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  1. It may also be the very few people watching these pages nowadays. I would believe most members in here have at least one or more of the older TEU esc's in their cars. It might also garner more interest with another headline, like "Tamiya external BEC circuit for old ESC's and MSC's".
  2. If that is what it is, it should be a good thing for vintage Tamiya fans as Tamiyas ESC's mostly are without BEC. Teu 101-104 are BEC-less. Only from TEU 105 was a BEC included in the speed controller. So anyone running older Tamiya ESC's could use it as well. Also, I am not sure if new receivers have a BEC anymore, as it nowadays is located in the ESC. That is up to the manual of your receiver to tell.
  3. I think I got the general idea from here. I did have some ball joints and cups and just made a link of the right link and drilled the extra hole in the servo saver and assembled. When it was evident that it chafed a bit on the chassis, I cut to fit and it worked like a charm. Also note the idea of putting shrink tubing on the lower arms where they go in the chassis. It took quite some slop and mine still move freely.
  4. Hi, I have a mad bull and have af few suggestions for you. I modified mine for brushless and wanted more choices for pinion gear. Therefore I bought a motor mount/cap that allows you to adjust the motor position. It is originally made for a Blackfoot, but suits the Mad Bull equally fine. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Blackfoot-Adjustable-Motor-Mount-Kit-w-Gear-Cover-Frog-Monster-Beetle/273899792092 Also, in stead of putting in that old plastic servo mount and all the other stuff from back in the day when the speed controller was mechanic, I made my own mounts. It just took some 1mm aluminium plate and a bit of sawing and filing. Oh, and by emptying out the electrics compartment I discovered it handily fits a LIPO shorty. So the weight is more centered now when the battery is in. The bottom is padded a bit for the sake of the battery, and the two large screws that hold the receiver deck are finger screws from a PC cabinet for easíer disassembly if I want the battery out. This is not very costly at all. Of course, that depends on your need and existing battery collection. the servo placement and usage of ball links helps improve steering but requires a tiny bit cut off the chassis to fit vs the original mounting. If you are interested I will try and hunt down the poster who inspired me as I did not think all of it up myself. However you proceed, have fun :-)
  5. "1x long wheel base..." - which car/model..?
  6. Quite used but also very well looked after. Should be ballraced, and steering is free of slop and wheels run freely and precisely (for this kind of car certainly). CVA's at front, and Kyosho gold shocks in the rear I believe. Motor should be a double wound hand made 17T or 19T I think - a fast one. I did not flesh it out originally, or supply electronics but it was done by a knowledgeable guy who toured the race tracks in Denmark way back and wanted a fun car for home. Novak ESC as shown, and a servo included. Not pretty but should be very effective. It has one repair that I can find, in the rear shock tower. The pictures should show that, and also that this one is for running and not for the shelf. I can ship to the UK rather cheaply (if I can find a suitable box), for the rest of the EU and Scandinavia prices vary so ask me. Now sold to a member of this forum; thanks for the sale.
  7. Also, Turnigy and Dromida make 1/16 or 1/18 short course trucks. Dromidas is called SC4.18 I think.
  8. Hi, The car is sold. I cannot see any broken parts. As to missing bits look for yourself. The nice body is a hardbody, and it looks to be in great condition to me with nothing broken or missing. The other body was used for racing it. Rather than refresh the paint on that one, I just summarily cleaned it with water and a blower so the loose bits of paint got off. It seems easy enough to repaint. There is a small crack or two where the front wing of the runner body goes out from the body, easy to fix after a repaint if so desired. The box is dented and scuffed, but it is there and not cut to pieces or broken from taping. The manual looks good but with a small rip in the back I think. Wheels roll freely, steering seems smooth and glides well. Electrics are not tested. No servo is present. I may have a period Acoms or Futaba but I doubt if that makes a difference to a buyer. Correct me if wrong. The biggest let down is that the previous owner seemed to prefer black plastics to white.
  9. Price drop to 100£. Any takers?
  10. Vintage not rerelease as far as I can tell. Obviously not original paint scheme. From the looks of it it has seen very little or no action. Tyres look nice and are not perished. Of course somewhat stiff in the rubber. Diff runs smoothly. There is resistance in the motor or gearbox but it can turn. Electronics are untested. Dirt is free of charge :-) Shipping to the EU at cost, insured of course. For some countries it can be quite cheap. Ask me for a quote. Sold in other forum.
  11. I may have a set. Not sure. Have to check after work. Shipping is from Denmark, to the UK it will be about 9£. Wheels may be used and hence we'll find a nice price.
  12. Not a barn find per se, but a guy cleaning out his garage and selling the lot for about 60£. There were a complete optima mid runner, an extra for spares, a very nice Mardave V12, a Marui Galaxy, a Tamiya Falcon, two TT01's and a very battered Grasshopper. Plus some spares. All are run and worn but at that price point I didn't complain. The somewhat confusing part is, he knew what he was selling. He had run the Optima Mid's competitively from new, had also run a couple of Avantes previously which were traded for Pro Cats so he was knowledgeable enough. It was also nice to hear about the cars' stories that way.
  13. Or so I believe it is. It has been run hard but not for long. The underside is scratched as you see, but the steering and suspension has very little slop. Tyres are worn and dirty but rims fine. Body is sadly damaged at front and only suitable for play. Electronics are untested but I believe they work. A Novak ESC, a fast motor and a standard Futaba servo. I believe the transmitter is a stick model and it can be shipped with or without it as you wish. No box, no manual. I ship to many European countries fairly cheaply at cost, depending on your destination so ask for a quote. It is located in Denmark if you want to come pick it up :-)
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