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  1. +1 for RM / ParcelForce in the UK Need to watch their insurance limits - and it’s expensive to increase - but still the most reliable / least likely to damage RC eBay international shipping is convenient but hugely expensive - esp if buyers don’t realise eBay build import fees etc into the price + take their margin on the lot ... Again, RM / ParecelForce use their local counterparts for international post - and are a close second in ease of use / sorting any issues out The main benefit with eBay international shipping is they’ll ultimately make sellers whole for their fees etc if it all goes wrong Buyers don’t get any more than they’d get anyway - which is why it’s still a turn off ...
  2. An old pal will celebrate a big birthday next month + I’d like to send him a Tamiya parcel to build with his son - the Audi Quattro 58667 kit. He’s based in Singapore atm (vs me being in the UK) and I wondered if anyone knew a good local hobby store I could buy through to save postage + customs fees ? Many thanks in advance 👍 SC
  3. FP2GS receivers normally drove FP-S33 servos - although my eyes aren’t quite good enough to make out that detail from your pics ? If they are S33s that puts your set at the later end of the FP2F run so around 1983 / 84 - which pretty much matches shipping of the original M38 LWB 👍
  4. That’s a v rare late 70s speed control - originally built for large scale boats that needed twin props / two synchronised motors The amp rating gives away the heavier load 👍 Lord only knows what it was doing on the back of an M38 - it’s doesn’t need more weight to wheelie !!
  5. The vintage FP-2F wheelie set is frankly superb - being way ahead of its time in terms of functionality with classic Futaba quality ... both of which meant it was produced for longer than just about any other early Futaba set before the Attack range. Best guess - late 1977 to mid 1984 ? Yours is a later model - noting the battery power indicator changed from a solid blue band to the colour coded version around 1979, with its precise date better anchored in the accompanying RX and servos ... both of which kept pace with later models whilst the TX looked largely the same 👍 Lovely score sir !
  6. The original Wild One was a 1985 release so period correct 27Mhz would be a Futaba FP-2NL, Sanwa GC2 or Acoms AP227 Techniplus - the early one with a blue box / black pic. Boxed sets of all come up on eBay from time to time. It’s also easy to update with modern 2.4Ghz sets 👍
  7. +1 to that If you don’t mind me asking, where on Earth did you find it ? I’ve been hunting down an original one for about 3 years 🙄
  8. Difficult one as the 959 isn’t really a basher - which, for me, is the level of detail in both Kamtec and TBG 959 shells They’re way thicker than the original so def gain durability but lose pretty much all the nice touches in the Tamiya original If I had to choose, the TBG shell was slightly better in terms of respecting 959 angles / curves 👍
  9. Fully sympathise @Saito2 I’ve got a bulk order - bought piecemeal via a normally respectable Japanese broker -waiting to be packed for 6 weeks now And that’s before Japan Post shipping delays ... Other views are also spot on re couriers - as they’re all overwhelmed atm In short, mainstream stuff will continue to rise in resale value outside Japan And rare stuff you can only find over there is either off limits for now or commands bonkers pricing for anyone not prepared to wait 12 months 🙄
  10. Finally imported a set of these and they’re superb ! Granted you need Google translate on your phone to appreciate the detail but the layout and attention to detail is simply stunning 👍
  11. Thanks very much @SupraChrgd82 but I’m after NIP I expect that’s why @xray mark leapt in 😂
  12. 3hrs each way is my max behind the wheel last year - and sporadic lockdowns make anything longer unlikely until next year It’s all understandable but a pita for rare, vintage stuff as even expensive couriers are overwhelmed at the moment and - even if sellers are prepared to ship - delicate items often end up damaged in transit ... making the whole thing pointless The only other longer haul, horror story to note is Japanese postal rules becoming a lottery - with shipping to some countries periodically blocked / delayed because they’re deemed high risk of Covid returns ... so your stuff can sit in a warehouse for months with no clue as to when it will finally arrive They’ve also gone bonkers in categorising OEM greases / glues in vintage kits as a fire hazard - so the usual Japanese brokers will now open NIB and remove them ... - and won’t go anywhere near OEM NIP lipo or life batteries for similar reasons You can’t even import them if you buy ISO rated, flame retardant, lipo safe bags for shipping ... 🙄
  13. Another bump - still need one more please all ?
  14. +1 on no grease Only time I use it is when enclosed in silicone sealed cases / boxes - and even then in tiny amounts on gears, more on diffs depending on their design / use Both are no substitute for regular strip down / cleaning and - applied in the wrong places - make it that much harder 👍
  15. Another cracking thread @Saito2 👍 My Dad was an engineer who worked his way up a couple of big companies in the 70s / 80s, before retiring early 90s At the back end of 76 my Dad came back from a business trip to Japan with a NIB Tamiya Porsche 934 with RC / paint stashed in a box of other work bits in the aircraft hold as my Christmas present I could turn tools and follow basic instructions back then but he ‘helped’ build almost all of it - prompting a number of wry glances and comments from my Mum over Christmas 😂 We ran it together on New Years Day 1977 and I was utterly hooked. Not least because it had snowed and was easy to turn doughnuts ! Fast forward a further four 70s cars built with Dad and in 82 and the Superchamp was my first fully solo build It was an utter mess but ran almost every day - with the scarcity of Tamiya parts forcing it to end life as a ghetto fix horror 😂 I loved that first 934 but often wish my parents hadn’t put the Champ in the bin 👍
  16. Nitro cars are superb when running but often an utter pita to start / maintain Fuel / air intake - then compression - issues in simple small bore 1:1 engines generally magnify ... plus the tolerances set on even the best scale motors hardly ever hold true between runs The glow plugs also easily get caked - with careful cleaning required + frequently burnt fingers ... So they go like a rocket and are huge fun but be prepared for time before - and sometimes between runs - with the rags @Superluminal mentions fettling the carb An auto starter is also a good idea or you’ll have a right arm like Popeye 👍
  17. Spot on @Superluminal But that’s about military designs being funded by governments - so the original deals with manufacturers gave taxpayers a call (not ownership of) the IP they paid for The trouble is every government is then a pit of mindless bureaucracy ... that make it way too hard for airframers to bother navigating vs the modest license fees in scale modelling or elsewhere Selling aircraft to friendly foreign countries for a big government % - absolutely Selling old designs to hobby manufacturers or computer game developers for v little - bottom of the pile ...
  18. Evening all, Has anyone got one of these kicking around that they’d be prepared to part with ? I’m considering buying a used chassis that needs a brand new shell + want to price my bid right to run it Also want to keep things original rather than get into later remolds I’ve seen the £100+ shell currently on eBay and will pass on opportunism - otherwise UK based + cash waiting. Thanks in advance 👍 SC
  19. Iconic RC on Fb is used by quite a few - just search Groups Decent bunch of old school hobbyists for the most part Ditto other regional Tamiya Fb fora - again just type Tamiya into a Group search Gumtree is a low rent option that - for me - is usually more hassle than its worth ... The virtual equivalent of 1:1 tyre kickers My preference for swaps has always been here tbh - lots over the years with no issue And very happy to chat about that as also largely focus on the first 70 👍
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