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  1. Not sure if it's strictly black friday, but you can get the Golf mk1 for £101.59 on amazon currently https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01ALC65V4?smid=A30DC7701CXIBH&tag=pepperugc03-21&ascsubtag=2608954754 It comes from EU warehouse but I haven't had any issues with paying fees in the UK so far, either at checkout or delivery. Anyone else?
  2. I have tried the GPM one piece ones and they actually worked pretty well! I was sceptical because like everyone, I couldn't get past the fact that the wheel would be rubbing against the nut, but in reality, it doesn't seem to be a significant issue. I used them to fit hex wheels and lunchbox tyres all round on a Sand Rover and it worked perfectly well. There was a small amount of slop but you could probably overcome this by adding a little shoe goo or similar between the adapter and the wheel. I also noticed that the wheel nut will tighten all the way up and reach the end of the thread on the axle so it can't squeeze the wheel, the only downside is it's possible for the wheel and nut to rub but again, in practice it wasn't a problem. If you wanted a really sturdy setup, you could do the following: Glue or threadlock the bearings to the adapter. Glue or threadlock bearings to axle Glue wheel to adapter If you do the above, it won't be possible for the wheel and nut to come into contact as the entire wheel/adapter combo will be locked in place and won't be able to move side to side on the axle and the nut will have reached the end of the thread before it can touch the wheel. I haven't found the need to do this so far, though. No doubt a true hex conversion would work better, but I was surprised by how good the adapters worked in the real world for everday use.
  3. They seem to be suggesting that but it will diff out at the slightest hint of terrain when going at trail speeds. And lol at pumping the throttle on and off to make it look like the rear suspension actually works 😅 the motor popping up and down makes the axle slap obvious. I bet if you could see a plot of the throttle it would be zero every time the rear suspension actually moves lol. Still a cool looking rig, though. Just a bit confused why Tamiya keep on putting the nicest bodies on the worst chassis. I know part of the charm of the LB is it's primative suspension but I'm convinced a mk2 with a better chassis would sell, too.
  4. Looks like it has the sort of medium length CB arms? Would have preferred the longer arms like WR01/01B etc. Would have been less tippy and you could have more articulation. Looks like the tyres are right on the limit or scraping the archers with the stock setup. Still like it, though!
  5. At least they can spell it right now I've long since learned that grasp of English is in no way a metric for quality when it comes to Chinese stuff. I have a WLToys buggy that is incredibly durable for the price and performs great and it has "strength headphones" written down the side!
  6. Glad to see a higher end radio coming from dumborc! This is good news to me and possibly many other people who have been frustrated by the parent company Radiolink splitting their lines into the more premium radiolink branded stuff and the budget oriented dumboRC and then making each line incompatible through firmware lockouts. I began to switch from flysky to dumborc a couple of years ago because I was having random range and lag issues (possibly outside interference as it seemed to be location dependent) I probably could have got around it by getting a newer flysky transmitter with the AFHDS 2A protocol, but I would have required all new receivers to benefit, anyway, so I decided a change was as good as a rest. I've always been pleased with the performance of dumborc but at the same time, annoyed that the parent company Radiolink put a firmware wall between the dumbo and more premium radiolink systems so if, for example, you have a bunch of dumborc receivers, you can't bind a radiolink transmitter to them (even though the radiolink branded receivers and exactly the same physically) for this reason I've kept running flysky for the times when I needed a radio with more than the basic features but I've always wanted to streamline down to one system for everything. Anyway, in a strange turn of events, DumboRC is about to launch a radio system that's far more advanced than most of the (premium) Radiolink systems. I'm guessing this is in part down to how well the Dumbo branded stuff has sold over the years and how many people have wanted to have a more premium option without having to invest in two different lines of TX and RX from the same company. Looks like a good bit of kit with 10 channels and various bells and whistles. It's just starting to be available to pre-order sites like Ali
  7. Looks like the new wheels that will feature on the upcoming CW01 Pajero will be getting an independent release as a Hornet hopup... Nice to see a new hop up for vintage models, even if it is just capitalising on an existing asset. Made for 1.9" tyres such as the Rock Blocks plus a myriad of 3rd party options. Could make something between a buggy and monster buggy using some chunky crawler tyres, for example. Tempted to get some for my Radio Shack Golden Arrow.... Part number #22077
  8. I spoke to someone at Plaza not long about about when standard air mail to the UK would return. They explained that although Japan post have resumed air "parcels" to the UK, it's actually the "small packet" service that they used for most small orders, this technically comes under letter mail an still hasnt been resumed. The terminology and categorisation is quite misleading/confusing as a box up to 30x30x30cm and 2kg can be sent as a "small packet" and comes under "letter mail" Anyways, still no sign of it being resumed for the UK. Feels like it's been forever now!
  9. They work fine out of the box but unlike the 860, you CAN use a programming card to further refine the settings. The default setup will work fine, though! I used some of these on an HBX Bonzer, a TL-01B clone with the same suspension arms, wheels/tyres as the Wild Dagger. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32759891545.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.1.56a4576enE5mKh&algo_pvid=9ba7ece0-f1c1-4fa5-b921-99064cb8cc1d&algo_exp_id=9ba7ece0-f1c1-4fa5-b921-99064cb8cc1d-0&pdp_npi=3%40dis!GBP!14.45!12.57!!!18.04!!%40214528be16902471447663934d07d7!62029268929!sea!UK!167127361&curPageLogUid=hNEpnNOqtGqu Worked really well for cheapos, just needed to put some decent oil in (I think I used 1000cst)
  10. It might be the same size, I might just be misremembering. Just had the idea stuck in my head for some reason.
  11. I had one once but sold it on. I think the chassis borrows from another design (as is common with digitcon) Can't be certain but I think it may have resembled an enlarged Taiyo 4x4 chassis as seen in the dash etc. 280 motor as a recall which was a little disappointing for it's size but the gearing is quite low so it still has good torque if not outright speed. I think it's the same chassis as the Radio Shack Rage.
  12. I think I might have read about owners of the lunchbox mini complain about brittle plastic, too.
  13. I was trying to think which car I had with the grey plastic and it was the DT-03. The front end on mine disintegrated. The gearbox section made of black plastic seems much more durable ....
  14. You can sort of trace those all back to the screws though if you follow the cracks. Again, not saying it's ok or normal, but I think machine screws can cause failure earlier. I do think the grey plastic is more brittle though, so maybe between that and the type of screws it just came to a head prematurely.
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