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  1. Tamiya have followed Apple in making everything the same + simple these days - but that doesn’t mean modern designs automatically need alloy hop ups Most aftermarket parts just transfer stress to a more expensive / bigger part to fix - so unless you go all in (like the Yeah Racing TT02 aluminium packs for $500) its a shelf queen / personal choice or fools errand Even aftermarket alloy shocks aren’t a reliable choice - because the seals on 90% aren’t engineered to a reliable standard and weep so badly they not only lack damping but often bounce oil onto tyres In short, Yeah Racing are ok if you go for a full set to run otherwise fill your boots for a shelf queen or avoid 👍
  2. Interesting thoughts 🤔 I guess it depends on your kid(s) - because they’re all different, right ? For me, our youngest (10) sliced through Tamiya’s First Try / TT02 kit 57986 with minimal help tightening self tappers - which retails for about £70 w/o a body or RC in the UK / pic below Pre-assembled complex components + overly linear instructions are an absolute joy for little people - and the TT02 can hold all manner of 257 / WB shells that will capture tiny attention if chosen to match their favourite movies or TV ? Chose any decent lexan shell with window masks + pre cut decals and you can even teach tiny minds about colour pigmentation / how to simply layer rattle can paint - which is the bedrock of prism physics they’ll learn at school ! Finally, the TT02 is robust enough to cope with the initial thrashing / mistimed jumps that ensues - with abundant spares to fix or hop up to match a little person’s skill / interest Our James Bond Vanquish is attached - with sincere thanks to Fusion Hobbies for the kit + TC members @svenb +@purplerob for bits 👍
  3. +1 re @Grastens advice PS paint also absorbs any underlying flex w/o cracking the acrylic
  4. The FDR - factoring in a Mad Bulls tyres - will make anything below 10.5t a rapid race to burnout And even then more an uncontrollable missile not fun drive Agree with @Juggular - 13.5t + TBLE 04 👍
  5. Some care required with anything low slung at the front - esp super cars or touring There’s only so far you can trim TT02 body posts down before those magnetic mounts have nothing left to bite on - or their diameter fouls the v small gap between the post + front bumper Even at their lowest level, you’ll find a sharply raked bonnet rides too high - and you’ve already cut the posts by then … There are other (more expensive) solutions but personally I’d stick with posts - which you can trim / bling up with TRF caps if necessary 👍
  6. Another cracker @Saito2 Is the answer banal but sadly simple - expense ? Small, paper packaging - like Transformer inserts underneath std plastic packaging / similar for Star Wars figures etc - is easily + cheaply swapped out with language variations Tamiya even did it for the paper tags of some vintage parts / ancillaries - with a few having purely Japanese titles The packaging for larger kits + accessories is harder + more expensive to switch - esp when Tamiya always did it properly back in the day re multi coloured / quality printing, thick / protective card and superbly fine detail Add the fact that home market sales loved US / EU styles back then - making English attractive to local consumers - and they arguably had a win / win ? Thats not to say Tamiya gaslighted Japanese customers with overseas branding - as even early kits had Japanese only quirks / limited editions, both making core markets feel special, and are now highly sought after by collectors If anything, Tamiya getting naming right for so long is a marvel - when every other manufacturer has occasional gaffs in translation ? My favourite is Toyota’s 80s mid- engined marvel - the MR2 Which sounded like m r deux in French - or merde 😂
  7. Interesting thread How do you rate Tamiya vs aftermarket LEDs ? TLU 01 / TLU 02 vs stuff costing a third ? And Tamiya integrated MFCs - 01 to 03 ? For me, decent LEDs use so little power these days it’s almost lazy not to add their impact to a decent (non racing) kit ? And they look truly stunning done properly 👍
  8. Nasty rumour that copper wire was invented by two Scots quarrelling over a penny ? Whiskey pretty good if you’re bored 👍
  9. Over (or incorrect) use of oils / grease attracts dirt + prematurely wears relatively delicate gears / joints RC cars just aren’t made to anywhere near the same tolerances as 1:1 - nor do their moving parts have the mass / required longevity to create issues requiring packed sumps or seals With a few notable exceptions pointed out above, 90% of the time no (or dry) lube will honestly produce a better result in most places And I love 3Sps btw - own 4 and adore the realism / engineering Even they benefit from dry chain lubes not original oils 👍
  10. Interesting thread @Saito2 The 380S started life in the 58002 Porsche 935 with a white end bell and reversible (15/19) pinion - which was about the most those old chassis could sensibly take despite a 540 hop up at the time There was also a Japanese aftermarket dual 360 / 380 vintage upgrade - plus a dual 540 version for the truly insane ! Later vintage models got a black end bell / fixed pinion Its a lovely driving experience imo - esp on light / simple cars 👍
  11. Agree with @Problemchild / JJ No issues with PJ as seller + bought a lot from them over the last 5 - 6 years Only recent issues are as he alludes - delay + tax, if you’re the UK ? Which is a **** show of our own making + not anyone else’s fault in my book 👍
  12. Tamiya’s PT01 electric screw driver is a branded Makita DF012DSE Buy their EU / US bit set + the wife sees you using a (hidden expense) all the time … 😇
  13. Agree with @svenb and others re the expense / time hopping up an entry TA03 Its possibly not what you want to hear ? but if you’re serious you’d save a fortune finding a well cared for TRF car (R or RS) for donor parts ? The TRF RS would give you something v special and cost prob 15% of buying NIP hop ups separately 👍 It’s also v pretty as (multi coloured) Tamiya bling 😎
  14. +1 to all of this Longer / better manuals, accurate sponsor stickers, more metal parts, fickle oil dampers + MSCs included - to say nothing of bundling nicer tools, threadlock + switch lubricant 👍 Even small things like using washers - either to remove friction or dampen the bite of a screw head - which cost reduction has long since driven out ? Can you imagine Tamiya designing any kit with 15 individual pieces of plastic glass like the original 934 ? Or adding a tiny plastic visor for a driver’s helmet - like they did for the original Wild Willy ? The counter to all this is obviously modern kits being relatively cheaper, simpler and quicker to assemble - with fewer things to break + tougher in use Hence the new trend toward pre trimmed / painted shells ? Lots of us still enjoy the build as much as the drive though - with (for me) current kits proving boring / or at least less satisfying vs vintage 👍 SC PS Just to blow my whole argument apart, I recently built a Tamiya 1st Try RC / TT02 with my youngest (which was everything I complain about) and loved it ! Although that was more the joy of seeing kids have fun doing what you used to do - only better 😂
  15. Thanks @middleagedgrup Yes - they sadly don’t accept bespoke commissions - link below: https://www.rcdecals.co.uk/ I guess not many would be prepared to pay for their design time vs a £20 piece of paper - but I would !
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