool trailer!
  12. I gave a friend a Jimny Wheelie for Christmas. He in turn gave me a Unimog Wheelie in red. While I'm completely good with the gift. I do have an odd thing that I noticed about the kit. I've seen the various prepainted Unimog wheelie kits in Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, and Green. The boxes matched the body color in the one's that I saw. However mine does not. I don't care, but I just thought it was weird. See the pictures below... the box is orange. But it has a little decal saying that the kit inside is painted red. Either way, its a cool gift!
  13. I've been going slow with my Jimny due to other obligations. But I finally got the chassis drive able. Next I'll be starting on the body after I slip some washers behind the rear wheels to remove the extra slop in the half shafts. I bought cans of PS-1 white, PS-5 black, and PS-8 light green for the body colors.
  14. So this post won't be completely accurate since "I didn't do this today". But a few years ago I gave my friend a Tamiya buggy that I found in a pawn shop. I have no idea what model it was, but it was dirt cheap and it had everything ready to run. He has since beat the heck out of it from use, and continues to drive it a lot, even though its seen better days. I don't know what model it is, if anyone can identify it, I would like to know. But I did finally get a picture of it yesterday for identification reasons:
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