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  1. I recently hijacked a separate thread by @Jonathon Gillham - who kindly overlooked it 😂 - then wondered if this topic was worth wider views ? I’ve loved my old Tamiya 74085 tool set but its now on its last legs after 4 years hard labour ... The small driver handles have worn from repeated pushing in / out of the larger grip and the tip blades are dulling to the point they risk threading the heads of smaller screws / bolts My question is whether its worth investing in a full TRF tool set now that (a) I’m confident they’ll get the mileage and (b) I tend to dabble in older kits where metal integrity can be dwindling or head / thread erosion makes a true set critical in avoiding damage Or are others - like MIP or Hudy - genuinely better for the money ? Conversely, maybe just replacing the 74085 set is actually the smart call ? Sourcing a full set of TRF kit with a an OEM work stand is going to set me back c. $175 including postage - which is fine if they’re worth it ... but not so much if not 😂 All views much appreciated
  2. Evening all, I’m after a NIB vintage 58042 Rothmans and 58052 New Man RM please. Neither need be mint / perfect but must be boxed and 100% original / complete - largely because I’m going to build both in the Autumn 😬 Cash waiting for the right ones 👍 Best, SC
  3. Agree with @moffman Theres maybe a degree of well intentioned over enthusiasm here 😇 Tamiya don’t need to do anything beyond sticking to evolving strategy which - even though it may be boring and a little opportunistic for older hands - is clearly working well for them financially and in bringing new blood to the hobby In parallel it’s cleverly fuelling the fires with fresh interest in their back catalog ... Fwiw I also agree with @Saito2 re the last time Tamiya went head to head with Kyosho in pure bread racing buggies - which didn’t end well for them
  4. Agree with @KEV THE REV re the look of the new shock towers But they may have finally fixed them snapping or the anchor nuts threading ? Its hard to tell if they improved anything else ? but agree with the general excitement here The Ultima - esp carefully hopped - beats the RC10 any day in my book So yes - another 2 will go on order when it’s released 😬
  5. Agree with @DK308 re the TT02 variants in a straight line - esp when carefully improved And I’ll bid a TRF 414M against pretty much anything this side of silly money on road Lots are quicker around a track btw - which is actually more fun / important 😬
  6. Not to be preachy but some of the cheaper UK baby monitors and heart rate monitors still use 35 these days ... Best avoided unless you’re in the air Re polarity, isn’t it clear from the wire colours - noting if you’re trying to reverse arm direction for the AS3 required by a Blazer then flipping the + / - wires on a AS7 won’t work You’ll burn out the servo or receiver Best you just trade it in for a suitable set tbh
  7. Very true @Saito2 And even more so for later kits - maybe 84 onward ? It’s also interesting that for 76 to 82 ? there were hardly any hop ups at all Take a look in the first 4 r/c guide books - spares yes, lots of them, hop ups ? Hardly any - unless you were happy / able to adapt sister chassis ... which at 9yrs old is brave So how often we built, ran then built again before 84 was maybe more down to Tamiya design quality ? Noting rushed builds by kids (and weak durability) were surely the majority back then ? All that then flips when we come back to things as (in theory) grown ups - where I’ve added more TRF blue (plus aftermarket bling) to a CC01 and TT02 than either ever deserved ... and the most fun was (belatedly) finding out from views in here that I was an utter idiot 😂 Type 2 fun is now knowing precisely where Tamiya’s original design / manual benefits from help - and, even then, not always doing it because a stock drive (with a little help on durability) often can’t be beaten 😊
  8. Maybe have a wander through the forum for some thoughts on Tamiya strategy over the years ? They hardly ever over-produce to meet end demand these days - it’s a gamble that’s been lost too often ... and even for a decent kit can take 3 - 5 years for a run to completely sell out - which at best humbles cashflow For a dog that ends up grossly under selling, a full batch would make it impossible for Tamiya to recover quickly - or in some cases at all It’s no coincidence that most boring / same chassis designs (or re re) followed an expensive punt ? Tamiya also seem to discontinue new kits / designs more quickly these days - with fewer hop ups in the meantime - which likely helps reduce costs and create more collectable ‘bubbles’ they can plunder with re re down the line For me, that forces modern collectors into a wide / low spread bet that lacks any appeal Anyway, if enough distributors place pre-orders, Tamiya will run a fresh batch answering all ‘on order with supplier’ demand on seller websites - which I suspect is fine re the WW2 / not sure about the W1 ?
  9. Ok so having lauded my old Tamiya 74085 set, its now on its last legs after 4 years hard labour ... The small driver handles have worn from repeated in / out to the larger grip and the blades are dulling to the point they risk threading the heads of small stuff 🙄 Is it really worth investing in TRF tools now that I’m confident they’ll get the mileage guys ? Or are others better ? Sourcing a full set of TRF kit with stand is going to set me back c. $175 including postage - which is fine if they’re worth it ... but not so much if not 😂 All views much appreciated
  10. Great thread @Saito2 Completely agree the fun tends to flip over time For me, it’s a bit like type 1 fun and type 2 fun with my kids - where the first is pure thrill and the second carries a bit of effort - maybe (God forbid ...) eduction - to get there When we’re young it’s all about an instant hit of type 1 fun - largely because patience comes with age and, more recently, because Apple, amazon (and others) have weaned the next generation to expect immediate gratification from everything ... which is nuts So that’s why running was definitely the ‘goal’ when I started out ... and the reason a lot of my much loved (then ran to death cars) in the 70s and early 80s were rushed / sub-optimal builds to say the least 😂 Ironically that also made them wear out way faster than they should - but try telling that to any wide eyed, 9yr old ... Wind the clock forward 40 years and I wouldn’t dream of using anything but the right (often judiciously hopped up) type of pre-tapped screw, driver, grease and glue in anything built or restored Or making sure the finishes are immaculate box art to start with Why ? Partly because the time thing mentioned above is true But mainly because if you still love Tamiya kit enough to get excited about the ‘next one’ when you’re pushing 50 it’s earned your respect / care - so type 2 fun is the reward 😉
  11. Hi, What are you selling ? There are plenty of guys / girls here who might buy direct if you post things in the Sales forum ? And it would save you eBay plus PayPal fees 👍 Best, SC
  12. If you know 27 then you’re prob old school UK / EU ? If so, 35 on land is illegal over here these days - sorry The legacy Hi Lux / Blazer rig you’re after is an Acoms 427 or Futaba FP—3G
  13. +1 of these re my request a month ago guys They’re a pita for snapping below the core as the plastic becomes brittle
  14. Not to be a curmudgeon guys 😇 but livery isn’t box art I love the vintage stuff - and will defend any SRB or 3 Speed box paint job to the hilt - but legacy sponsor stickers were plucked with taste, haste and occasional (dis)regard for intellectual property by Tamiya Their innate instinct for epic design - even down to creating sublime box art - has, for me, never been matched - noting few third party royalties were ever claimed (or paid) back in the day ... By contrast, a motorsport livery has millions spent just designing it - then the same again in use So - it’s not really a fair comparison to be fair but the question is still a good one 😉
  15. Glasses are our friends gents. Don’t ever take out short sighted contact lenses mid job ... TRF grease on your fingers tends to smart when you forgetfully poke yourself in the eye 😂
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