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  1. +1 re @Willy iine suggestion Tamiya cement is also way easier to clean if you miss / dribble slightly 👍 It can chip more easily if the chassis bends / is caught the wrong way - but rarely and easy to see / fix
  2. There are always lots of views on this sort of thing Many differing - and all inevitably hard to balance For me, Fb and other fora are a deliberately easy social gateway for ill informed chancers to click a link then be opportunistic (and often rude) to dedicated hobbyists just trying out something new - or thinking it’s a well informed alternative to eBay ? And if imbeciles could fly, Twitter - or whatever brand Musk is now peddling - would be an airport … It’s TC and TB only for me I’m afraid How does the saying go ? Don't bother with idiots - they’ll drag you down to their level and drown you in numbers … Life is frankly too short 👍
  3. Another TA02SW Porsche TT02 hosted populist eye candy And a few TRF / TA08 pimped chassis that they should have sold 2 years ago 🙄
  4. Very much agree with all the above And genuinely hope no one would deal with anyone new then blame the Club ? PS I’ve £700 in titanium screws @svenb / bank account is Prince Neveradit in Lagos ?
  5. Hi all, I’m looking for recommendations / introductions to someone able / willing to take on the limited edition livery attached ? It’s a TA03R-S Porsche 911 GT1 lightweight shell but with the 49139 limited edition Tamiya TRF hop ups / livery, not the normal Mobil found on the 58193 entry version. This box pic is pretty much anyone has to go on - so it will need a keen eye for colours and decals. Any / all help v much appreciated as always 👍 Thanks in advance, SC
  6. @Mokei Kagaku is probably the only one I’d defer to on the Super Champ 😂 Superb insight - as ever sir / thank you 👏 I do stand by my layman / racer’s view that SC ‘upgrades’ are a high maintenance option though ? Especially without obvious CRP / Dirt Burner plastic or engineering to reduce consequent breakages 👍
  7. Make sure you dry test / measure / pack out with shims Its horribly loose if kept original 🙄 You might also seal the inner box with a v thin layer of clear bathroom sealant then bond the joints / seals with a thicker / flexible layer of Shoo Goo ? It will then hold oil as well as grease - plus keeping the rubbish out Makes a massive difference done well 👍
  8. It’s an odd one but SC rear sponge tyres work really well in a lot of places they weren’t meant for @Grumpy pants They’re light, hugely ribbed and float beautifully in dry sand / grip nicely in the hard moist stuff They also wear out v quickly - so maybe a treat rather than every day ? I otherwise prefer RR fronts - or @Willy iine has nailed the Optima set above / that you could transfer to a SS ? Personally, I think Kyosho also made better tyres back then - and they would look superb beneath a SS ! Yes re the Tamiya SC servo saver - but be ready for breakages sir Its a high maintenance upgrade - as we’re pretty much all of the SC changes To be honest, the CRP early plastic front end upgrades are pretty much a pre-requisite unless you want to be off the road waiting for spares all the time ? Ditto their rear arms and suspension brace 👍
  9. Fine work as ever at @Willy iine 🙌 But those are street hot rods / not SRBs right ? And the bodies are a testament to your talent with paint rather than Kyosho scale 👏 Bet they do indeed handle well tho !!
  10. Sounds like a flush fit then 👍 The torque obviously depends on the motor A silver can should always be fine A Sport Tuned may rotate in the casing as there are no lugs on the re re gearbox - especially if low geared on a fun surface If so, they crack the plastic shell as the end bell rubs round Or as the motor wires turn so far they crack crack the plastic gearcase upper holes 👍
  11. Very true @Willy iine - the Kyosho Scorpion + Beetle def handled better They also lacked a detailed, scale shell - so somehow end up less satisfying to drive ? I don’t think anyone - even Dirt Burners back in the day - ever made an SRB slipper / and I’m not sure how one would be possible tbh ? The Tamiya or Dirt Burners rear diff is equally tricky Yes - both will put more power down on hard surfaces - but who runs an SRB on tarmac or concrete ? The diff is also utterly pointless on sand - and frustrating on gravel / grass … especially wet or damp So +1 re @Grumpy pants suggestions for me - and def no brushless or lipo / the chassis simply can’t handle it If you go with a Sport Tuned, you’ll need to strip the stickers - and be ready to grease the shell / scratch it’s paint - as the SRB gear box is snug to say the least It also has to fit 100% flush or you’ll crack the clear plastic cover when you screw it down - which can take time / brute force 👍
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