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  1. I have a Tamiya Bullhead with untested electronics. As I recall it is in good shape but will take it out and flash some photos if there is interest. I am not sure if it is a re-re or vintage but again, will check it out. I have a few purchases and sales in here, so far to satisfaction I should think. Price 120£ plus shipping. Any potential takers?
  2. I have a Bosscat if that is of interest?
  3. Hi, I have a Bullhead if you end up considering it. No box though. I believe it is in good condition but will check it if you're interested.
  4. Hi, this one is a bit off but thought I'd let you know. There is a Robbe Sea Jet in Denmark. I know quite af few Robbe's of that time are rebranded Kyoshos so it may be the same but with a different driver. Shipping abroad is unsure and it is used. However, the price is fairly low - about 65 GBP. Here is a link. It is in Danish but the images do tell a story and if you need contact I can mediate or at least ask if he'll ship overseas. Cheers, Jakob https://www.rcgalleri.dk/baad-robbe-sea-jet/id-179680
  5. Hi, I could really use the FF03 chassis (or both if you prefer to ship together). I do live in Denmark so I assume shipping will be somewhat more. Would you ship to me, and give me a price for that? I will respond here or in private message, as you please, Cheers Jakob
  6. Nice cars and prices. I expect car nr 2 will get going soon too. Good luck!
  7. Are you still looking? I know I have one, but not whether it is the model you are seeking. I will look for you if you need it still
  8. Congrats that was a hard sale. Am not such a big fan of trucks but did look yours over quite a few times for its shear niceness. Decent price too.
  9. Hi, I saw your post. I have a shogun which has one cracked wheel - do you have something to help out? I believe some other odds and ends are broken on it too but have not taken stock as they do not pop up for sale so often. I don't think I can help you for the parts you ask for, but would then pay in cash or offer other trades if relevant to you.
  10. Would you ship to Denmark, and what would the difference in shipping amount to..?
  11. You need to upload pictures in something like .jpg format, and you need to resize image/resolution as this site does not allow upload of images over 4.8 megabyte combined size. And without images it is very hard to make an offer.
  12. It may also be the very few people watching these pages nowadays. I would believe most members in here have at least one or more of the older TEU esc's in their cars. It might also garner more interest with another headline, like "Tamiya external BEC circuit for old ESC's and MSC's".
  13. If that is what it is, it should be a good thing for vintage Tamiya fans as Tamiyas ESC's mostly are without BEC. Teu 101-104 are BEC-less. Only from TEU 105 was a BEC included in the speed controller. So anyone running older Tamiya ESC's could use it as well. Also, I am not sure if new receivers have a BEC anymore, as it nowadays is located in the ESC. That is up to the manual of your receiver to tell.
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