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  1. SuperChamp82

    SOLD - Tamiya TRF 3 Car Carry Case (New)

  2. SuperChamp82

    measuring flexibility/stiffness

    Agree with pretty much all of that. Algorithms will spit out torsional stability patterns in linear designs quickly and accurately provided the base material chemical composition is broadly correct. And that’s (a) not as hard as it used to be to fathom for vintage stuff if you’ve a pal in a lab and (b) simple / easy to predict for anything modern / 3D printed. I’m ever the optimist but any chassis pre Frog should be relatively easy to model with a bit of effort ... although why you’d bother given the results are pretty obvious from your first lap would be a valid challenge 😂 Frog onward, linear chassis patterns dissipated to buy strength in multiple, braced angles - then materials evolved to make the number fewer / stress points higher ... making the maths much harder. And, again, any drive will likely preempt what algorithms confirm ... that some were great - others not so much ! What we’d do with the accuracy is an interesting question ? And why ?
  3. SuperChamp82

    1982 Blazing Blazer

    I’d tend to agree with @Grumpy pants Your Blazer is £80 - 125 in replacement parts / paint / MCI decals - and a lot of cleaning - away from being something people will fight over If I were you, I’d buy the bits, have fun rebuilding it, repaint / decal then (if you need to) sell it ... probably for somewhere between £725 to £850 depending on how well you source stuff / restore Or ... I hope you find the ‘fun’ again doing all that + keep it !
  4. SuperChamp82

    What's going on with vintage NIB prices

    Completely agree about more thoughtful posts @markbt73 And @Saito2 often tees them up But you’ve offered up a cracker there sir ! Many will wade in with passion about any decent collector owning a NIB, NIB built, runner and basher of every model they love ... And, fwiw, I can sort of see their point - I mean why not ? Admire, build, run, thrash ? What’s not to like about that ? But, for me, it’s pure idealism vs the reality of building (then maintaining) that sort of collection ... whilst simultaneously scratching the (almost ubiquitous) itch of owning all the multiple kits we wanted as kids ! Not that it matters, but it’s equally financial suicide having gone down the ‘multiples’ road before 🙄 So, for me, it’s one of each I’m after these days - whether NIB, NIB built or runner. With trading kept to a minimum. Not sure I’ll ever get into bashing 40 year old nostalgia - just feels kind of wrong to me ... but hats off to you guys who do. Its what they were made for after all !
  5. SuperChamp82

    Then and Now

    Great thread We lived in the middle of nowhere when I was a kid - and the nearest model shop was over an hours drive away ... which in 1970s / UK made it a once a year birthday ‘road trip’ at best ... That meant ‘make do and mend’, a lot of ‘creativity’ and some absolute aberrations ... like the first Rough Rider built with my Dad, which ended up with replacement rear arms cut from a perished metal window frame and a front bumper made from unravelled, baked bean can ! The Super Champ I made on my own fared worse ... not making it out of the box w/o ‘repair’ (as I broke more delicate parts being clumsy 🙄) then being thrashed within a inch of its life over huge home made ramps made for my BMX ... Not having any pictures of either is prob a blessing 😂 but like others I’d love to have either of those first 2 cars back in the mess they ended up in. Neither of would be worth much in that state - but they’re a reminder of simpler times, how invention / patience had to replace modern convenience and what all that taught a developing mind !
  6. SuperChamp82

    SOLD - Tamiya TRF 3 Car Carry Case (New)

    Thanks @53HRA but others have offered more. PM me if you’re still interested
  7. SuperChamp82

    SOLD - Tamiya TRF 3 Car Carry Case (New)

    @martinjpayne they’re standard TRF box size @WillyChang is right re how you can swap / expand
  8. The clear one please guys - not Blackfoot onward tinted. No scratches or cracks in the screen area itself please. UK based / cash waiting
  9. SuperChamp82

    SOLD - Tamiya TRF 3 Car Carry Case (New)

    Sorry guys - I should have said I’m UK based 🙄
  10. Tamiya no longer make these and its never been used. It was bought for £130 as part yet another plan that I'll never get round to starting ... I'm looking for £50+ please so PM me with any questions or offers. It will be on here for a week then go on eBay if no one is interested. Thanks, SC
  11. Mine has decided to crack during an overhaul
  12. SuperChamp82

    Random boxart thoughts again

    Another superb thread @Saito2 👍 Anyone who says one of the first things that drew them to vintage Tamiya wasn’t epic box art has either forgotten or missed a pivotal part of buying one ! Press reporting back then was thin, variable and universally light on colour pics due to high printing costs / lower cover sales in a niche hobby - so most of us saving up for 70s / 80s kits first saw them in a model store ... increasingly stuffed with other marques. And Tamiya stood out right from the start Everything above about Japanese attention to detail, dynamism and box art giving us an ‘instant’ driving experience is true. It was also smart - because the real driving experience could often be weeks (sometimes months) away and box art gave us inspiration, confidence ... the promise it would all work out ok ... in the meantime . Also worth remembering are the amazingly vibrant and creative colour schemes, a truly hilarious (and occasionally poignant) history of driver names, disputes over use of other brand copyright, subtle changes in angle of view, tweaks on technical side shots, changes in box size, orientation, surface finishes etc. Done properly our boxes are a hobby in themselves and I’d be in awe of anyone here that could recreate them with modern materials ? Imagine an oil or water colour of your favourite 😬 Final point on research but someone - I think @mongoose1983 ? - nailed where Tamiya inspiration for the Bruiser came from ... an amazing old US tractor truck called The Blue Ox from memory. Look it up on here - it’s every reason @Saito2 is spot on ... and why this thread deserves a long life as we hunt down foci for the rest 😂
  13. SuperChamp82

    1976 Tamiya

    There’s also a red shell sold as a spare body set. The white shells are static kit and/or v early first Japanese sales - some with white battery boxes, red ribbon and white servo stays etc. Green shells are main production run sales - normally with black battery boxes, blue ribbons and black servo anchors. Black shells and kits were never sold - they were given to Tamiya distributors to celebrate 100k unit sales. They have anodised parts and unique packaging / manual. Which is rarest ? All of them these days. If it comes down to splitting hairs, it’s likely either the v early Japanese ‘whites’ or later never sold ‘blacks’ - with both being highly collectible. There’s no clear record of unit production - or survivorship - for either back then but my gut says the ‘black’ is still rarer ... purely because it never entered a mainstream production run. Others on here will probably disagree 😂
  14. Cash waiting for a boxed, 27mhz set with manual
  15. SuperChamp82

    Wanted - New Technigold Motor

    Thanks @kasparov - not necessarily It just needs to be new / unrun ?