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  1. Late to another superb @Saito2 thread - sorry sir Are ‘original’ cars a different experience ? Yes - we’re not the same, even if the cars are @Killajb pretty much nailed the ‘us’ differences - and I’d only add you can’t afford much aged 10 ? When you can 30+, it’s a trip down memory lane and often less visceral emotionally ? Cars are different Many original 70s / 80s cars were a lovable pita - and the RC10 in @Saito2s original question is perfect, because it was so good out of the box it destroyed hobbyist tinkering ? That meant no ‘original’ feeling - or at least way less than before - and was why I left the hobby back in the day How can you ‘own’ a build anyone cack handed can screw together + immediately beat everything on the track ? Where’s the fun in that ?! For me, originality lives beyond the box. Which is why I’m red, blue, through + through 😂 Even if their current form tests me 👍
  2. All for the fun of breaking new ground but doesn’t a TT02B scratch this itch quicker + with fewer compromises if taking an on road chassis into the muck ? Wheels and shocks will never get a TA02 to off road ground clearance - and something else will likely break first bounce ?
  3. Lockdowns vary but, for me, there’s generally little for those who are still earning to spend on ? So Covid may (economically) divide the hobby like a number of other things have in the past ? Bubbles burst - and in my experience the only bits still rising upward when they do are the usual suspects that would have anyway ? Everything else plummets back to where it should have been - sometimes (unfairly + briefly) lower Forgive me gents - but this little gem is in the latter, sorry Absolutely no criticism of any of the above btw - enjoy while you can 👍
  4. Agree with @MadInventor Enjoy this for whatever reason you bought it 👍 Mine is new built + in box art - and I love it !
  5. Doesn’t the vintage Bruiser have an old 3 step MSC ? If so, I’d be wary of putting anything other than 7.2v through it at the efficiency it was designed for ? 8.4v and a LiPo at full tilt risks otherwise risks melting things There are plenty of shorty NiCd 7.2v packs with decent Mah run time that will fit 👍
  6. I’ve helped TC / TB members with PayPal who didn’t realise they were trusted on here when they bid on my eBay clear outs Not interested in giving out my bank details to anyone bar a few close pals on here / who know who you are - even Fb forums
  7. Usually a mistake to invite the question No expert but ladies often seem happily distracted by expensive footwear that happens to arrive alongside a separate box from Japan ...
  8. I’m trying to match pro / sponsored drivers with their wins, cars + livery from 1988 to 2010 - because it doesn’t seem anyone ever has ? Google offers a decent amount of hardware info - e.g. how early TRF blue parts became cars then various chassis evolved - but little on the drivers that made it all happen and when / why / how ? Hope this opens a flood of legacy insight - not least so it’s then all in one place for everyone to tap into 👍
  9. Keep it ! The Blazer you sold me restored beautifully sir 👍 And it will probably put your youngest through a year of Uni if you change your mind by then 😂
  10. I’m exactly the same @markbt73 Subscribed with similar intentions to 2 years ago - and my Showroom is still empty 🙄 I feel good doing my bit for TC coffers though - and recently gave myself a robust talking to about Lockdown being the perfect chance to fix 😂
  11. All the above differences are correct. @Singapore_959s point re the first run, box typo applies to the narrow ends not sides btw - pics of my NIB 959 attached. Tamiya covered the mistake with a piece of card - which you can clearly see around the edges @OCD 😂
  12. Another great question @Saito2 - and from what I see, def very much a thing The only change might be a series or chassis pivot vs kit numbers over time ? Like you, I’m pretty much first a 100 man but - again, like you - drifted to complete vintage 3 speeds (Mountaineer) and the first 20 years of Porsche (latterly TA02SW / TA03RS) There’s then the odd escapee with more modern Porsche anniversary models to complete a ‘set’ - 30th, Black, 40th, Black 934s 🙄 To be fair, my collection is very personal - which I suspect most are - and driven by building my NIBs in when I eventually retire So I’m less focussed on future value and more on fun - which investors with a retail cut off might not be 🤔
  13. Are we talking about speed / convenience or quality here ? Two very diff things - that, we all know, rarely align 🙄 It’s true self tappers - and esp titanium - cam out ... some first time, most with use It’s also true their diameter and edge tip angles - which form the bite - are diff than equivalent hex or machined Broadly, they bite wider (and a little upward) vs hex - so the latter in the same place are prone to stripping under load - which is pretty much @Saito2s point The cam issue is fixed with JIS drivers And deforming plastic under load is fixed either with a thread forming tap or heat / vaseline plus a carefully weighted hand Not sure why anyone would then opt for hex if it’s not a convenient shelfer ? Which, for me, would still have the wrong screws 😂
  14. Anyone seen / driven a 411x ?
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