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  1. So the titan has shorts at the front with reduced travel but also has longer shocks at the rear compared to the buggies? (Or do all DT02 use that longer than "short" rear shock? With the smaller wheels used on the Titan and buggy versions, the chasiss can bottom out and then some so using longer shocks can get you slightly more ground clearance but still good articulation but I'm using Lunchbox/WW2 style wheels and tyres so you reach the limit of travel before the chasiss touches the ground so fitting shocks with longer bodies would only worsen this. Considering I have already gained ride height from the wheels, there doesn't seem to be that much point in doing it. It would be better to fit larger shocks towers AND longer shocks that way I could get more clearance but more articulation too. Still, it should work with the buggy versions with the same size wheels as the titan to give a "lift" I might try it on my Neo Frog. But "Kumamonster" and Holiday Monster probably wouldn't benefit that much unless I got bigger towers.
  2. Perhaps it's just shorts with a shorter shaft to act as a travel limiter? In which case what it gains in ride height it would lose in upwards travel anyway because of the longer shock body. If that's the case then a taller shock tower would be needed if I wanted more ground clearance but still good articulation.
  3. I thought it was minis too but the Titan definitely seems to have a higher stance than the buggies and I noticed someone say on facebook it had longer dampers. This was a few months back when someone was selling them cheap and loads of people got them.
  4. I noticed it has a bit more ground clearance than the buggies and the shock towers are the same so I'm assuming the dampers are somewhere between the CVA Mini and CVA Short because the shorts on the rear won't fit the front. I think they may be part number 0225073 for the bodies but I'm not entirely sure. Can anyone clarify? I have a couple of 02s and an 03 that could benefit from a lift because they spend most of their time on dirt and sand etc.
  5. It depends on the motor and gearing really. It lasted a lot less with the 3800kv and monster wheels lol. But then again you spend a lot more time at max RPM on sand which has an effect on it too. Got about 30-40 minutes of heavy use at the beach. The same battery in my Slash with the same motor and away from the beach will give me anywhere up to an hour. Usually enough to drive it from my house, down the cycle path to one of the local spots I drive, give it a thrash and get back home again. Same with my Heavy Dump Truck that has a 'finned 390" motor. I often take that out locally and it's barely down to storage voltage by the time I get gome. At the other end of the scale, if I put two of them in series in my HBX T6 or E-Maxx they might only last 20 minutes of spirited use which is pretty crazy. I'm pretty sure they are packing the advertised capacity too, I usually get at or about 7000mah back into them and I dont run them very low.
  6. Took the Kumamonster to the beach but instead of the little 390 brushless on the 10t pinion, this time it was the 19T with a Castle 3800! The motor got a bit toasty after 30 mins with those monster tyres and a heavy 8000mah battery pack but he certainly had some get up and go! I think I'll be putting the little motor and 10T pinion back in before my little girl drives him around the local carparks and footpaths again As an added bonus, the local Foo Fighters tribute band decided to do an impromptu gig on the promenade. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.
  7. They sell plastic ones and metal ones. Might you have just clicked on the wrong listing on this occasion? Or sometimes they change the listings around but keep the links. I have no doubt you can get metal ones because I do too.
  8. I just get them from Aliexpress but it seems that isn't an option for your unfortunately. It's a shame because you can save a lot of money. I usually get A2/304 or 10.9/12.9 stuff. The quality is perfectly fine for the price. I get hex head self tappers too so I can at least upgrade the screws on stuff that already has tappers installed without trying to cut machine threads into holes with are already tapped. Anything I buy that has already been assembled ie: old Tamiya/Kyosho etc. Even my Nikko stuff get's an upgrade to hex head now. I never used to see the big fuss about hex hardware and I still maintain that tamiya screws work ok if you get a decent JIS driver but I have to admit, once I tried hex on a few things I just prefer it slightly. You don't really have to apply any downwards pressure which is nice and the other advantage is when you're trying to get a screw into an awkward place because the screws tend to not fall off the end of the driver even if you accidentally knock them. It's like the advantage of magnetic screws/drivers but it just works with any type of metal. It might be worth looking on ebay to see if any Chinese sellers will ship to you, most of them are probably the same vendors that are on aliexpress anyway!
  9. I've never had a problem with them personally. But the above message was just about the fact that their brushed ones are sometimes not as fast as other brands with the same specs. Nothing wrong with them, just something to bear in mind. I don't think I've had a cheapo Chinese motor fail to this day. The speed controllers can be a bit more hit or miss than the motors though.
  10. I saw this video a while back. Not sure what voodoo is going on that allows a 13t brushed motor to run on 3s without burning out though. Even a silver can struggles on 3s unless you have a crawler or something with low gearing like the Clod Buster 🤷‍♂️ I like the truck a lot though. It just shows a solid axle even with the transmission and motor attached can work well with the right setup. Yes it will roll on grippy surfaces but a lot of solid axle rigs do that such as the Twin Hammers and it's various clones. They seem to be superb on loose surfaces though, very realistic.
  11. Or there are "tributes" ahem to the Trail Master and Titan motors https://a.aliexpress.com/_eKXkOo https://a.aliexpress.com/_et38MM
  12. These seem to have long shafts like the Traxxarse but a much more appealing price. https://a.aliexpress.com/_eNrZw8
  13. How much extra do you need? Some motors have longer shafts from the factory. The traxxas Titan 550 for example.
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