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  1. The 74085 is a decent entry JIS set It will also serve you well for 5 - 6 builds before the handle swapping + lack of bite / grip starts to irritate or give you blisters if you start restoring stubborn vintage kits If you’re ‘back for good’ I agree with @No Slack - and Tamiya black handles are much better mid term buy for modest additional expense They’ll then last you until TRF tools appeal / are worth the investment 👍
  2. Interesting thread that hopefully benefits from a step back Kyosho Optimas / Ultimas then Associated RC10s buried Tamiya in competitive off road from the late 80s + They’re why I originally left the hobby as a kid - it became racing by numbers + everything felt / looked the same 🙄 Yokomo and Schumacher then widened the gap and Tamiya gave in - turning off road know how and TA02 lessons into a highly capable TA03 road car that David Jun tweaked to win across the board 97+ A minor sponsored privateer then spawned true TRF - the 404, 414, 415 etc - and Worlds wins on road That then fed back some innovation off road re the 201, 501, 511 etc - but Tamiya had been left behind + didn’t have the appetite or pockets to battle both series Is it too late for victory in either / both ? Absolutely not - Tamiya could innovate any to success Whether there’s a commercial rationale when we don’t press the issue is another matter ? To be fair, we appear content filling Tamiya’s coffers buying re re and bodies on boring chassis so why should they ? 🤔 If we want a vibrant TRF series, we might look in the mirror re why it’s not there !
  3. Current Limited Editions feel like part bin clearance with rit dye to mask opportunism ? To be fair that’s been going on for a while - look at TA chassis parts from 92+ 😂 - but better vintage Limited Editions had strictly capped / packet numbered sales and tweaked performance 👍
  4. Myth #8 - twisting wires together after 1976 made a new element ... that was both waterproof + had zero resistance
  5. Not a reprise of the previous Most Powerful thread - copy below - this time which was best for each chassis ? My issue with the previous thread / answers - all of which were valid in context - is that power is useless unless effectively applied Which means you arguably can’t pick a motor in isolation - it has to be in a well set up chassis, all of which legitimately differ - on road, off road, 2 / 4 WD, drive / belt, diffs etc So what’s the best brushed motor for each vintage chassis ? I’ll open with a soft target - how many chassis could you put (what I think is one of Tamiya’s best motors) the 1993 Acto TRF Tuned in effectively ? Is it the ultimate on road brushed vs the Pink Acto for off ? Or do the later MS Transpeeds - 9 / 10T - take either / both ?
  6. Only original 540s - although I thought that included the old Red / Blue hop ups ? 🤔 The Sport Tuned will only fit if you grind down the internal motor nubs in the gearbox Its then a tight fit - usually forcing removal of motor stickers, grease + grunt ... or the end bell sits proud and cracks the plastic case when you screw it down Removing the nubs is a simple job with a Dremel but not original + clearly no going back 👍
  7. @OCD is spot on re the cost of licensing vs high volume in sales revenue required to break even, let alone turn a profit For some reason we don’t seem prepared to pay for premium licensing these days - Porsche, Ferrari etc - yet many readily blow nearly £1k on top end Traxxas RTR that, for me, is just a v fast truggy ? Have we got too used to paying >£200 for new kits each year whilst costs rise and squeeze margins ? Def wasn’t like that back in the day if you wind back inflation ? Work out what a vintage 959 price inflates to in real money + it goes a long way to excusing bonkers NIB prices ... In terms of attracting the next generation of youngsters, everyone wrote off Lego vs Minecraft but - by embracing digital crossover - they just had their best year in 15 ... and look set to continue That then (a) arms them with coffers to fund premium licensing and (b) provides resilience to honour their 10k requests and we’ll build it promise - which I confess I joined for the the Orca set in Jaws 😂 Now I know that bump is largely down to lockdowns around the World but Tamiya benefited from the same market - yet haven’t moved with the times ? How to bring 7+ year olds into the hobby ? Premium licensing would clearly help but maybe also by moving with the times ? Possibly by making the best kit manuals ever easier / interactive on kids’ iPads ? Then add cheap onboard cameras / gyros so kids can clip their phones onto RC + drive their the cars first person ? Maybe even let them enter their kit + hop up bar codes, link the output online + race virtually with friends when parents can take them to the track ? Its not the build / drive that puts kids off - it’s the experience not catching up with modern competition 👍
  8. Interesting @Juhunio I know what you mean about grip but the TRF + / - I’ve got are larger than the hex equivalent ? Its true they’re aluminium not rubberised / soft like 74120 / 74119 but for me gives better feel / bite ? Its really only an issue for volume work - and you’re then best taking your time for TRF kits or buying Tamiya’s 74041 with specialist JIS threads to spare your elbow ? Beyond that, you’re clearly in a rush ! So either racing - and care more about seconds vs quality - or just impatient 😂 and Tamiya’s 74089 is then your friend Personally, I thinks it’s a lovely piece of Panasonic ? rebranding but not for me 👍
  9. Solid choice 👍 If you have fun + do a lot more maybe look at TRF tools ? Or Arrowmax ? Both add expense but make builds way more enjoyable imo TRF are beautifully weighted and grip well in hand - with a superb bite point, no threading + replacement cores for most sizes Arrowmax are 30% cheaper - and close but not quite the same 😇
  10. Agree with @sosidge They also have a 3 hole piston ring - which is softer over bumps and (when you add reduced rebound) is meant to hug uneven surfaces Possibly useful for old school tracks in need of repair ? but imo still cheaper / better to build bespoke vs current prices Tamico have a special offer on most red damper parts bar the cylinder cores 👍
  11. TRF Lunchbox +1 😂 With a blue wheelie bar setting fire to the grass as it crests 60mph ... Beyond that, it’s a true TRF 934 - sorry 20th Ann was a Taisan / 911 🙄 30th Ann / 49400 was v close 40th Ann / 84431 was more good value - with a rubbish wheelbase / body Just once knock it out of the park - then retire the series !
  12. There are a lot of these around but do any work with old school Tamiya 911 Taisan 26mm BBS ? It’s hard to see how they could given the inner wheel profile ? Spec below and pics attached of my preferred If there’s a mod: Inner Diameter: 31 mm (1.2inch) Overall Diameter: 35mm (1.4inch) (With the Caliper) Hex: 12 mm Thanks in advance, SC
  13. Congratulations - it’s a good day when hard work + research pays off isn’t it ? Enjoy - it’s a lovely model 👍 Original 750 motors and MSCs crop up fairly regularly on eBay - with the just the obvious caveats around age / use I’ll defer to younger / keener members for modern alts - not my thing with a vintage chassis 😂
  14. @Mad Ax is spot on If you’re having fun with older frequencies + vintage cars the more important thing is likely to know where you stand now ? Trouble is, every country / region tends to differ - two links, UK / EU below: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/spectrum/radio-spectrum-and-the-law/licence-exempt-radio-use/licence-exempt-devices/Radio-controlled-models https://www.eurorc.com/page/88/upgrading-the-radio-equipment-of-your-rc-car Personally, I only run my old stuff with legacy kit at organised revival events, or in the middle of nowhere Otherwise, the inelegance of old RC means (in the UK) you’d risk emergency service or marine crossover - and who wants to deny anyone help or pay the fines ? 2.4Ghz obviously solves all that 👍
  15. Another good one worth revisiting 👍 Some box art can feel hugely satisfying and iconic - for me, mostly first 100 with a few later entries ? Others - even within that range, and esp after - were, again for me, wrong from the start ... or a re re compromise with fudged sponsor decals ? For example, I love later 90s touring car technical evolution but - in terms of box art / shells - sponsors threw up on a saloon with minimal brand effort / colour beneath ... the 911 Taisan possibly being the only exception that propagated into a true livery ? Even the new TFE has a decals fudge - this time not sponsor driven, making its motives more curious 🤨 Whatever you think, the beauty of building as well as buying means it’s always individual choice - and why so many of us are wedded to the old 🔵🔴 Whether a kit being painted box art impacts it’s after sales value is an entirely separate question - and one arguably driven by something at odds with pure fun ? With the latter in mind, consider some of the epic creativity and talent on here, all doing their own thing, way better than Tamiya ever could - @Truck Norris @JennyMo to name but two I’m not in either league - and am happy if inept efforts at box art (or otherwise) swerve blasphemy 😂 and make me / anyone else interested happy ! That’s where the fun lies 👍
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