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  1. Stepped back into the ring with this old sparring partner. Let's see how much further I get this time before it does something to drain my life force again
  2. That's very odd. I haven't had anything like that so far. In fact, the payment time for me has reduced to within 24 hours. I often get the payment before I've even printed out a shipping label. Do you sell regularly? How long for?
  3. Well, someone got it for 99p. I offered them £25 if they would box it. Their loss I guess. 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️
  4. You know me too well lol. I haven't got any other option at the moment. It really depends if you can be bothered to go through with it mate. I could bung you some money for fuel of course. Wouldn't want to put you out, though!
  5. The seller was a bit curt when I asked if they would be willing to let me have a courier collect
  6. Tried something different and made a more "hands on" type video.
  7. I won the photo contest again!! 😃😃😃 I almost feel daft about how big a grin I have on my face. Really made my day! The second thing I've ever won in my life hehe
  8. Keep forgetting to post again but here's some recent thoughts. Basically the same as what I've already said. I find the steering very "on the nose" on some surfaces. It seems like the slightest touch of the steering will send it spinning out on tarmac and it can be a real pain to keep it in a straight line because when you try to make tiny corrections, it wants to shoot off in that direction. It's almost like I can't make little corrections to keep it straight. Weird thing is, when it's actually going in the direction you want, it tracks as straight as an arrow, it seems to have decent straight line stability but it's like it over reacts to the most subtle of inputs to correct course and you end up zig zagging. Might be exasperated a little by the brushless motor although it's only a 2700kv so not monster fast. I know they are all different designs but my DT-02 and 03, Hotshot, even lunchbox and Kyosho Mad van etc just seem like much less hard work to drive fast in a straight line. Is this normal? Have I messed something up during assembly? I've tried 3 servos. Started off with a fast one so changed it to a Hobbyking Hk15138 and finally an MG996r, the slowest of the 3 but none have really dulled the over enthusiastic responses. In more open spaces, where going in a very specific direction is less important, it feels much easier drive but I've found the local footpath is a good way to test out the characteristics of different vehicles and this one is by far one of the most difficult I've had in terms of going along the path without ending up in the grass either side. Just to give you an idea of the scenario, here's Kumamon on the same path, packing a much faster 3800KV Castle system and nearly bald rear tyres but somehow being much less hard work!
  9. Hmm close but maybe not enough to be worth ordering some from Japan lol
  10. This is what the Nikko shocks look like just in case anyone can think of anything else they may be similar to for which parts are still available.
  11. Yes I was going to say I don't think they have any but wasn't sure as I don't own one. i heard the "cap" is simply machined into the body and doesn't actually open.
  12. I'm not entirely sure. I know plaza japan have some diaphragms that have a new code on but also have the old code suggesting they fit the older the gold shocks. Not sure I'd the re-re has a different code again. The ones on Plaza have the code 97031 but also have the old code w-5017.
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