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  1. I love it. And I'm grateful stuff that looks like this is still being released in a world of jelly mould colour vomit tribal graphics. It's more than a lazy re-defo, too, with some actual unique cosmetic parts. You won't catch me complaining. Seems like Tamiya can't win. Give people an up to date take on a classic, with trademark quirky styling, something people have cried out for, and it gets rejected (Super Avante) Give them a twist on an old favourite, and make it more than a lazy recolour, to boot, and people don't like that, either. 🤷‍♂️
  2. I would say they are generally very safe as long as you look after them and use them responsibly. I haven't seen a single issue so far that didn't involve neglect/negligence/abuse etc. On facebook groups in particular, it always seems to involve using damaged packs, charging damaged packs, over charging or over discharging, using the wrong type of charger or wrong settings, poor cable management leading to shorts, bad solder, wires twisted together instead of soldered etc. And a common theme running through it all is unattended charging. Even if for some reason your charger decides to go nuts and ignore the correct settings and cut off voltage etc, and cause a perfectly healthy pack to fail, if you actually pay attention, and know how long it roughly takes or the pack to charge, there's just no excuse for allowing a pack to over charge to the point of thermal runaway, it takes a long time to happen and you get a lot of visual warning. I quite often go up to my charger because I feel like it's taking a while and it's inevitably just on the verge of the charge finishing. You certainly get used to how long it SHOULD take so you would be overly aware if an abnormally long time had passed without the charger beeping to announce it had finished. The problem is that people leave them charging in another room/garage etc and just forget about them and hope nothing goes wrong. Seen a lot of people on facebook who simply left the house with them charging away! It helps to store them in a safe place with at least some rudimentary fire proofing but to be perfectly honest, It's almost unheard of for a perfectly healthy pack to spontaneously combust while sitting idle and not attached to a charger etc. You can use a batsafe box or lipo bag etc whilst charging for containment if there was an issue but again, if you're paying proper attention, you would be aware there was an issue way before it escalated , and using boxes and bags etc prevents you from detecting warning signs like puffing etc which begin to happen a significant time before thermal runaway comes into it. Bottom line is follow all the basic guidelines. Don't over charge, don't over discharge, always balance charge, always storage charge, never continue using swollen or otherwise damaged packs, never continue using packs that refuse to balance or have developed excessive internal resistance, never charge unattended, always use lipo appropriate smart chargers and NEVER use dumb nimh style chargers etc. If you follow those rules and don't get complacent, I'd wager you'd be more likely to lose your home as a result of all the electricity, gas and water that's coursing around it 24/7
  3. Someone get in there! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/408024414732684/
  4. Seen something for sale on FB but they aren't keen to post and don't do PayPal etc Anyone in that neck of the woods who may be able to collect and post it on?
  5. Got my Plaza order a few days ago. Playing the waiting game now. I noticed the value on the attached invoice was in USD rather than £ which could be beneficial...someone "accidentally" typed $ instead of £ perhaps?
  6. I have the following items for sale: Tamiya Sport Tuned 540 motor. Silver version. Brand new and Boxed. £22 Tamiya Frog 53908 Universal Shafts. Brand new in Packet. £40 Price includes UK postage. Thanks for looking! PM to arrange details.
  7. I've also had nothing but good experiences buying here! Whether it was a small part in exchange for a token few £ or a full model. Always the same kind of attention and care taken to packaging and communication. I've had several items sent to me totally gratis, too. Very kind! I did have one "interesting" experience the other way though, when I sent a member some parts and they didn't even offer to pay for the postage. I would have probably said don't worry about it but they didn't even offer 🤣 I thought it was common procedure that you insist on paying, even if you know the person is going to say "don't worry about it"
  8. Hmm I think I used the set made for the WR-02 84366 and I used the default which if I recall correctly was 2 hole piston and yellow soft oil. Tbh I found it a bit under damped, still somewhat springy. I think I ended up going to 1500cst oil vs the original 400cst. Now when I press it and let go, the rebound is very slightly delayed vs just springing back with the 400cst. It feels more akin to something like my traxxss slash now and seems to handle landing jumps lot better. With the 400cst, it was a lot better than stock when going over bumpy ground but any kind of air and it rebounded to quickly and would go back up in the air.
  9. I think that's the leading causes of gear damage for any Rc, really. Even modern super tough ones will break if you land on throttle so there's no shame in it happening to the Clod on high power. I have faith in the gears, the diffs are the same as the hopper/hornet/lunchbox etc and I've always found them to be incredibly durable as long as you avoid stuff like landing on heavy throttle where possible. I'm just going to not worry about that part and get on with it. Not planning to run big power any time soon, maybe put 3s through a pair of silver cans as the gearing apparently allows for that, but I haven't got anything spicier planned for the time being. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. I just tried a tamiya super mini CVA set and it said it qualified for free delivery both on the item page and in the checkout but they still wanted £6 lol. Seems like something that wouldn't be any more bulky than those few items on your list. Who knows. Still a decent price. And I agree about RCMart, used to use them a lot but the postage has gone a bit loopy with the way it shoots up with each item added. I honestly didn't realise how how competitive AT was!
  11. The thing is I read this on the Fedex website and took it to mean that the limit doesn't include shipping fees. But I tried to strike a balance between ordering as much as possible but hopefully not falling fowl of the exchange rate *IF* Fedex decide to calculate it including shipping. There's a only been a couple of days in the last 4 months where the exchange rate would put it over £135 and I believe the rates HMRC etc use are set per month and based on averages and not just one day. For example, the rate set for this month equates to about £128. We shall see.
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