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  1. Interestingly - the manual inside the MFC box refers to the T4VWD / AM set - pic attached So I’m now clueless as to which works 🙄 @berman
  2. So it looks like the MFC is 2.4Ghz - pic attached of the box side ? Its citing the 2.4Ghz Futaba 4YWD as compatible but the 4YWD set I bought has a newer RX: R214 GF-E not the R204 GF-T recommended / pic attached ? Does anyone know the difference between the RX ? @Shodog @berman And if I’m likely ok ?
  3. Can’t see the new one as available for pre order on Fusion Hobbies’ website @futureworks ? And they’re not addressing the wheelbase - pics from Tamico below 🙄 Complete agree re the 30th @Shodog
  4. Massively helpful - thanks @berman The 4YWD has arrived but the MFC isn’t due for another week I’ll check and update here so others know 👍
  5. If you add up the base cost and hop ups these weren’t a bad deal at the time They just lacked any imagination - and @Shodog is spot on re the wheelbase issue, even if it would have been a more expensive fix in terms of suspension arms / prop shafts Will Tamiya spice up the 45th with a few more hop ups ? Or fix the wheelbase this time ? Cheap not to - esp when some hop ups are almost nugatory in terms of cost ? Personally, I think we’ll get the 40th in white 🙄 And arguably the 50th in green … What I’d really like is for Tamiya to show more respect to us + their heritage ? So a 45th fully hopped up TA02SW if they must And the 50th based on a contemporary racing chassis like the 30th before it ! Maybe a fully tricked TA08 😇
  6. Bump - any thoughts or leads much appreciated 👍
  7. Afternoon all, I’ve ordered an MFC 02 kit for a Mountain Rider build with my daughter and somewhat hurriedly (admittedly after a glass …) bought the recommended Futaba 4YWD RC set. A little Sun avo reading now suggests the 2.4 version I’ve bought won’t work with the MFC 02 ? Is that right ? Or am I spared flipping it on eBay ? 🙄 If I’m stuffed, what’s the best alternative RC as the 4YWD AM version that apparently works fine seems hens teeth to find ? Which sort of makes the MFC 02 an amazing, dead duck ! In fact, maybe I’ll sell it and keep the Futaba 😂 Thanks in advance, SC
  8. Wasn’t referring to you @berman - and there was no slight on anyone debating anything here Far from it ! My point was tyre performance at the level being discussed usually needs a baseline - the objective conditions each set is designed to run in - then context - set up, temps, moisture, race times etc Having fun kicking round other ideas is obvs fine - but there’s loads of data points underpinning a variety of tyres / conditions if anyone wants to look 👍
  9. Much appreciated @tamiya3speed Interesting link - that looks more about waterproofing ? And suggests there’s nothing more needed to retrofit ? I can handle the lighting but wondered if rest needed care ?
  10. Has anyone put the MFC 02 in a Mountain Rider ? Tips and mod specs would be v much appreciated ! Thanks in advance, SC
  11. Interesting that Tamiya A + B compounds aren’t mentioned ? Or their grip points ? Track temp, running conditions + sidewall flex (reinforced tyres etc) are way more important than all above As is setting up properly to match tyres / environment Anyone’s view is obvs welcome but debating rubber before repeatedly laying it down is brave to say the least As is, advocating tyres across chassis … Combine both + there are innumerable racers threads on here educating all 👍 Ignore them + why are we here ?
  12. Does any know where I can find set up details of the Worlds’ winning cars ? So Surikarn / 2002, Marc Rheinard / 2004 / 2008 / 2010 and Jiles Groskamp / 2012 ? Ideally with the RC / battery they each ran back then ? I’m trying to replicate the exact same cars - not bring anything up to date 👍 Thanks in advance, SC
  13. Option 3 plus licensing imo And decals / sponsors shift too
  14. You know your boys better than anyone here but I showed my girls pics and vids of loads of cars so they could get excited at (and engaged in) the prospect - and be invested in the build. Way more important than a chassis they lose interest in after 2hrs - and (in most cases) you can always slot in a better chassis or hop up an existing when they can drive it + will mean something special to them 👍
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