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  1. Are they cruchey. If they spin smooth. Run them. If Not, Then put in a jar with a solvent. Shake and enjoy. I have used my girls ring cleaner and actone,nailpolish stuff.
  2. Has the same double motor mount it has used for the last 15 years. Look up a kyosho ma102b.
  3. Wrong hole. You are in the top hole. Not the rear hole.
  4. Think of this as plugging into a extension cord. Not a wall socket. I would plug the steering servo into plug for channel one. Then plug in a esc with a 5volt output into channel 2. That should work. The old stuff like that is solid.
  5. The voltage regulator in that radio is not very good. It waste a lot of power. Look up voltage reg mod. It is a cheap fix.
  6. Not for release. Place to inject the plastic into the mold.
  7. Ford did not put them in trucks, Because most cars did not have factory sunroofs. In the early 80s the aftermarket sunroofs took off. Factory sunroofs in trucks started in the 2000s.
  8. The 40 mm will be fine. You want a tight fit.
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