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  1. Or so I believe it is. It has been run hard but not for long. The underside is scratched as you see, but the steering and suspension has very little slop. Tyres are worn and dirty but rims fine. Body is sadly damaged at front and only suitable for play. Electronics are untested but I believe they work. A Novak ESC, a fast motor and a standard Futaba servo. I believe the transmitter is a stick model and it can be shipped with or without it as you wish. No box, no manual. I ship to many European countries fairly cheaply at cost, depending on your destination so ask for a quote. It is located in Denmark if you want to come pick it up :-) Asking for 60£ as it needs TLC to be shelf-worthy, or you can use it as a quality runner.
  2. PS I could forego the box too if it helps to keep shipping costs down for you
  3. If you'd ship it to Denmark for 70£ without radio gear and battery I would buy it. You could keep the ESC and silver can too.
  4. Jakob TK

    Project wanted

    Mrandyt I have not heard from you. I have no compunctions with your opinion but if you're not interested then I can't really se the problem. Do you wish to use your line in the queue, or is my project not for you?
  5. Jakob TK

    Project wanted

    I have a Clodbuster where most parts are fine. There is damage to one gear box and rear suspension. The tyres are intact but rims are painted black. The body looks good for its age. It is in Denmark BUT we have access to very cheap shipping to the UK if it can fit in a box of a proper size and still be packaged safely. Let me know if that is interesting.
  6. Jakob TK

    Project clear out (UK)

    Wow is that the big Millennium Falcon in Lego you have in a box on the left?
  7. Jakob TK

    Wanted, rc10 classic

    So very true. Me too. I do have an original RC10 but will not part with it. Such a great looking car, and also a major piece of history.
  8. Jakob TK

    Wanted, rc10 classic

    Tamico has it new at 499€ https://tamico.de/Team-Associated-RC10-CLASSIC-Kit-Bausatz
  9. Jakob TK

    Wanted retro tamiya

    I have a used Madcap in need of TLC. If you're after shelf models this is not for you. If you want a runner or a restoration project, let me know.
  10. Jakob TK

    Question - Main TC site

    I believe you have to pay the subscription fee - 15 £ or € per year I think - to post. when you are a paying member on the main site, you can create a showroom and post trades by logging in and starting up the new post from your mail profile side.
  11. Jakob TK

    DT01 Shell

    Also here even cheaper: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Body-For-Mad-Bull-0335155/202529949399?epid=2297925180&hash=item2f27b9c6d7:g:rSYAAOSwUWtcC7dD:rk:3:pf:0
  12. Jakob TK

    First car

    Hi, didn't see your reply till now. Thanks, was not sure myself until I looked around so you had me searching for answers too. Good to know we can all learn from day to day. Merry Christmas.
  13. Jakob TK

    First car

    - and that is why you ALWAYS balance charge. Hence you should treat them as you treat your phone. It is cool with me if you want to treat your phone that way. You'll have to give me a source on that. My source says it is the other way around. The polymer electrolyte is semisolid and thus safer: "more resistant to overcharge with less chance of electrolyte leakage". Found here: https://in.c.mi.com/thread-639598-1-0.html
  14. Jakob TK

    First car

    Forget the worry of LIPO's causing fires. I am pretty sure most of you guys are hauling a lithium battery around in your pant pocket most days right? There's really no difference to the batteries in an RC car. YES they can burn. So throw away your cell phones too. And only charge them while they are in a LIPO safe bag. On a note as to the LIPO situation in a Mad bull, I cleaned out the tub, and made myself a servo mount of an aluminium plate in the front. Put a little foam in the bottom and you have a perfect place for a shorty LIPO. You'll have to have another plate for receiver and ESC in the back, just a flat one screwed on with two thumbscrews and you're set. You can get your Mad Bull here, as a kit. The XB's are hard to find and way too expensive now but kits not so much. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Mad-Bull-Bausatz-58205 They also have a starter kit. I always get my electronics from hobbyking.com, but you can give this a quick look-over. It is easy: https://tamico.de/Carson-RC-Starter-Set-Reflex-X1-24GHz-Sender-mit-Empfaenger-Akku-Ladegeraet-Servo-Batterien
  15. Jakob TK

    First car

    I am almost equally fond of my Lunch Box and Mad Bull. The Lunch Box will flip over a lot which is kind of fun. The Mad Bull can drive most places and looks both ridiculous and great. I did break the plastic part of the chassis that the steering is placed on in the Mad Bull, and a plastic part in the Lunch Box for the rear suspension so damagewise I would make them roughly equal. Mind you, I have brushless kits and stronger metal gear servos in both, compared to stock setup.