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  1. It is clear coated but with a flat clear. I went with a flat clear to keep that non shiny cartoony look. Gotta find some center caps for the wheels(or make them) then paint the flower design on them like the cartoon.
  2. Here are my two recently built CW-01 chassis trucks. I had a Lunchbox back in the mid 90's and it was always a blast and thought i needed to add one to my stable. I had a blast building it and painting it(Mystery Machine) so i found a great deal on Tower and picked up the Pumpkin shortly after. Only mods to both are the 3rd shock mod using a TL01 friction damper with a CW01 kit supplied upper mount and ball end. Both run the stock provided ESC and silver can motor with an ARRMA 15kg servo for steering. Radio is a DX4C from Spektrum with an American flag wrap. Hope you enjoy!
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