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    Tamiya Club Official Top 10 Fastest RC'ers List

    They make some really good gear for the money, those 120a units are hard to beat for the price, I have a couple I use in larger 1/10 trucks and a few 1/8 too. I have an old E-maxx that isn't really up to handling a massive 6s setup but with a 3300KV 560 size brushless and 3s it goes along great, only tops out about 45 on 3s but that's more than enough, I spend most of the time going a lot slower when I'm bashing off road. I find most of their products to be really good for the money so far. I have a little EZrun brushless ESC that I got in a joblot second hand. I have no idea if it's the 35a, 45a or 60a version because all the markings have been removed but it has taken everything i have thrown at it so far! Their 1060 brushed ESC has to be one of the best choices for 1/10 brushed vehicles too, it's a bargain, reliable, waterproof and while basic, the F/R mode with drag brake gives it that little bit of extra versatility.
  2. I have to say I usually get on fine apart from one run in with the local busybody "get off my land" type but just coming home from work a minute ago I got some cheek off 5 kids who must have been about 11 tops. As I was walking up the hill to my street I could see them sat in the middle of the road at the top, when I got closer they started calling me weird etc then one of them said "were's your RC car today?" and another said something like "zomgz he has a toy car that's weeeeird, even I don't have a toy car" and stuff along those lines. Obviously I'm not traumatised but it just annoys me that kids that age are already hanging around mouthing off strangers. It's because they know **** well you won't dare so much as raise your voice these days. Kids like that tend to have the awful parents that either don't care or take the kids side too. I know for a fact one of them has a "street pharmacist" for a father and I'm pretty sure the other two are children of "career benefit recipients" I just didn't know how to respond. And any kind of attempt to take the moral high ground would have just given them more ammo and long gone are the days when threatening to call the police or worse still the dreaded "I know your parents" was enough to send kids running in terror. So frustrating! I wasn't perfect as a kid by any means but I was never rude to strangers and if I was, I would have got a clip round the ear, a good telling off or my parents WOULD have gotten a phone call. And in each instance, my parents would have given me a second telling off! It's just so frustrating. In the end I just said "Well, we can't all be cool enough to sit in the road playing with gravel. Maybe one day I'll be lucky and get to hang around in a gang where everyone has the exact same clothes and stupid haircut"
  3. I'm still on there but mostly to stay in touch with RC friends and family, RC and photography groups etc. In terms of actually viewing people's posts etc I barely use it now, so much stupidity and ignorance, people reposting completely made up "inspiring stories" and "did you know" factoids such as the old gem "if you're at an ATM and see someone suspicious behind you, put your pin number in backwards and the police will arrive within 60 seconds" Stuff like that gets 20 million "likes" despite obviously being total BS. I also see a lot of made up far-right propoganda too, videos and photos taken out of context or misrepresented in order to make a particular ethinic group look bad. I think the turning point for me was seeing so many people I used to go to school with posting anti vaccine and flat earth stuff. People are so gullible + cynical that they will blindly believe almost anything they see on facebook. I got fed up of arguing with people that the earth isn't flat and that we did land on the moon and that the word trade centre attacks were not guided missiles with the image of airliners superimposed onto them etc, It's truly mind numbing. I got tired of people going on about "being awakened" and calling others sheep when they were the ones blindly believing any old nonsense they saw on FB or Youtube without questioning it. There's a lot of people like David Icke and Alex Jones making a HUGE amount of money by taking advantage of the Dunning Kruger effect, people love to think they know a secret that everyone else doesn't. One of my own aunts blocked me on facebook because of this kind of thing. People will desperately try to hold on to that sense of superiority and anyone who tries to point out they have been conned will be blocked out of their lives. There's a feature on facebook that allows you to chose whether or not you "follow" a friend, that is to say if you follow them, their posts show in your news feed. I have unfollowed 99% of my friend list. I keep things down to a bare minimum and even then, I rarely go through the news feed because every other post still makes my eyes roll so hard I can see my own brain.
  4. Went to the beach with my daughter yesterday. Me with the Lunchbox, her with Kumamon. Got loads of attention which made me just want to cringe but it was all positive at least lol! The usual boring stuff, "how much?" "how fast?" "is it nitro?" I hate the nitro question. First off, anyone with functioning ears should be able to tell and also, why do outsiders still have this notion that nitro is the be all and end all? There were also a lot of guys staring longingly with wives saying "you're not 'avin one!"
  5. Might give that go actually, maybe not in a place so highly visible though unless I was making some kind of sci-fi/cyberpunk themed vehicle!
  6. I wish I had been into RC when my dad was still around now! He used to get tons of spare and scrap pieces of board from work for fixing random stuff at home and in the car etc. In fact, I think there's still a specially cut piece above the gas fireplace in mums living room, like a cosmetic finishing panel, sprayed to match the colour of the fire. I remember back in the first gulf war the company got a lot of MOD work, much of it was very hush hush type stuff. I think some of it was related to adding new capabilities to the Tornado GR1 or ADV at short notice. He worked on replacement parts for Concorde too I believe, something relating to the window wipers. Drifting off topic now but alas, I could have had a cool all green chassis with copper tracks all over it!
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    So, What Have You Done Today?

    It will enrich your life lol They are amazing fun at the beach! I've done quite a bit of work on mine and it has improved a lot but it's still unmistakably a Lunchbox and great fun! Even stock it's fun to drive. It understeers under power and tightens up off the throttle so although it handles like a jelly, it still relatively predictable when it comes to cornering and although my mods have made it much more stable, even as stock, I find the understeer helps to stop it toppling over most of the time. They are fun, look great, easy to work on and even if you take it through salt water at the beach, a full strip down doesn't take more than a few hours because of how simple they are. The gearbox is very resilient to dirt ingress too. Build it! Do it now.
  8. nowinaminute

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    This is why I need to work on my productivity. I'd be lucky to fit that in one post even if the thread was called "So, What Have You Done This Fortnight?"
  9. I got some of these when I got fed up of the upper links working their way loose on GF01, WR02, TL01 etc. They are long enough that you can put a nut on the other end. I added a dab of blue threadlock too, never had one escape again. Not sure if that's any help to you?
  10. nowinaminute

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Can't get enough of this at the moment!
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    Traxxas Xmaxx

    Tamiya have nothing comparable, it's just the honest truth! Could they make something comparable? Possibly but they seem more interested in novelty and nostalgia these days when it comes to off road models. I think the last time they truly tried to be competitive was when they copied the T-Maxx but that kind of fizzled out. Maybe if they had gone after the E-Maxx instead it might have turned out a little different. I wouldn't expect a large scale truggy/MT any time soon although I always hold out hope for a new 1/10 platform in the same vein as the slash but with a little Tamiya character. If they made a decent bashing chassis they could get a lot of mileage out of it via different configurations, it could easily be a buggy/truggy/stadium truck/monster truck etc in differing forms. Imagine something with the ability of a slash but with Tamiya touches, you could make it modular so you could choose between 2wd/4wd even bring back dual motors etc.
  12. Same, get ribbed but then when a parcel comes for me they crowd around like vultures. It really annoys them if I don't open it right away lol.
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    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Interestingly, someone just shared an RC conversion kit for the 4x4 mini Lunchbox on thingiverse. Sadly, the mini appears to be discontinued? You could get them for less than $20 a few months ago but now they are 3x that.
  14. The avoidance of people when out bashing is especially resonant. Although at places like the beach I kind to have to grin and bear it because I love beach runs. Most other places though I just go elsewhere or do a few laps of the area until other people have gone lol. Ill try my best to cram whatever RC it is into my back pack too so it doesn't draw attention. It's not so bad when it's genuinely interested people but when it's chavs who ask if it's nitro (does it sound like one? Duhh) and talk about nitro for 30 minutes because the guy down the pub said they are the best in 1992 it gets grating. The other annoying thing about people stopping to talk is that you then have to stand there and make polite conversation and waste precious RC time. It's annoying when I'm doing photograpy too, I turn up in the golden hour to get the good light and then someone comes and asks 50 questions right when the light is fleetingly perfect.
  15. I would say I'm similar to that really. I have a handful of friends and family plus of course my daughter. I spend a fair amount of my free time alone but I think I'd go nuts if I didn't intersperse it with some socialising with people I'm comfortable around. The one thing I never ever liked was being dragged to nightclubs where you're not only obliged to talk to strangers but you have to basically shout over the music *cringe* unfortunately I had a few exes who somehow thought they could "cure" me by coercing or even tricking me into social situations all the time.
  16. Amen! I definitely made up for the discrimination in my early teens a few years down the line. 😍🤗😘😜
  17. It's comforting to see how many of you are also introverts lol. I agree, if it wasn't for my two hobbies: RC and photograpy, I would have probably succumb to my social anxiety years ago. It doesn't matter how good a time I'm having out with friends or family, it's all building up to the glorious moment when I can go back home!
  18. Oh don't get me started on that, so irresponsible. Especially where I live currently, the local footpath goes right past the kids school and it's always like a minefield of dog toffee. Don't these people at least have the morals to not leave it right outside a kids school?
  19. Apparently I look more like Kurt Cobain if he had "decided to live and take comfort in food"
  20. I'm pretty sure the same boys have come up and expressed interest before. But they happened to have a girl with them this time......enough said lol
  21. Just as proof: See guys, chicks dig ̶s̶c̶a̶r̶s̶ RC cars
  22. Same here! And when I moved to Wales it was the same but with rugby. "You like to drive model cars around but you don't enjoy men wrestling for a leather egg? Weirdo."
  23. That's another thing that annoys me. When people think they have an inherent right to own and walk their dogs which overrides your right to own and drive RCs. Had a couple of people trying to get me to go away because "this area is for dog walking"
  24. I find people seem to grow up with a herd mentality where they strive to fit in and anything slightly different is strange and fair game for criticism. I can't say I was any different to be honest. As a young teenager, it was all Adidas jogging bottoms and such and the goth, indie and rock kids at school were like freakish non-humans. Having a Playstation was fine and normal. Having an RC or an electric guitar or camera was freakish and weird. You get the idea. Lucikly I decided this was all nonsense within a few years and became relatively "alternative" myself and went on to have a several girlfriends who were goths/alternative. Looking back it's pretty hilarious how we treat anyone who is slightly different. I distinctly remember walking through town with friends and all staring at the goths in horror (even though I secretly thought the girls were well foxy in their stockings and makeup etc lol) we genuinely thought they were like a different species and drank chicken blood and worshipped the devil etc but of course, in time, I just realised they were the same as everyone else, had the same hopes and dreams, liked to eat cheese on toast, burped and farted just like anyone else. Humans seem to have a habit of putting up fake barriers with stuff like that. I still meet adults now who refer to anyone even remotely non-mainstream as "freaks"
  25. I changed my mind. What annoyed me the most is that they all had this haircut: And still thought they were in a position to have a go at other people!