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  1. nowinaminute

    I'm satisfied...

    I have only been into it really since 2016 so I'm still going strong but I definitely got into that place with photography, had half a dozen cameras and a plethora of old school manual lenses that I used with modern cameras via adaptors. That was my main passion for over a decade but RC got in the way a bit so the collection got thinned out quite a lot, only two cameras and mostly just my modern autofocus lenses left. This year I'm hoping to combine the hobbies a bit more, there's plenty of places that suit bashing and photography such as the beach plus I can take photos of the RC stuff too. I'm sure at some point I will ease off on the RC and become more photography orientated again or maybe something else entirely but I think those two will be with me for life now even if they vary in intensity over the years.
  2. nowinaminute

    Kyosho Big Boss

    Well I finally finished stripping the whole thing and cleaning it and started putting it back together. The instruction manual was eye opening! I didn't find it particularly easy to follow, some hardware was mislabeled, there were parts where it asked you to fit screws after the screw holes had been obstructed by previous steps or asked you to attach parts using screws that had already been installed several steps back, crowded diagrams etc. Definitely not the best Kyosho manual I've ever seen!
  3. nowinaminute

    Help me identify this Rival/Kyosho RC car

    HBX Rival, a clone of the Tamiya TL-01
  4. nowinaminute

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Mine seems to work just like a real 1060. I had a 1060 in my Nikko Dandy Dash that I've just rebuilt so I tried it in there for comparison. It seems to work exactly the same, same brake strength etc. It coped fine with a 16T LRP motor too so it's definitely got some guts. Can't knock it for the price really! Need to get rid of that Tamiya plug though, typical current bottleneck as usual with faster motors. Not sure about the delay I didn't notice anything unusual but that doesn't mean mine isn't doing the same necessarily. Do you have any genuine 1060s?
  5. nowinaminute

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I take it back, the circuit board actually has a good covering of conformal coating on it so it might be at least splash proof. I'm still not in a hurry to test that aspect though lol.
  6. nowinaminute

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Curiosity got the better of me. A £6 Quicrun 1060 clone/unbranded version. About half the price of the cheapest genuine ones. I doubt very much that it's waterproof but if it performs the same otherwise then it might be an ok option for backup/experimenting with stuff.
  7. nowinaminute

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    The springs are a teeny bit too firm as it stands so I think I may put all the old electronics back in as ballast to get the weight back to where it should be. There's room in the tub to sneakily hide the new ESC and receiver. I might even use a splitter on the throttle channel so the throttle servo still moves. I need to get some more de-solv-it graffiti remover for the shell now. The philistines at work pinched mine to actually clean real graffiti up with, unbelievable!
  8. nowinaminute

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    Shock, bumper, electronics cover and wheels on and she's getting near completion!
  9. nowinaminute

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    Upper and lower belt covers, servo mount and steering assembly:
  10. nowinaminute

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    Rear arms/hubs etc:
  11. nowinaminute

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    Arms fitted to chassis along with front shock mounts:
  12. nowinaminute

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    Front arms/uprights/knuckles
  13. nowinaminute

    Hella stickers - where to buy?

    I have some, they are really good! I've used them on my re-re blackfoot and a few other vehicles. You can buy those dirt cheap Chinese Hella ones and use these stickers to make them KC ones instead too. This can be quite helpful actually when the Chinese ones turn out to say "Helb"
  14. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw they were launching a kit! I've always fancied a Stampy but wasn't keen on the price of the RTR brushless 4x4. Hopefully the kit will be significantly cheaper.
  15. nowinaminute

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    Front gearbox mated with chassis, upper shock mounts and metal braces installed: And now I'm off to bed!