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  1. Well, they turned up today. They look to be pretty good for the most part considering they were quite inexpensive. Unfortunately, I didn't realise the seller only had transparent PET so the yellow parts in particular look a bit "day glo" One peice did raise some concerns though, one of the uprights certainly doesn't seem to be 100% infill to me.... I know they are made with transparent PET so you're naturally going to see some internal structure but that sure looks like the honeycomb pattern you get with lower infill. The weird thing is it's the only part like it, the rest are definitely solid or at least high enough that I can't see any voids. I'm not sure what to do/say through. While I did pay extra for 100% infill, I forgot to order 4x uprights when I duplicated the other parts and the seller printed the extra 2 at no additional charge so I'd feel a bit cheeky complaining because assuming everything else is 100, I do have what I paid for because 2 of the uprights were free. 🤔
  2. My cat is like that plus she has some mystery sinus issue the vets can't seem to diagnose which means she does rapid fire sneezing fits, usually in the vicinity of one of my RCs or my face. Hard to stay mad when she's snuggling her head under my chin though. The little....
  3. That's just the sample image from thingiverse, mine are going to be vertical too I think. I think the infill makes a big difference. The first few bits I tried were only 30% and they shattered with alarming ease. The same parts printed at 100% were way stronger even though the actual design of the parts wasn't all that great and not suitable for 3d printing with all the harsh right angles etc. I also quickly learned that ABS was a little more flexible than PLA. PET and PETG more so again. Hopefully it will ok ok but time will tell. I really need to try and learn a basic grasp of 3d modelling so I can work on stuff myself but so far, all I've achieved is to feel really stupid. People keep saying it's really easy And you just need a few measurements etc but I suck at it!
  4. There's one on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3444934 Might work ok printed with high infill. And this guy sells them on ebay. SLS nylon like you get from thingiverse. Only problem is he uses ebay global shipping so the postage is high, might be worth asking if he would do the shipping himself, it should be much lower. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-RC-Hotshot-Hop-UP-A-Arm-Stabilizer-CRP-1650-new-reproduction/153505903518?hash=item23bdaa339e:g:idcAAOSwX5tc7cdl The guy has some really interesting stuff in his shop, lots of reproduction parts such as old gears etc. Saying all that, the o ring mod looks simple and effective!
  5. Today I ordered a 3d print of that DT01 double wishbone front suspension design that's on thingiverse to try out with my Fighter Buggy/Mad Bull hybrid. This is one of the photos from the thingiverse page: I'm not sure how strong it will be but I like how the design integrates so well without any major alterations needed. I think I'll be using m3 links vs the suggested m2 though! I might cut some aluminium to fit against the shock tower part to brace it too, especially those mounts for the upper links dangling down! I've ordered it in PETG with 100% infill. I've been getting on ok with parts printed in 100% PET or ABS. Not indestructible but they seem to hold up pretty well depending on the design. I bash moderately hard but usually more on dirt and sand vs concrete and tarmac which I think helps matters. I'll let you know how It goes but for the price it cost, it's a cheap experiment!
  6. I like both equally but between finding the time during daylight hours and dry weather, I tend to spend more time building and tinkering. I really do enjoy driving though. I try to get some decent video now and then too, it's great to watch your hard work in action. There's nothing quite like when the planets align and I get to head to the beach after work with an RC for a good bash. Especially in the summer when there's enough time to get some video and then enjoy a good drive afterwards. It's hard to concentrate on filming and enjoy driving too but when you have a couple of hours you can easily fit in both. I suppose for a lot of people the two things go hand in hand anyway. It's very satisfying to take a vehicle out after you've done some work to see how much of an improvement has been made.
  7. Ahh yes I've seen those, very reminiscent of my Bandai Intercepter which of course adds to the appeal!
  8. I got a set of Hotshot 2/Super Sabre red CVA dampers. They need a clean but seem to function fine. Now I face the agonising choice of whether or not to fit them to my Hotshot and sacrifice some of the unique look for better functionality. It doesn't help that I got this too: And I have two of the front arm extensions spare from when I had a Boomerang.....I really don't know what to do! I also got a box of old Tamiya shocks including several yellow CVAs. They were dirt cheap so I just grabbed them to go in the parts box. Even factoring in new seals and o rings they will still be cheap and they are just nice smooth good quality shocks to have there ready to go into some future build. I always grab any I happen to see for that cheap, never know when you'll need them!
  9. I'll have to read up on it because it takes a while for stuff this advanced to sink into my thick skull but it certainly looks promising. It almost looks like and inrunner and outrunner combined with very smart adaptive timing. I'm no expert on the subject but there's certainly a lot you can do just with the control algorithms to increase performance/reduce cogging/increase efficiency etc so combining that with a physically new design certainly has the potential for big improvements. I wonder if it would sound anything like those AC electric trains that almost " shift gear" where the frequency output by the motor controllers is changed according to speed and loading Imagine that noise coming from an RC!
  10. Got a little closer to "finishing" the Hotshot. I decided to add a little yellow to mix things up! I just need to find the strength to swap the other two wheels over and the courage to paint the driver.
  11. It definitely feels like it when I drive it. I will definitely try my gyro in there at some point but it will have to get in line behind all the other vehicles I'm curious to try it in!
  12. Just took her out for a run, it did not disappoint. It was everything people say a Mad Bull will be! Understeer, bump steer, front wheels that wobble around and collapse so badly in reverse that you can hardly believe what you're seeing when it actually works "properly" going forward. But despite all the directional instability, it's actually very stable in terms of staying upright which is great and although the rear suspension still visibly stiffens up as soon as you hit the throttle, it does work a little better than the Hopper/Hornet/Lunch box design and perhaps most importantly, although the overall effect is still somewhat bumpy, the side to side articulation clearly works to some extent evenon the throttle. The only really criticism is one that everyone has experienced, because it retains the buggy gearing the motor gets very hot, especially with a lipo. That's an area I'd like to address but I don't want to sacrifice any top speed so either a modest brushless or perhaps a slower brushed motor but running 3s to get the RPM back up which in theory would be more efficient and not run as hot. I have a load of old plane and drill motors I've been meaning to experiment with so I might give that a go. Got some beautiful old Overlander Hurricane 650 plane motors, lovely old chunks of metal. And a few old 12v and 18v drill motors that might be fun to try out. I love it so far though, it's one of my favourite kinds of RC where it wobbles around like a jelly but is still somehow controllable and stable. The DT03 damper set helps to give it a little composure but doesn't really change the personality of it. I can see me putting a lot of miles on this before winter comes.
  13. That's definitely in my top 5. I think my absolute fave might be the Lunchbox. There's just something so right about that scheme. Colour choice, artwork, just spot on. For real life liveries, it would kill me to choose but I'm really liking this one atm:
  14. Good tips! I've already scheduled the steering link mod, it seems to make a big difference. The servo holder idea looks great too. I have some nice polycarb sheets I could probably use for that or get some aluminium. Definitely something to look into down the line. I like the battery idea but personally, I prefer to keep it all the way back on the DT-01 as I feel it put's more leverage on the suspension and makes it work a little better.
  15. Made a start on my "Mad Bull Fighter" but I'm getting sleepy now so I'm leaving it before I try to solder an ESC to the shock absorber or something. The tyres and uprights from my cheapy ebay mad bull find were all good though so I've got my £12 worth. Rear wheels have some slight warping but I've run worse, especially on rigs like this! I'm just glad there's no cracks in the tyres and they haven't gone stiff or anything. I'll do the servo linkage mod tomorrow probably.
  16. I won a Mad Bull for £12 on ebay but its missing a few parts. I've put the wheels on my Fighter Buggy RX for now but I'd like to get the Bull back in action eventually. The problem is, I don't want to spend over 2x the cost of the whole thing on parts trees just to get 4 parts so I thought I would put the feelers out just in case anyone has any bits laying around they wouldn't mind offloading for cheap! I need the following bits: Motor cap thingy Servo mount thingies Battery retainer thingy ( I could do with 2 of these actually, my RX is missing it too I think) Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
  17. Stripped down the Mad Bull I got for £12. I originally intended to use parts from it to convert my Fighter RX into a monster buggy but because it was in better shape than I expected, I felt a bit torn about just getting it running as a Mad Bull instead. I've decided to go with the original plan though, it has a few bits missing (battery retainer, servo mount and motor mount) and the fact that but would cost more than £12 to replace those parts (spread across multiple part trees) really bugs the cheapskate in me!. So I will monsterise my RX and then keep the rest as spares but keep an eye out for the missing bits cheap/used.
  18. Managed to snag a full set so this post can be removed/archived now!
  19. Definitely a good price considering the quality/condition and that they are apparently discontinued!
  20. Yeah I had an eye on that. The seller said they had a clear out of old stock and found a load of old gems. I got a few Kyosho Big Brute parts and a couple of old Parma Hotshot parts too. Very interesting just to have a scroll through their listings, loads of old Tamiya, Kyosho and Marui parts plus some more obscure ones like AYK.
  21. My £12 Mad Bull turned up. I was going to just put the wheels and steering arms etc onto my Fighter Buggy RX but it was actually in better condition than I expected. Even the body only has a little chunk missing. I thought it was going to be obliterated but it just wasn't mounted properly in the photos on eBay. I could strip the paint and get it looking pretty ok I reckon. Now I'm faced with that awful dilemma that all TC members must face. Does the parts doner become another member of the family in it's own right?
  22. I'm turning in for the night now. Used the last of my strength stretching 2 of the tyres onto these rims to try out! I quite like them though. I still need to finish a few things but it's coming along nicely. I want to keep the stock tyres as I believe they help to keep it the right way up due to the tendency to slide rather than traction roll.
  23. I've been continuing to work on the Hotshot bodywork, I've combined the re-re stickers with aftermarket sponsor logos.
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