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  1. I will check my inventory and see if I have something to spare. I know there is one, but not an exact match to your wishes. There is an Associated T4 truggy (2wd). Not the oldest vintage but certainly not new. Is that of interest, or do you wish for even older cars, or only buggies? Cheers Jakob
  2. True enough. If you need more transmitters for running several cars simultaneously, you need to think price. If you have one transmitter for all (is what I have, and then cheaper sets for the kids' cars) then ease of use and programming does become worthwhile. Also, here in DK we just had an IT4-S for sale second hand, never used, for 55GBP.
  3. Hi, have none sadly. I do have a Flysky IT4-S though and thought I would recommend it. It is an exceptionally nice transmitter. Touch display with very intuitive programming - much more so than Sanwa which I also own. It feels like a quality item when holding it, much more so than the brand would suggest. The price can be good, and then buying extra receivers costs next to nothing (8GBP or so from the far east). If you look for such a set be sure to buy the version ending on an -S. The first version without the -S is compatible with much fewer receivers and had a few bugs.
  4. Well I was thinking 100 £ but am willing to go down to 90. Sound fair to you?
  5. So I have this very nice car sitting around doing me too little good. It has driven very little and the scratches you see on the bottom are few and very superficial. The white scuff marks on the bottom of the bumper will come off with the right treatment I suspect. Could give it a go if you wish that checked out, or leave it up to more skilled restorers. Box is very nice. The only real flaw I have noticed is that the front of the body is a tiny bit loose at the seams and the paint is flaking a bit there as well. See the close-up and the inside picture taken up against the sun. Should be fixable with a drop of glue and paint. Not box art stickers either. Otherwise great car. I will ship to most of Europe at cost. Check the images and give me a fair bid if you desire it, Cheers.
  6. I have a 58213: Ferrari F310b. New and unpainted I think, including box, partially assembled. Is missing two wheels I think and maybe one or two more parts. Is that of interest?
  7. Well you are in the right forum here so just start a new thread marked FS: and then the models. In text field describe like above, and add photos. You need to resize photos as original size will probably only allow one or two. I usually resize to about 2MP, or roughly 1200x18000 pixels +/- In forum adds are for not-paying members too. When you paid you can put it on the non forum sales page too. I have not tried that as I am a non-paying member.
  8. Anyone looking for a Falcon? It is in very good condition for a run car, with some scuffing on the bottom, a few screws that need replacing with originals most notably by the rear suspension mount. Paint is peeling a bit and there is a tear in the body as seen in one picture, and one of the mounting holes in the wing has expanded so it is a bit bigger than the screw head. The peeling paint I have no experience fixing but the two other flaws I would say are imminently fixable. The front suspension mount looks completely intact to my eyes and so does the rest of the chassis. But check the images yourself. Electronics are untested but the battery container for transmitter battery is obviously defect. Price is at 70£ plus shipping. Should you feel that is too steep, I will listen to what you suggest or offer. I also have a used and somewhat damaged runner for parts, without a body, I could include for 20£ extra, or sell separately for 30£. Shipping will be done at cost. I use paypal and any fees will come on top. The dust comes at no extra charge :-)
  9. I have an entire Falcon in decent used shape. Not perfect but price will reflect that. Interested? It is a bit much if you only need the two parts.
  10. No I did give it a quick thought but don't want to spend that much on my hobby. Also, my wife would kill me. Yours looks nice for sure, and with a much more palatable price. Not for me though but it deserves an audience. Also, the seller on ebay is an odd one. I have seen many of his auctions and they are hard to search up and I haven't had any luck trying to save him so maybe his auction did not get enough attention. He does have a very impressive collection though!
  11. Yup sent him a PB too, not much more we can do. I think.
  12. There's one on Ebay now! Link https://www.ebay.de/itm/184165268264
  13. You can sure do those things. And it may be worth more to you that way. Good luck on the project!
  14. Right, thats good. UK is a decent market. I would say the charger has no value and is heavy so don't send it. Transmitter has use for some while for others it is merely another one in a pile of unused last-gen tech. The body may be good for running but has no monetary value so it's the car itself you want to get paid for. I hesitate to give a number but would guess in the 40-80£ price range given its condition. I don't think you will get more but may very well be wrong, so wait for a few more answers here is my advice.
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