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  1. I have an entire Falcon in decent used shape. Not perfect but price will reflect that. Interested? It is a bit much if you only need the two parts.
  2. No I did give it a quick thought but don't want to spend that much on my hobby. Also, my wife would kill me. Yours looks nice for sure, and with a much more palatable price. Not for me though but it deserves an audience. Also, the seller on ebay is an odd one. I have seen many of his auctions and they are hard to search up and I haven't had any luck trying to save him so maybe his auction did not get enough attention. He does have a very impressive collection though!
  3. There's one on Ebay now! Link https://www.ebay.de/itm/184165268264
  4. You can sure do those things. And it may be worth more to you that way. Good luck on the project!
  5. Right, thats good. UK is a decent market. I would say the charger has no value and is heavy so don't send it. Transmitter has use for some while for others it is merely another one in a pile of unused last-gen tech. The body may be good for running but has no monetary value so it's the car itself you want to get paid for. I hesitate to give a number but would guess in the 40-80£ price range given its condition. I don't think you will get more but may very well be wrong, so wait for a few more answers here is my advice.
  6. What country are you in? Prices vary in regions, shipping costs, duty/taxes etc too.
  7. I have one, sadly in Denmark though. Shipping will be more than the actual transmitter. They should be easy enough to come by. At least here they basically float around and prices are quite low.
  8. That sentence depends entirely on the recipient country. in Denmark, the post office is at liberty to open all incoming parcels (from without the EU) and check their value. All that is valued over approximately 12$ will be taxed and tariffed, no matter if it is a present or any other jump-thru-hoops-measure. If a value is not present inside, or that value seems untruthful, they'll charge a fee based on what they feel the value is. Also, they charge a fee of approx 24$ for opening the parcel. So beware what you promise.
  9. I have a spare Falcon and a half so maybe wheels combined with spare bits would be of use? Let me know if you're interested, cheers Jakob
  10. I have a Tamiya Bullhead with untested electronics. As I recall it is in good shape but will take it out and flash some photos if there is interest. I am not sure if it is a re-re or vintage but again, will check it out. I have a few purchases and sales in here, so far to satisfaction I should think. Price 120£ plus shipping. Any potential takers?
  11. I have a Bosscat if that is of interest?
  12. Hi, I have a Bullhead if you end up considering it. No box though. I believe it is in good condition but will check it if you're interested.
  13. Hi, this one is a bit off but thought I'd let you know. There is a Robbe Sea Jet in Denmark. I know quite af few Robbe's of that time are rebranded Kyoshos so it may be the same but with a different driver. Shipping abroad is unsure and it is used. However, the price is fairly low - about 65 GBP. Here is a link. It is in Danish but the images do tell a story and if you need contact I can mediate or at least ask if he'll ship overseas. Cheers, Jakob https://www.rcgalleri.dk/baad-robbe-sea-jet/id-179680
  14. Hi, I could really use the FF03 chassis (or both if you prefer to ship together). I do live in Denmark so I assume shipping will be somewhat more. Would you ship to me, and give me a price for that? I will respond here or in private message, as you please, Cheers Jakob
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